Casio Releases Eqw-a1000

At the just-concluded 39th Basel International Watch Fair, Casio’s EDIFICE booth was particularly noticeable.
 EDIFICE watches are inspired by motorsports in many places, and the dynamic business style that has always been upheld makes every EDIFICE watch full of agility and wisdom.

Casio EDIFICE & mdash; & mdash; precision pursuit on men’s wrist

 The pursuit of excitement and limits has always been the nature of men.

 F1, because of its speed and passion, fascinated every man.

 Men are obsessed with the input of the track ahead, obsessed with the freedom of driving, the excitement of the engine’s roar, the cheers of the audience and the dust rising behind them.

 Transcendence or transcendence, control or control, the opportunity is fleeting.

 Only the speed and passion of the F1 movement can make the perfect interpretation of EDIFICE.

  The 6 rounds of radio waves and solar energy drive these excellent technologies, making you confident. The lap speed and stopwatch function allow you to hold the clock in seconds. World time, deep waterproof and other functions allow you to calmly handle everything. The powerful function highlights the pursuit of height, the metal texture highlights the extraordinary grade, the multi-layered dial is like a racing instrument panel, and the watch is roaring as the engine is about to launch, letting you throw your hands and feet as if you are driving and controlling everything!

(EQW-A1000 uses Casio’s latest intelligent system for easier operation)

 EDIFICE’s continuous innovation & mdash; & mdash; EQW-A1000 is here!

 The watch adopts a double-layer dial design. The novel design also makes data reading more accurate. The unique luster of the aluminum frame is very rich in texture.

 EQW-A1000 is equipped with the latest scientific and technological achievements of Casio: intelligent system.

 The new 5-motor independent drive technology with the three hands of hours, minutes and seconds, and the beacon drive independently, can make the operation easier and smoother, and greatly reduce the conversion reaction time.

 New electronic control technology, the magnetic sensor is implanted inside the crown, and through simple actions such as ‘push’, ‘pull’, ‘turn’, etc. to complete the conversion and operation between complex functions.

 The EQW-A1000 also has many racing elements. When using the stopwatch function, the F1 race signal light on the right side of the dial will change the three colors of red, black and blue to indicate the status of the chronograph stopwatch. Added lap speed mode button at the bottom left to switch to lap speed measurement mode with one click. These novel designs make watches fun

(EFR-501SP function: 6 rounds of radio wave reception, world time, alarm, stopwatch, 100 meters waterproof)

  The biggest highlight of this EFR-501SP is the special material used in the dial: carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a modern high-tech material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, high specific strength, etc. This body is mainly used in F1 racing cars. This gives the watch a strong racing style. When gazing at the watch, it is like staring at the dashboard of the F1 racing car, which instantly ignites the blood in your chest.

 The dial design of EFR-501SP is also unique and calm. The date window is designed to be arc-shaped, which can display three days before and after the date. The black alarm hand in the lower left corner is very eye-catching with the black carbon fiber chassis. The same red seconds hand and date indicator, all data can be accurately read at a glance, helping you to check the situation at any time and control the overall situation.

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Autumn Hottest Wrist Single Item Matches

The arrival of autumn and winter 2013, many big names in the fashion industry have launched the latest fashion items. As a fashionista, you will definitely understand how to match the items on your wrist this fall to be the most eye-catching. Raymond Weil, Longines, Rolex, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Galtiscopio are the most popular fashion watch brands on the wrist in autumn, with elegant atmosphere and extraordinary charm.

全新 Raymond Weil’s new Maestro chronograph watch The concept of Raymond Weil Mastero chronograph watch was first introduced in 2011. After being re-adjusted this year, it was fully listed and has a more modern and melody. On the silver dial, the golden Arabic numerals are even more dazzling, and the sunburst decoration in the middle gives a gradual feeling, making the entire watch look dynamic.

优雅 Longines elegant timepieces between wrists The annual National Day is approaching. On this special holiday, it is most suitable to wear an elegant Longines watch. The pleasant autumn comes with a clear coolness, as if inviting people to embark on a journey and experience the change of time in the scenery. Whether it is a traveler full of adventure spirit, or a traveler who is enthusiastic about historical and cultural travel, Longines watches are accompanied by minutes and seconds on the road with excellent performance timepieces to appreciate the changing scenery on the road.

女士 Rolex Women’s Watch This feminine, diary-shaped, black-embellished pink gold dial is set with 262 diamonds, creating a striking contrast that adds a modern touch to femininity. The 10 diamonds on the pink gold setting are dotted with hour markers in a brilliant light. The outer ring has also become a stage for diamond display, with a total of 60 square diamonds, each representing one second. There are also 120 diamonds set on the sides, all of which are ingenious.

Van Cleef & Arpels Fashion Charm For women who like fashion, it is hard not to fall in love with Van Cleef & Arpels’ poetic complication watch series. Van Cleef & Arpels watches have long gone beyond the pure pursuit of aesthetics and technological innovation. She can always ingeniously interpret the beauty of time with romantic and moving ideas. This poetic interpretation has become Van Cleef & Arpels’s. The true logo, the design of each watch strives to turn this poetic into a visible work of art, telling people a moving story like a dream.

水晶 Galtiscopio crystal watch Galtiscopio knows that every beauty loves the infinite desire of exquisite handcrafted watch design. For this reason, the new ‘Marguerite Daisy’ crystal watch series from the new Galtiscopio allows each beautiful female to wear this beautiful and elegant daisy in her hand, and brings unique and precious spring dresses with different styles. Qi is fascinating at first sight and hard to resist.

Ice Queen In The Watch Industry Who Are You Picking These Three Watches?

When the snowflakes fell in the winter, the world has long been filled with only white snow to decorate everything, as if in a fairy tale world. Do you think of the ice queen in a fairy tale from an early age? She is elegant, charming, noble but not to be violated, she is as clean as snow, crystal clear and glowing wherever she goes. There are several watches in the watch industry with the extraordinary temperament of the Snow Queen. Today I will recommend three elegant watches for everyone. I wonder which one will win your heart?
Blancpain women’s series 3653-1954L-58B

Product model: 3653-1954L-58B
Domestic public price: ¥ 330400
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case thickness: 10.75 mm
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap material: ostrich leather
Movement type: automatic
Power reserve: 65 hours
Watch details: COLLECTION series 90-00-14-14-04

Product model: 90-00-14-14-04
Domestic public price: ¥ 358500
Watch diameter: 39.4 mm
Case thickness: 11.2 mm
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap material: crocodile leather
Movement type: automatic
Power reserve: 42 hours
Watch details: DIAMONDS series 274891-1014

Product Model: 274891-1014
Domestic public price: ¥ 535000
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Movement type: automatic
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: chopard / 59033 /
Watch review: The inspiration of this watch is taken from the glittering snowflakes in winter. The master of craftsmanship uses mother-of-pearl inlay technology to draw a delicate snowflake pattern on the dial, and the side edges of the mirror and case are also inlaid. Colorful snowflakes are fleeting like snowflakes falling on a watch. The dial is set with dazzling diamonds and embellished with a snowflake-shaped smart diamond, like an elf dancing in the winter, circling and dancing in the flow of time. The watch portrays the beauty of the winter day to life, and the unique shape with sparkling diamonds shows the elegance and luxury.

Summary: Snowflake winter is full of romantic atmosphere. These three watches are uniquely designed to express the beauty of winter. The design style is dreamy but does not lose the noble and elegant queen’s temperament. The shining light of the watch is even more yearning. . Imagine the hearth which one has made you fascinated?

Master’s Watch: 2014 ‘clocks And Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch & Clock Exhibition

Baume & Mercier regards femininity and elegance as the theme of the second ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition. The brand will unveil a new contracted women’s watch collection at this Asian watchmaking event. At this year’s ‘Clocks and Miracles’ watch exhibition, Baume & Mercier men’s watches will also show extraordinary elegance. The Crichton Collection, a symbol of Baume & Mercier’s fine watchmaking tradition and craftsmanship, will launch a new model to celebrate the second anniversary of the collection.
  Baume & Mercier watches have more than a century of tradition in women’s watches. Nowadays, the brand proudly launches a new appointment series by virtue of its extraordinary innovative spirit. This series reflects the style of the times, and the design is inspired by the brand’s collection watches, with both elegance and modernity. The lines of the series are simple and elegant. The oval bezel and round stainless steel case are perfectly matched with red gold, mother-of-pearl and diamond decoration. This series of watches is exquisite and elegant, with 30 mm and 34 mm models, equipped with quartz movement or traditional Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement. As promised, the watch series is as beautiful and moving as it is, forming an invisible and strong bond with the wearer, remembering the moving moments in life.
  With nearly 185 years of fine watchmaking traditions and craftsmanship, Baume & Mercier watches continue to surpass itself, introducing three new men’s watches of the Crichton series. One of these watches is equipped with an exceptionally hand-wound mechanical movement that provides a power reserve of up to eight days. The size of this watch is broad and the case is made of red gold. It is limited to 185 pieces. It is designed to show the brand’s spirit of celebration and meet the expectations of the city’s masterpieces of fine watches.
  Regardless of whether it is the appointment series or the Crichton series, Baume & Mercier watches always accompany the wearer through the wonderful moments of life through outstanding watch works. Beautiful weddings, happy birthdays, personal achievements … countless touches have been condensed and precipitated under the testimony of famous Swiss watch brand celebrities and turned into the most precious moving memories.

  Baume & Mercier unveiled a new masterpiece of the promised series at the Watches & Wonders Asian high-end watch exhibition, celebrating the debut of the promised series in Asia. This 34 mm diameter watch has a polished stainless steel case designed to witness moments of joy in life. The rounded and soft lines of the watch and the oval bezel inlaid with 61 brilliant diamonds make the red Chinese lacquer decoration even more impressive. This watch designed for Asia is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement, which is thin and elegant, showing feminine charm. The hands are slim and delicate, and the mother-of-pearl dial perfectly matches the 8 diamond-set hour markers. This high-end timepiece is set with a total of 0.68 carats of diamonds, with a bright red alligator strap and pin buckle. This watch is limited to 88 pieces and its bezel is inspired by the symbol of the infinite number 8 and is a model of fine watchmaking in Asia. Every detail is important, and the back can be engraved with text or patterns, which will keep beautiful memories forever. Baume & Mercier watches continue to celebrate the beauty, especially with red lacquerware boxes for watches that look like jewellery.

  Today, Baume & Mercier’s new series of appointment watches are designed to meet the desires of women’s hearts, to inject a breath of elegance into the elegant female style. Inspired by classics from the 1970 collection in the Baume & Mercier Museum, the Appointment Collection watches are precious because of the classics and affectionate and affectionate. Its unique and timelessness allows modern women to fully appreciate the brand innovation and precious heritage. The appointment series breaks through the traditional watch shape concept, presenting the unique appearance of a circle embedded in an oval shape, which sets off the softness and gentleness of the watch. The dial diameter is available in 30mm and 34mm styles. It subtly transforms time into subtle emotions that can be captured, which is very feminine and feminine. The curve of the bracelet echoes the polished stainless steel case. This subtle aesthetic design visually presents ripples of dripping water. Polished steel material vividly depicts the millisecond instant, let time stand still, and record the eternal promise of an instant.

  The grand launch of the Crichton series of eight-day power reserve watches is of outstanding quality, exquisite decoration, and excellent performance. It deserves to be a member of the brand’s sophisticated watch family of sophisticated functions, and it can be regarded as a model of Baume & Mercier’s advanced watchmaking technology. This extraordinary watch has an arc-shaped silvery-white dial with a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock and a power reserve display at 9 o’clock. It is decorated with studded applique numerals and engraving. The 18K red gold case with a diameter of 45.5mm is equipped with a manual-winding mechanical movement manufactured by the watch factory, with a power reserve of 192 hours. This watch is limited to 185 pieces, symbolizing the 185-year history of the famous Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier. The original watch is low-key, restrained and timeless. It brings unprecedented experience to the wearer with the most exquisite quality, and one by one important moments in life. This timepiece is destined to become an inseparable part of the wearer’s wrist, with a black alligator strap and red gold pin buckle.

   Two new Clifton watches with 39mm 18K red gold case, which reflect the classic elegance and modernity of this watch. The Clayton Collection is the perfect embodiment of elegant style and fine watchmaking. Today, two new works are reinterpreted with dazzling diamonds to reinterpret the exquisite qualities and witness the wonderful moments in the wearer’s life. Depending on the style, diamonds are set on the bezel and the dial, respectively, or just shine on the dial. These two precious masterpieces fully explain the essence of high-end timepieces, and every detail proves the strict requirements of the brand on decorative arts. The delicate decoration of the Swiss-made mechanical movement through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback is visible at a glance.

Special Tribute Oris Launched A Limited Edition Large Crown Watch In Honour Of The French Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier

Oris created a limited edition watch for the French Navy’s flagship Charles de Gaulle aircraft to pay tribute to all the crew. The Oris Charles de Gaulle limited edition is based on the brand’s iconic large crown series and is limited to 1,890 pieces. This number is also the year of the birth of General Charles de Gaulle, founder of the Fifth Republic of France.

Oris Charles de Gaulle limited edition watch, designed by Oris and Charles de Gaulle officials. Dial printed with aircraft carrier logo, second hand painted with French red, white and blue

   Oris worked closely with warship officials to create this watch. At six o’clock on the dial, the logo of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is printed, and the bottom cover is also engraved with the pattern and name of the warship. The curved arrow-shaped second hand is painted in blue, white and red with the French flag, and the eye-catching large crown is marked on the side by the Charles de Gaulle-‘R91’.
   The Charles de Gaulle, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the history of the French Navy, entered service in 2001. To this day, she is still the only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier besides the US Navy, and the largest warship in the Western European Navy.

The large crown is engraved with Charles de Gaulle’s string R91

   The Charles de Gaulle can be prepared in 72 hours, reach the mission area at a speed of 27 knots, and can sail 1,000 kilometers in a day. She has two 75-meter-long catapult runways that can accelerate carrier-based aircraft weighing up to 25 tons to 270 km / h in two seconds. The two catapults work in turn, taking off one fighter every 30 seconds, and more than 20 fighters can all take off in 10 minutes. The Charles de Gaulle can carry 1,950 crew members and flight group members, and has performed missions in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria.
   The Charles de Gaulle limited edition watch, based on the Oris large crown series, is the brand’s latest military watch. Over the past century, Oris has created many timers that are capable of working in difficult environments. Today, the brand is widely favored by the military, sailors, pilots and professional divers for its excellent quality and reliable performance.

40mm stainless steel case with coin-shaped bezel, back cover engraved with the Charles de Gaulle pattern, limited to 1,890 pieces worldwide

   This limited edition watch has the signature features of the large crown series: a 40 mm stainless steel case, brushed and polished, and a classic aviation coin bezel. The design of the oversized crown continues Oris’s tradition since 1938. The dial has a black background, and the hands and scales are coated with Super-LumiNova®, which is clear and easy to read, day and night. The watch is driven by the Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement. In addition to the regular hour, minute and second display, it also has a unique analogue calendar function.
   “We are very honored to work with the members of the Charles de Gaulle to create such a meaningful watch.” Ulrich W. Herzog, global president of Oris, said, “Charles and her crew are not afraid of danger. Work hard to maintain peace. This Oris watch with the name Charles de Gaulle is a high tribute to them. ‘

Special watch case with embedded Charles de Gaulle logo

product features
Oris Charles de Gaulle Limited Edition
Product code: 754 7679 4084, Diameter: 40.00 mm
Limited worldwide 1,890
• Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement, analog date function
• Stainless steel case; large screw-down stainless steel crown, with the Charles de Gaulle string “R91” engraved on the side;
• Double-sided arched sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on the inside
• Screw-in stainless steel back cover engraved with the Charles de Gaulle pattern and limited number
• Black dial with Charles de Gaulle logo and Arabic numerals on top coated with SuperLumiNova®
• The hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova®, and the curved arrow-shaped central second hand is painted with red, white and blue
• Dark brown leather strap with stainless steel folding clasp
• Special presentation box with the PA Charles de Gaulle’s insignia on the inside
• Suggested retail price: about RMB 11,200

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Sacred Love Reminiscence Watch Iwc Pilot Series Red Gold Watch Tasting

As one of the world famous watch brands for pilot watches, IWC’s most legendary works should also be a series of watches in memory of Antoine Saint Exupery. IWC has an excellent tradition of designing pilot watches. After more than half a century of evolution and development, various pilot models launched by IWC have undoubtedly possessed the most perfect design proportions and functional configurations. Today, I will introduce this classic watch to commemorate the pilot’s love.
 IWC Pilot Collection IW387805

 In 1944, Saint-Exupery, 44, was struck by an enemy aircraft in a flying battle, crashed into the sea, and died. To commemorate its heroic deeds, IWC has launched commemorative editions of watches with the theme of Saint Exupéry 4 times. In the third-generation series launched in 2008, the Pilot’s Universal Time ‘Antoine Saint Exupery Special Edition’ watch, IWC reconfigured its classic UTC Universal Time Display, a classic aviation Accessibility. On the one hand, this function allows the reference time in the dial display window to continue to run steadily, and on the other hand, the crown can be used to adjust the time and date of the wearer’s current time zone back and forth in units of hours. This design not only makes the time conversion in different time zones simple and straightforward, but also perfectly fits the actual needs of international flights. And the tobacco brown that is deliberately rendered in the dial also gives it a imaginative nostalgic taste.

 In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the 89361 automatic winding movement developed exclusively by the brand. The 89361 movement is exclusively developed and produced by iwc. It is a technical masterpiece of the brand. A separate small dial can display a longer chronograph record, so there is no need to set a second small dial for a more neat look.

 Summary: Flight pioneer and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was legendary when he was alive. His work has been translated into more than 50 languages, and like his personal flight adventure biography, it has attracted the attention of many readers. 2012 is the year of the Pilot’s Watch. IWC Schaffhausen presents this chronograph to this passionate humanitarian. This watch combines the characteristics of the era of the pioneer and the most modern clock. The perfect display of the craftsmanship is full of eye-popping.
 Watch details reference: iwc / 27597 /

Bao Bao Specially Invited Vips To Celebrate The Festival In Kyoto

As the holiday season approaches, Breguet invites VIP guests to participate in a special event held in a well-known hotel in Kyoto. The brand has prepared intimate skin care for women and fine wines for men. At the same time, the brand’s jewellery products such as Marie-Antoinette Dentelle timepieces were also displayed on the scene.

   This timepiece is embellished with hundreds of diamonds and a gorgeous ruby, a tribute to Marie-Antoinette, one of the brand’s most distinguished patrons, Love with lace costumes is famous all over the world.

   The author of the brand book ‘Breguet, Watchmakers since 1775’ also attended the event. The expert was familiar with the life and works of A.-L. Breguet and became the focus of the day. He explained the glorious history of Baodi with enthusiasm and immersed the audience.

Omega And Women A Story About Time And Fashion Colleagues

This year, OMEGA celebrates its extraordinary heritage with the theme of ‘Watches and Women’. This story not only concerns the timepiece itself, but also presents the attitudes, styles and personalities of women around the world; it also tells the glorious history of Omega and the global women’s moments.
  Women’s rights and equality were redefined in the 20th century. In this era, women not only find their self-worth, they are also able to speak out in groups. The transformation of women’s watches also quietly began at the beginning of the 20th century-a watch with a delicate flower pattern engraved on the silver case came out. This was the world’s first Omega ladies watch. Prior to this, although Omega had no shortage of beautifully sculpted pocket watches, since 1902, Omega has begun to give women’s watches a unique style and character.

Omega Women’s Pocket Watch Advertisement, 1899

Omega Women’s Pocket Watch Advertisement, Spanish, 1900

  However, it takes time for people to get used to the innovation of women’s watches, which is not difficult to understand. In some circles at that time, women looking down at their watches was still considered an inelegant act, and it was seen as women expressing their boring or boring emotions. Therefore, Omega began to create a ‘hidden jewelry watch’, which looks like a piece of jewelry from the outside, but has hidden a small timepiece inside. These timepieces, like other Omega understated and classic styles, are becoming increasingly popular.

Omega Retractable Women’s Watch Advertising, 1908

Omega Women’s Watch Antique, 1914

  The times are developing, and Omega is constantly changing its style. As history enters the ‘Roaring Twenties,’ short skirts and short hair are all the rage among trendy women; the Art Deco movement shows the world rich colors and bold shapes. Omega responds to these new freedoms and attitudes with Art Deco jewelry watches. Omega understands the pursuit of both internal and external watches for women who have unique insights into aesthetics. Each Omega ladies watch has its industry-leading precision quality.

Omega Women’s Watch Advertising, Italian, 1921

Omega Golf Watch Advertising, French L’Illustration Weekly, 1928

  In fact, from 1894 to 1935, Omega used more than 35% of advanced movements for women’s watches, a surprising proportion. This fact has clearly shown that Omega has an accurate identification of the potential and importance of the women’s watch market.
  Omega’s Medicus watch, introduced in 1937, is a perfect example of this view. This watch is simple and easy to read, especially designed for busy nurses; it is also the first women’s junior watch in Omega history. The emergence of the Medicus watch not only meets the work needs of female practitioners in the medical industry, but also has an elegant and beautiful appearance.
  During this period, Omega’s ads also appeared modern and neutral, showing the colorful lifestyle of women around the world in terms of work, family and entertainment.

Omega Concealed Jewellery Watch Advertisement, 1946

Omega Concealed Jewellery Watch Advertisement, 1947

  In the 1950s, advertising began to change gradually with public attitudes. When many brands catered to the society at the time and sculpted women’s ‘housewives’ in advertisements, Omega uniquely interpreted the unique personality and fashion taste that made each woman unique. Like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn on the big screen, Omega ads highlight and defend a feminine image with both elegance and personality. Omega’s 1951 ad reads: ‘In all aspects of daily life, women are just like men, they are active, they love sports, they have a busy life; they have the same desire for accurate timepieces as men.’
  In this decade, Omega’s commitment to its female customers has been fulfilled perfectly. The Ladymatic series of watches launched in 1955 was equipped with the world’s smallest automatic movement at the time. This watch combines advanced technology with elegant design, making it proud of its smile, and it is immediately popular in the market.

Omega Ladymatic watch advertisement, 1955

Omega Art Deco Jewellery Watch Advertisement, 1959

  Since then, Omega star timepieces began to flow. The Omega ‘Flower’ luxury jewellery mystery watch is the first ever watch made of lavender gold. The first watch of this series born in 1955 was set with gorgeous diamonds. In fact, many mysterious watches are created by Omega in collaboration with well-known designers. This trend continued into the 1960s and 1970s, when the world was full of bold attempts, rich colors, and endless creativity.
  Jewellery designer Gilbert Albert and avant-garde artist Andrew Grima both created stunning watch pieces during this time. They used precious metals and precious stones to watch design, and also used ‘Moldavita’ watches by Albert. A real meteorite.

Omega Trilogia del Tiempo Luxury Jewellery Exhibition Advertisement, 1966

Omega Jeux d’or luxury jewellery and jewellery watch ads inspired by jewellery designer Gilbert Albert, 1969

Advertising on the Omega Disc Flying Women’s Watch, 1971

  When Cindy Crawford became Omega’s first celebrity ambassador in 1995, Omega’s brand image was also closely linked to successful and confident female groups, and Omega ushered in a new era. Nicole Kidman, golf star Stacy Lewis, track star Jessica Ennis-Hill and other film, sports and modeling industries Elite people have become omega celebrity ambassadors, and today they are still an indispensable and important member of the omega celebrity ambassador family.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Cindy Crawford participated in the design of the Constellation series of watches, 1996

  Even with the passage of time, Omega has always kept pace with the changing attitudes and trends of women. The 20th century has become history. Today, women have an unprecedented influence on the world, and Omega is extremely proud to be the industry leader in the field of women’s watches. Every Omega watch has both a high-quality movement and a beautiful appearance, perfectly achieving ‘internal and external repair.’ In fact, the craftsmanship and exquisiteness of several women’s watches are better than men’s watches.
  Needless to say, no matter in the past, present or future, Omega is committed to giving every ladies watch its iconic precision quality and beautiful style, and will continue to draw inspiration from the outstanding women who choose Omega watches, Peers.

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Bouqilai Malilong Lover On The Table Steady Happiness

Life and youth, wealth and glory will pass with time. Only true love and time will last forever. Love is timeless romance, classic and evocative. Just as the design style of the 1960s has a timeless charm, it has already established a stable position in the fashion industry; looking back at the time of the altar, the elegant three-hand watch of the same size also set a temporary trend, and it is a trend for today’s watch design. The influence has lasted so far. The new Marly Dragon AutoDate watch with a round and elegant shape combined with a three-pin layout not only shows the first feature of the Marly Dragon series, but also has the elegant design style of the 1960s. It is another breathtaking masterpiece. Holding hands, with the oldest, the Bucherer Marion Dragon series reveals a steady sense of happiness.

The first style, at a glance

 The Bucherer Maléron AutoDate men’s watch comes in a case with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 8.75 mm. It is driven by the CFB 1965 self-winding movement. The neat three-hand and three-position date window layout highlights the function of the timepiece , The flashy restrained spirit embodies the charm of watch design in the 1960s.

 Maliron AutoDate Men’s Watch

 The simple dial design of Ms. AutoDate’s watch reveals a capable atmosphere, self-confidence and elegance are not inferior; 出 the overall design echoes the first design features of the Maliron series;  the exquisite nostalgic taste is even more vivid, and it is a real treasure Zile’s fascinating masterpiece.

 Maliron AutoDate Women’s Watch

 The Mali Long AutoDate watch, both inside and outside, will make people pursue true love, and timeless and classic people will love it.

Winners Of The 12th Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards (Gphg)

The twelfth Geneva Fine Watch Awards (GPHG) awards ceremony has been held in the evening of November 15, 2012, local time in Switzerland (the early morning of Beijing time, November 16, 2012) at the Grand Theatre in Geneva. The award-winning watches and individuals of the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards are as follows:

The 12th Geneva Fine Watch Awards
1. ‘Golden Hand’ Grand Prize Winner: TAG Heuer Mikrogirder
2. Jury Special Prize Winner: Société Suisse de Chronométrie (SSC)
3. Best Ladies’ Watch Winner: Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon
4. Best Men’s Watch Winner: MB & F Legacy Machine N ° 1
5. Best Innovation Table Winner: HYT H1 Black DLC
6. Best Jewelry Watch Winner: Chopard Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set 7. Best Complicated Watch Winner: Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2

8. Best Sports Watch Winner: HABRING2 Doppel 2.0
9. ‘Little Hand’ Award Winner: Zenith Pilot Big Date Special
10. Best Watchmaker Award Winner: Carole Forestier Kasapi
11. Public Award Winner: MB & F, Legacy Machine N ° 1