The Audemars Piguet Sounds Of Nature: Remember The Birth Of A Super Timekeeping Watch

If there is a watch that can represent the highest level of chronograph watches to date, I think the non-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak concept series super chronograph watch is undoubted. This watch lasted 8 years of unremitting research and development, and at the same time has the chronograph, three questions, tourbillon complex functions, presenting the world with an unparalleled auditory feast. This watch features a lightweight titanium case that sounds perfectly the same, and meets the highest standards of watchmaking with unparalleled acoustic performance, sophisticated sound quality and precise tonality. The official watch model is 26577TI.OO.D002CA.01.

   This super watch full of dreams, since 2006, Audemars Piguet has collaborated with the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) to launch a pioneering acoustic research program for timepieces. Today, this sound measuring device is installed in the Audemars Piguet factory. Audemars Piguet watchmakers, craftsmen, professional technicians and experts from the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne work together to improve the timekeeping of the watch to a very precise level through scientific research. . Grinding a sword in eight years, now this watch has won three innovation patents, becoming today’s unparalleled minute repeater masterpiece.

A wonderful ‘acoustic instrument’
   This watch is not only a chronograph watch, its design concept comes from the principle of making stringed instruments, it can be said to be an ‘acoustic instrument’. In July of this year, Audemars Piguet also invited the famous musician Surkin (GENER8ION) to visit the birthplace of the brand, that is, Ru Gusas Brassus, to make and visualize the magnificent and superb timepieces of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Series Super Timepiece from a musical perspective Beep

New technology wakes up sound
   Audemars Piguet, as the most sophisticated minute repeater watch today, has its own unique features. Three new patents show the constant pursuit of craftsmanship and technology by Audemars Piguet watchmakers. First of all, this super chronograph watch uses a new method to design a stainless steel gong structure to create a unique minute repeater sound. Second, the Royal Oak concept series of super chronograph watches uses a newly developed case. The structure can prevent sound loss and achieve the effect of sound reinforcement. This technological innovation is like a guitar case. Through precise resonance, the sound intensity, tone and tone are improved. Finally, it is used to control the adjustment of time, time and minute rhythm. The device is also newly designed, the gong bolt is more flexible, and it can absorb the noise generated when the time signal device operates. With continuous development and innovation, Audemars Piguet’s bright and clear timekeeping voice is perfectly presented.

Complex functions and refined appearance

   Audemars Piguet manual winding watches are renowned for their reliability. The sanding, polishing and decoration of this movement is entirely done by hand to achieve the perfect quality followed by fine watchmaking. The watch is equipped with a Calibre 2937 hand-wound self-produced movement with a total of 478 parts, a power reserve of at least 42 hours, and a balance frequency of 3Hz (= 21,600 times / hour). The tourbillon function can successfully challenge gravity and improve timing accuracy, and the three-question function can make the height of the gong change let you listen to the time accurately.


   The bezel of the watch is made of titanium, which is typical of the Royal Oak series. The iconic connection of eight hexagonal screws forms the shape of an octagonal bezel.


   The 44mm case of the watch is made of lightweight titanium with architectural beauty, and the black splint becomes the background of the time adjustment structure of stainless steel. The craftsmanship required to design a watch case that feels perfect and harmonious to the wearer must meet the requirements of high-end technology, and this is an art practiced by Audemars Piguet. The black ceramic screw-in crown makes adjustments easier and more comfortable.


   The hollow dial presents the modern technology contained in the watch, and the precise design of the new movement is clear at a glance. The tourbillon at 6 o’clock can be clearly seen from the precision-designed dial. The 3 o’clock scale is the chronograph scale, and the timing buttons are located on both sides of the crown. With a black dial, cutouts and satin finish, this watch looks extremely cool.


    The watch uses a rubber strap and a titanium AP folding clasp.

To sum up: the world’s sound is packed into a watch, then owning this watch is equivalent to owning the world. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Series Super Chronograph is an amazing timepiece that allows us to see exquisite craftsmanship and high technology in ordinary life. Listen to Audemars Piguet, and pursue the beauty of the world with Audemars Piguet.