Secret Garden Tasting Bulgari’s First Ladies Ultra-complex Watch

At the Basel Watch Fair, Bvlgari brought a total of 7 new watches, the most memorable and most representative of which is this ultra-complex function Ladies watch, this is also the first time that Bulgari launched ladies ultra-complex watches, its appearance represents the formal entry of Bulgari into the field of fine watchmaking. In addition to the complicated functions, the most attractive thing about this watch is its colorful dial. Such a stunning dial really wins the tourbillon style.

  The Bulgari ultra-complex watch Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari is by no means a mere timing tool. It tells a story: a story about Bulgari, a story about Bulgari’s aesthetic value, and a Bulgari. The story of Li and design.

  The dial of ivory white has a vivid jungle scene, and the colorful parrot stands on the branch. The appearance of the parrot in Bulgari’s work is not the first time. The favor for the parrot theme stems from Bulgari’s recognition of the rich symbolic value carried by this theme. In the spiritual world of the South American Indians, the color of parrot feathers has many symbolic meanings. Red represents flames, green represents the earth, blue represents rivers and lakes, and gold represents the sun. These brilliant colors undoubtedly carry the infinite beauty of life.

  The dial is inlaid with a total of 40 gems, which complement each other with exquisite patterns, which represents Bulgari’s relentless pursuit of decorative arts, and also enriches Bulgari’s supreme position in the field of jewelry watches. The soft ivory lacquered gold dial sets off the micro-painting and gem setting technology to make it glamorous enough.

  The biggest surprise of the watch is hidden among the blooming flowers, a self-winding tourbillon movement supported by a sapphire splint. Under the case of a 18mm rose gold case with a diameter of 37mm, a 2.42g rose gold rotor can be observed, maintaining the stable operation of the automatic movement.

  Another amazing feature of the dial is that it is made using a traditional technique, born in the 16th century micro-painting process. The process of making the dial is complicated and carries infinite care and patience. Each delicate dial requires craftsmen to take two weeks to complete without fail.

  The 40 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial are handmade by jewellery inlays and are unique. The exquisite dial is embellished with sparkling diamonds, adding to its dazzling light.

  The process of micro-drawing is slow and complicated, and requires skilled use of production techniques such as color matching and drawing. It is even more difficult to complete the creation on such a small dial. This requires the great patience of the craftsmen. No matter the tone level or the mixing and balance of colors, only the top craftsmen can skillfully use it.

  The production process also uses transparent paint to achieve different glazing effects, increasing the depth and brightness of the theme presented by the dial.

  This exquisite watch combines jewellery inlay with micro-painted handicraft creation, showing the brand’s diligent exploration of traditional watch making technology and the infinite admiration for traditional watch making technology.

Summary: The design of the watch is exquisite, the manufacturing process of the dial is very sophisticated, and the manufacture of the movement has reached the top specifications of advanced watchmaking. It is a representative top watch work. As a stepping stone for Bulgari into the field of fine watchmaking, it is amazing enough. This unique Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari watch is limited to 50 pieces.