The Beauty Of Smart Luxury Chopard Classic Women’s Watches Watch

When it comes to Chopard’s watches, people can always be associated with the opening ceremony filled with Chinese clothes, lights and stars, wearing high-quality jewelry watches on the wrists of stars, in the light exposure Next, the dazzling, shining. Chopard watches have a history of more than a hundred years. They have always been known for high-end jewellery and jewellery watches. The ancient watchmaking history does not represent the tradition of watch styles. In the forefront of the industry. Now let’s take a look at this design-inspired, low-key, luxurious, yet dynamic Chopard Classic Women’s Watch. Official model: 104236-5004

The relationship between women and diamonds has always been intriguing, and no one can tell the truth. Diamonds are long-lasting, and a perpetual advertising slogan is definitely one of the most successful publicity so far. This watch, set with 50 diamonds, does not know how many women will be charmed.

Gold is a symbol of wealth, and Huang Chengcheng’s color is very pleasing. The rose gold dial and bracelet set off the diamonds, making them more dazzling and luxurious. The dial is equally dazzling, with 11 glittering diamonds scattered in it. With the special design of the dial, it is full of dynamics, like a spirit. Just like diamonds fell into the gold plate, with the movement of the golden hands, they made a crisp sound, and there was no vulgarity between the baby beads.

The diameter of the ring drill around the dial is uniformly arranged closely, giving a delicate feel. The glittering light makes this golden watch a bit more light and does not let people position the watch at a certain age. The crown design is small and exquisite, hidden in the case, completely invisible from the front of the dial, so as not to destroy the concentric beauty of the front of the watch, and the quality is seen in the nuances.

The exquisite design of the lugs makes the bracelet and case perfectly connected, and the circular ring connection echoes the round dial, which is very harmonious as a whole. Densely arranged chain straps, the overall tightness, tough lines, fit the watch theme of the formal series, adding a sense of rigor to the luxury. But from the side we can see that the thickness of the bracelet is appropriate and not heavy.

The buckle uses the classic folding buckle, which is simple and convenient, and comfortable and safe to wear.

The closure of the clasp will not be monotonous, and Chopard’s classic brand logo is engraved on the Quartet.

The price of the watch can’t be ignored, of course, the price of this watch in the counter is deliberately intimately photographed here. The price of nearly 400,000 is not low, but the style is very classic. The watch uses a quartz movement to make the watch thin and light. Water-resistant up to 30 meters to meet daily wearing needs.

Summary: Chopard’s classic women’s watches, the classic is often the most attractive style. The overall design and materials of this watch have not disappointed the name. The stylish and atmospheric design is suitable for a variety of occasions. The combination of value-preserving precious metals and diamonds makes women feel at ease when buying. Classics are undefeated, but mediocrity is unbearable. A classic and design watch is very attractive. The dazzling diamond light and the dynamic dial design can’t make you dazzled. And ignore its price?

Details of the Chopard Classic Women’s Series 104236-5004 watch:
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