Tag Heuer Classic Watch Touring

TAG Heuer chronograph was launched in 1910 with a stainless steel case with a manual winding movement and a 60-minute chronograph
    TAG Heuer has transformed from a small watchmaking workshop in the mountains of Switzerland into a legendary brand in the watch industry, presenting a series of exquisite and innovative classic watches. TAG Heuer has specially selected ten classics for roving exhibitions at the TAG Heuer Causeway Bay Store, the TAG Heuer Harbour City Store, and the TAG Heuer International Finance Center Store from June 19 to July 11, 2012.
   Recognized as the leader of TAG Heuer sports watches and pioneer of chronograph, TAG Heuer watches perfectly combine advanced technology and exquisite design to show extraordinary style and excellent performance. TAG Heuer strives for perfection in quality and innovation, attaches importance to the connection between brands and customers, and has revolutionized more than 150 years of watchmaking history. TAG Heuer also appointed celebrities and stars of the past and present as brand ambassadors. They all adhere to the same goals as TAG Heuer, and create endless possibilities with their hard work and perseverance. From Monte Carlo Dashboard, Carrera, the first Mikrograph to the classic watch Monaco, ten meaningful watches represent the evolution of TAG Heuer, and mark an important milestone in the brand’s innovation road, demonstrating TAG Heuer’s adherence to accurate timekeeping.
    TAG Heuer invites you to witness the glorious legend of the classic Swiss watch brand.
Tag Heuer Classic Watch Tour Date:
June 19 to June 24 TAG Heuer Causeway Bay Store
June 26 to July 02 TAG Heuer Harbour City Store
July 04 to July 11 TAG Heuer International Financial Centre