Vitality And Modernity Tissot T-sport Series Sports Chronograph Tasting

Tissot can be said to be one of the most popular watch brands in China. The main major series are selling hot, of which the T-SPORT series is a modern sports chronograph, very dynamic The watch of choice for many young people. This series of watches has a large dial, a delicate bezel, and charming colors, creating a dynamic and dynamic range. Today’s Watch House will introduce a new T-SPORT series sports chronograph, the official model is: T095.417.36.037.01.

   Most men like to wear sports watches. These watches are generally very handsome and full of vitality, and the design of the watch is also fully modern.

Case made of stainless steel and gold-plated material
   This watch uses three colors of gold, brown and white. The case is made of stainless steel and gold-plated material. The dazzling gold adds luxury to the watch, and the brown bezel makes people feel calm.

Watch diameter 42 mm
   The 42 mm diameter of the watch is in line with modern Petty habits, especially for a sports chronograph, it is more reasonable to have a large diameter.

Case thickness 10.72 mm
   An excellent watch, the details are always fascinating. The fine polishing of the watch, the careful treatment at the corners, the tiny design of the crown and the keys all highlight the superb craftsmanship of the brand.

The dial is very modern
   The dial is the finishing touch of the watch. How to make the layout more reasonable and make reading more comfortable is probably the problem that most designers have been studying. This watch uses a more regular arrangement, with three sub-dials nested in the large dial and placed in an inverted triangle manner. The large silver-white dial contrasts with the small brown dial, making the reading more clear and clear.

Dial chronograph function and date display
   The three sub-dials perform their respective duties. From top to bottom, there are minutes, hours and small seconds. A rectangular date display window is provided at 4 o’clock. Two hands with luminous coating at the end indicate the hour. And minute readings.

Timing buttons and crown on the right side of the case
   The chronograph button and crown are set on the right side of the case. Like the case, it is made of stainless steel and gold-plated material. The crown is surrounded by exquisite textures, which is not only beautiful, but also plays a non-slip role during the adjustment effect.

Tough lugs
   Because it is a sports watch, the shape is a bit tough, the lugs are polished into sharp-edged uprights, and the processing at the edges is more amazing. The strap and lugs are perfectly connected by a short axis. together.

With a gold-plated pin buckle
   The watch comes with a brown leather strap and a stainless steel plated pin buckle for easy wearing.

Summary: Since Tissot became the official timekeeper of the Incheon Asian Games last year, Tissot’s T-Sport series has received more attention and favor from watch fans, which may also reflect the sports spirit and enthusiasm for hard work buried in everyone’s heart. This watch with a tough and dynamic shape touches everyone who loves sports and loves the watch. The watch is equipped with an ETA movement, I believe the price will not be too expensive.