Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Insists On Independent Innovation To Protect National Brands

‘Made in Switzerland’ has always been synonymous with high-end products in the watch industry. In recent years, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group has relied on independent innovation to form core technologies, research and develop products that represent classic technology, and strive to make national brands occupy a place in the international high-end market.
     Tianjin Seagull Group’s predecessor was Tianjin Watch Factory. In 1955, it trial-produced China’s first mechanical watch. After decades of development, Seagull watches have the strength to enter the world’s high-end technology field, producing a number of high-end products such as ‘Tourbillon Watch’, ‘Minute Repeater’ and ‘Perpetual Calendar’ with completely independent intellectual property rights.
     Seagull watches focus on enhancing core technology, and currently owns over 80% of products with independent intellectual property rights. As of the end of 2011, it had applied for and accepted 461 patents to the State Intellectual Property Office, and its technological development capability and patent ownership remained the first in China’s watch industry. At the same time, the production capacity of Seagull mechanical watch movements has reached 6 million, and the annual production capacity of finished watches is 400,000. The production capacity of movements accounts for 20% of the world.
A worker is installing a watch Seagull watch tourbillon movement 5: 1 size model. The staff of the Seagull Watch Group store is finishing the watch. The worker is installing a watch in the Seagull Watch Group workshop. A worker is holding two watch splints in the Seagull Watch Group workshop. A worker installs a watch in the workshop of the Seagull Watch Group and combines the functions of ‘Tourbillon Watch’, ‘Minute Repeater’ and ‘Perpetual Calendar’ into a ‘Three-in-One’ classic seagull watch with a value of 1.68 million yuan. Seagull watch workers install watches in the workshop