Sihh’s Six Senses Tour, Super Alternative Opening In 2018

Do you know the name of my public number? So, what is Liuchen? This time I’m serious, I want to take you to experience what is the six dust in the red dust.

—- Mr. Ye
December 22, 2017

   Thank you for staying with me. It’s been a while. Tired, come on, walk! A journey that goes away.

   With my careful arrangement, I will let you slowly open the wonderful journey of all senses.
   Color-Vision-Participate in SIHH and Mystery Watch Factory Tour
   Sound-Hearing-Royal Opera House
   Fragrant-Smell-Visit the largest Churchill cigar in Europe
   Taste-Taste-Try two Michelin stars (only three Michelin stars in London), Royal Afternoon Tea
   Touch-Touch-Stay at an Intercontinental Five-Star Hotel, Shotgun Course or Saal Street Gieves & Hawkes Full Custom Suit
   Law-Mind-Westminster Church Pray, Make a Wish 2018
Sell ​​details before publishing details
A quick review of the trip to Britain, France and Switzerland last year

United Kingdom

Europe’s largest stock of cigars, beautiful women order cigars!

Two Michelin stars: Sketch, a weird toilet

A normally low-key hotel that nobles know


Visit the Chanel House

Michelin Samsung Le Epicure

Interview with Mr. Baodi, he wore an amazing piece of Baodi that day.


AP Audemars Piguet Watch Factory Tour

Patek Philippe Museum studied, carrying a lot of four digits

Visited Philippe Dufour, the watchmaker, but couldn’t buy his watch. . . It seems to have to look around!

   Before introducing this trip, spread SIHH first, you may not know, senior watch fans can skip it!

What is SIHH?

   Maybe everyone has heard of the Basel Watch Fair, but in the circle of watches, SIHH refers to the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie,
I think: SIHH is the Oscar in the watch industry. Each January sets the overall trend of the watch’s overall tone.
The origin of SIHH must first mention the Xixi of Lifeng
   There is a powerful group called Li Feng. Why mention this group, because he has a character, SIHH arises because of it.
   In 1991, his Cartier brought four other brands to the Geneva show, and in the following years, more and more big names joined. In 1998, Vacheron Constantin joined and some independent watchmaker brands Christophe Claret also came.
   Until 2017, Geneva watches and clocks have developed into Oscars in the watch industry, 30 big names joined, and the flow of people reached a historical peak.
   For more than ten years, Richemont has been acquiring first-line watch brands:
   Acquired Panerai in 1997,
   Acquisition of Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and Lange in 2000,
   Acquisition of Van Cleef & Arpels in 2001 …
Why is SIHH so bullish?
   Since its inception, it has adhered to the invitation system (only 60 places are available to Chinese media) and is not open to the public.

   However, the last day of the 28th exhibition in 2018 was completely open, but it must be purchased online in advance.
   Example: There are no oxen at the door, sometimes such official ox carts appear.
   Can I borrow someone else’s pass?
   No, because the certificate is issued in advance and registered, one for each person, except for twins.
In addition to chefs and waiters, there are only five types of people in the museum:
Celebrities, exhibitors, invited media, dealers, collectors.

East, west, west, north and south can you find what you love?

Last year review: 2017 SIHH Swiss

Review of last year: 2017 SIHH German and Italian
   Let’s look at a Pre-2018 SIHH AP first to get an eye addiction.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frost Gold Limited Edition (41mm), limited to 200 pieces

Mysterious Six Sense Itinerary Details Revealed

January 15, 2018-January 19, 2018
Fly to Geneva and visit the SIHH exhibition watch factory. The specific itinerary is confidential!

Saturday, January 20

Fly to London and stay at Intercontinental

Shop at Savile Row for a custom-made suit

I actually booked the hardest Hell restaurant

Sunday, January 21

Go to church for prayer or free time

Formal at the Royal Opera House

Monday, January 22

Visit the UK’s largest real estate developer

Private Shotgun Course @ 唐 顿 文明?

Tuesday, January 23

Royal Afternoon Tea @D ******

Michelin Samsung: Alain Ducasse

   In an air crash, the only survivor who survived, he eventually became a legendary figure of Michelin Samsung. What about his dishes?
   If you are all together, dine in tassel (you can’t see the outside, you can see the outside)

Wednesday, January 24
Go back home and work hard for the life you want!
Mr. Ye accompanied us to remind:

   Original intention of the itinerary: Let you escape from the busy life in China, open up your senses to explore the combination of watch culture and lifestyle,
After returning to China, I can better understand the hard-won life and stimulate the motivation of struggle.
   I can help: help you book all appointments and book trips that Ctrip cannot provide, but all trips can only be arranged by me.
What you need to prepare: Go for a visa!
   Note: This is a sensory journey. I am not your guide, but my companion. If there is a fate, add micro: jet_ye

Egg: British Airways

If you are lucky, you can visit the cockpit and take a photo with the captain, and leave it to him.