Powerful And Practical Tasting Plum 787 Sy-db-330 Watch

Plum Blossom is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory. It does not have a long history of hundreds of years like many traditional top brands, but it has also accumulated a history of nearly 100 years since its establishment in 1919. And the watch factory has been passed down for three generations, and it is one of the few independent family watchmaking companies today. In the history of plum watches, plum has always adhered to the ‘quality first’ attitude, and today we come to appreciate this plum 787 SY-DB-330 watch.

 When it comes to the appearance of the plum 787 SY-DB-330, it can be said that it is distinguished and elegant, and has a gentleman style. The design of every subtlety and the material selection of each part have unique ingenuity and indescribable grace. Its diameter is 38.5 mm, which is relatively small in men’s watches. It uses stainless steel gold-plated diamonds and is covered with PVD coating. The diamond shines brightly on the golden bezel, worn on the wrist exuding the nobility, making the wearer the protagonist of any occasion. Its dial is white, with mother-of-pearl as the material, eleven hour markers are diamond-studded, and the 12 o’clock position is the watch’s day display window. Below the display window is the logo of the plum watch and the classic plum logo. On the white dial of the mother-of-pearl material, it looks like a pearl and becomes the soul of the dial design. On the whole, it can be said that it is the perfect combination of Western-style pearl jewellery and Chinese-style elegance, coupled with a golden bracelet, it seems like a natural art.

 The plum 787 SY-DB-330 has few features, but it is powerful and practical. The time display of the junior hand, the white dial, gold hands, black Arabic numerals, and diamond hour markers together realize the time display function, so that we can have a visual enjoyment when obtaining time information. At 3 o’clock on the dial, it is the date display window of the watch. The date is a large Arabic numeral, which is highly legible. At 12 o’clock, the day display window is the same with black numbers, but there are two displays of English and Arabic numerals, which are not available on most week display watches. It can be read by more people , Is also a major feature of this watch. In addition to these practical functions, it also has a good waterproof function, which should belong to the category of watch durability. The water-resistant depth of 100 meters is very powerful among non-professional diving watches. This not only saves us from worrying about daily life such as rain or bathing, but also supports us to participate in some outdoor activities such as swimming, rafting and even shoal diving Sports can greatly enrich our life outside of work.

 The movement of this plum 787 SY-DB-330 is the ETA 2834-2 movement, which is an automatic mechanical movement. The plum watch factory has not strong research and development capabilities for the movement. Most of its movements use All are movements produced by ETA. And this ETA2834-2 is a very high-quality movement, it can store energy for mobile phones by the energy brought by the shaking of people’s arms. Its vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour can greatly reduce the influence of the outside world on the movement. The 38-hour power reserve can meet the daily needs of most people. It is also set with 25 gems inside, which improves the energy efficiency, reduces the wear of the movement and extends the life of the watch.

 Although the plum brand of the plum 787 SY-DB-330 is not as famous as the brands of Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Rolex. However, it has the advantages of combining its own characteristics with Chinese style. It shows Chinese elegance with exquisite polishing and careful selection of materials, and it caters to the oriental aesthetics in its shape. Its function is not as complicated and gorgeous as many high-end watches do, but it is designed for us with simple and glorious functions for the purpose of practicality and durability. Its movement uses the classic ETA movement, which provides a strong guarantee for the performance of the watch. The reference price of this watch is 13,300 yuan, which is completely acceptable for a diamond-set watch. All in all, the plum 787 SY-DB-330 watch is characterized by an elegant appearance combining Chinese and Western styles, a simple and practical date display and 100-meter water resistance, a simple and durable ETA movement, diamond-set, and an affordable price.