$ 380,000 Former First Lady Cartier Tank Watch Auction Sale

On June 21, 2017, at the Rare Watches and American Icons auction in New York, Cartier, formerly First Lady and Jacqueline Kennedy, once owned The tank watch was sold for $ 379,500 (including buyer’s commission). A portion of the auction proceeds from this watch and the original ’50-mile hike’ painting will be donated to the American Art Foundation. Not only does this watch have a famous provenance and rich history, it also has an interesting story behind it.

   This 18K gold Cartier tank watch was originally a gift from Jacqueline Kennedy’s brother-in-law, former Polish Prince Stanislaw ‘Stas’ Radziwill in 1963. Jacqueline Kennedy has worn this watch for decades, and we can see it in many iconic photos.

   The bottom of the watch is engraved with the words ‘Stas to Jackie / 23 Feb. 63 / 2:05 AM to 9:35 PM.’, Indicating that in 1963 Stas, Jacqueline Kennedy and relatives and friends took a 50-mile hike on Palm Beach Date, start time, and end time. This watch is one of the most important historical relics of President Kennedy’s golden age that has surfaced in recent years. The watch is equipped with a black lizard belt, which is also a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy. The watch is in good condition, the dial is still original, and the lettering on the bottom of the watch is clearly visible.

   After receiving the watch presented by Stas, Jacqueline Kennedy created a painting depicting the sights of Stas and his friend Chuck Spalding after President Kennedy and Jacqueline completed the hike in 19 hours and 30 minutes Scene and handwritten ‘February 23, 1963 2:05 am to 9:35 pm / Jackie to Stas with love and admiration.’ The 50-mile hike was originally an event between President Kennedy and a close friend. It became a trend in the United States in early 1963, with thousands of Americans embarking on hiking trips and taking up physical and mental challenges.

Longines Presents The Fifa National Cup Equestrian Obstacle In Italy.

Longines, a Swiss watch brand, is the official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the 85th Rome Siena Piazza International Cup (CSIO Roma Piazza di Siena). At the FIFA National Cup obstacle course presented on Friday, March 26, the victory of the Italian team (represented by Piergiorgio Bucci, Alberto Zorzi, Lorenzo De Luca and Bruno Chimirri) was counted. In addition, on May 28th (Sunday), the brand also awarded the Longines Prize of Elegance to Swedish obstacle rider Jonna Ekberg and Italian rider Alberto Zorzi.

   Longines is honored to be the official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the FINA National Cup in the Siena Open Air Plaza. The Longines held a few days ago presented the third leg of the FIFA National Cup Equestrian Obstacle Race in Europe, the Italian team won the championship. Watch brand Longines also presented the Longines Elegance Award on May 28 to the most fashionable female and male riders Jonna Ekberg and Alberto Zorzi.

   Audiences will also have the opportunity to appreciate this designated watch for the international equestrian venue obstacle course, a women’s watch from the Longines Equestrian series, inspired by classic elements in the equestrian world. This watch is 30 mm in diameter, reminiscent of an arch, and features a diamond-set steel case with a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl dial is adorned with blued-steel hands and diamond hour markers, and the tops are decorated with brown leather straps in a style that is consistent with typical riding clothing.

At This Moment, It Seems Like An Autumn Fairy Tale Tissot Xinyuan Series Rainbow Rose Models Gorgeous Bloom

Nearly half of October, autumn is getting stronger. Since ancient times, autumn has always been a season of fascination. People all sigh the autumn wind is bleak, and the woods are boundless. But the beauty of autumn is so beautiful and sorrowful. How can she express her style? Just like in autumn, women are often constrained by the soft and delicate stereotypes, and it is difficult to bloom the gorgeous colors of themselves. This autumn, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot launched the Xinyuan series of rainbow roses, which gave thousands of women a vibrant rainbow eternal rose, creating a fairy-tale autumn secret garden, protecting all women from their limitations and shaping. Unparalleled breakthrough beauty.

Tissot Xinyuan Rainbow Rainbow Watch

Bring a bunch of rainbow roses into the autumn secret garden
   Over the years, people have imagined rainbow roses numerous times. It frequently appeared in romantic fairy tales, and was later researched and developed. Finally, by artificially rendering white roses, sacred rainbow roses were cultivated. . The Tissot Xinyuan series rainbow rose model just makes up for this timeless regret. It continues to write the classic spring spirit, incorporating the rose pattern of the Tissot family crest into the design of the watch, which is a highly romanticized hollowed out rose The colorful rainbow, the classic mosaic into the eternal beauty, cast a fairytale-like secret garden, this unprecedented design is worth every woman’s heart.

Tissot Shield Badge

Tissot Xinyuan Rainbow Rainbow Watch

   Time goes by, but at the 12 o’clock position where the dial represents the end and the beginning, the dreamy beauty of the rainbow rose can be eternal. Under the light and shadow, the roses transform into the most dreamy colors with the date-red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Seven days a week, the seven-color roses compete in turn among the elegant 35mm dials, narrating seven A variety of moods, with seven types of shapes, intertwined with the bright colors of life on the road.

Tissot Xinyuan Rainbow Rainbow Watch

   Flipping the dial, two silver roses belonging to the Tissot badge are proudly under the guard of the knight. Almost all Tissot emblems can be found in Tissot’s classic watches. Among them, the rose implied fragrance, symbolizing the soft beauty of women; and the metal movement exposed in the hollow gave a strong and capable feeling. The combination of the two is exactly the beauty of women advocated by Tissot. Wearing a Tissot Xinyuan series rainbow rose watch, just like a heroic knight, guarding the rainbow rose symbolizing the eternal beauty in the autumn, and the beauty of contemporary women and the independence and strength of their hearts have also passed This design is perfectly presented.
   Tissot Xinyuan watches offer two perfect choices of belts and stainless steel straps. Although the stainless steel straps and belts make the watch very different in style, the simple dials always show the atmosphere. Among them, the dial’s outer ring under the hour mark is embellished with white mother-of-pearl, shining with a lustrous luster, decorated with extraordinary textures among thousands of women’s bright wrists.

Tissot Xinyuan Hollow Rose Watch

Carrying a ‘core’ at the beginning of the red sincerity, playing the exquisite movement of autumn
   The color changes and the ‘core’ does not change at the beginning. This watch perfectly grafts the traditional experience of watchmaking with innovative materials, and achieves a power reserve of 80 hours with a mechanical power of 80. The mystery of the rainbow rose color is in this movement. The practicality of the accurate timepiece and the unparalleled aesthetics blend here. With the movement of the mechanical power 80 movement, an autumn symphony began. The colorful neon listened to the instructions of the ‘core’ and began to dance. Different colors collided and rendered with each other, showing a harmonious order in the fight. On the shiny mother-of-pearl dial, the chronograph numbers 3, 6, and 9 are inserted between the bar scales, which complement each other, and the slender hands accompany the autumn movement to play the sound of jade. Lang, in a rhythmic rhythm, conveys a long-lasting power, showing low-key luxury.

Tissot Xinyuan Rainbow Rainbow Watch

   Time goes by, but roses last forever. The Tissot Xinyuan series of rainbow rose models will stretch the instant time into a brilliant galaxy. A touch of white watchband just hangs in the galactic belt of the sky. The seven-color rose shines against the galactic belt. The classic white and bright rainbow beads cross each other, simple and proper, and the purity and richness of autumn, the femininity and strength of the dial are stirred between the dials.
   The early autumn is here, and the sense of autumn is getting stronger. Strolling in the sweet feelings of autumn, through the eyes of deep ages, a rainbow rose is elegantly blooming on the wrist. With every woman, Sun finds herself ‘independent, confident, humble and beautiful’.

Technical Parameters:


Tissot Xinyuan Series Watch RMB 5,350

-Made in Switzerland-ETA mechanical power 80-hour movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-316L stainless steel case
-Transparent back cover
-Mother-of-pearl dial
-Water-resistant to withstand pressure equivalent to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)
-Size: 35mm * 35mm

Tissot Xinyuan Series Watch RMB 5,600

-Made in Switzerland
-ETA mechanical power 80-hour movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-316L stainless steel case
-Transparent back cover
-Mother-of-pearl dial
-Water-resistant to withstand pressure equivalent to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)
-Size: 35mm * 35mm

Tissot Xinyuan Series Watch RMB 5,850

-Made in Switzerland
-ETA mechanical power 80-hour movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-316L stainless steel case
-Clear case back-Mother-of-pearl dial
-Water-resistant to withstand pressure equivalent to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)
-Size: 35mm * 35mm

Michelin Star Chef Hélène Darroze Becomes The Ambassador Of Parmigiani

The famous Swiss independent watchmaker Parmigiani is pleased to announce that Hélène Darroze has become the brand ambassador. This talented and charismatic lady is cheerful by nature and generously shares her happiness with others, whether in a restaurant or elsewhere. Hélène Darroze wholeheartedly, with a firm conviction, broke out of his own day in the world’s top chef industry.
   Hélène Darroze comes from a family of chefs in the Landes department in southwestern France. The Darroze family upholds the values ​​of dedication to creativity, respect for different tastes, and the creation of joy and enjoyment, and has established a good reputation with the same philosophy of treating others with the world, which has influenced generations of chefs in France since 1890.
   Today, Hélène Darroze has opened two personal restaurants in London and Paris, but her roots are always deeply rooted in the fertile soil of her hometown in southwestern France. Born to tradition, educated and nourished, she stood on the shoulders of her predecessors, but went further than they did. From Charente, via Perigord and Toulouse, to Basque, as far as the border of Languedoc, she is still full of respect and enthusiasm for the rich heritage of her homeland.
   Hélène Darroze is one of the few women to reach this height in the world’s top male chef industry. Food is alive; food is full of emotions. Hélène Darroze uses exquisite cuisine to explain the true meaning of food, every detail is telling her life story-it is a feeling, a memory, a journey. She uses emotion as the starting point, sincerity as the main line, creative interpretation and sharing with diners. In 1999, at the age of 35, Hélène Darroze was awarded the title of Michelin-starred chef, and the world received a message from her in her cooking.
   In addition to managing personal restaurants in London and Paris, Hélène Darroze is the initiator of the NGO “Afghanistan Libre” and she actively supports breast cancer prevention and control. In 2011, Hélène Darroze founded ‘La Bonne Etoile’ to provide free education for orphans in Vietnam, and she also adopted two daughters in Vietnam. To Hélène Darroze, charity is a proper way to give back to society.
   Parmigiani recognizes and cherishes Hélène Darroze’s character and philosophy, and is very pleased to be able to grant her the honorable title of ‘Women of Exception’.

Master Control’s 25th Anniversary, Jaeger-lecoultre Presents Three New Works

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control series was launched in 1992 and it has been 25 years. On this occasion, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents three new Master Control series. This series combines classic aesthetic design and excellent technology, highlighting the extraordinary quality of the self-made movement in the workshop, symbolizing the superb watchmaking tradition inherited from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

   In line with the 25th anniversary of the collection, Jaeger-LeCoultre draws inspiration from the many classics of the brand’s round watches, presents the three iconic functions of the series in a new way, and introduces the Master Control Date, the Master Chronograph Watches and Master Geographic watches. The date display, chronograph function and geography complication are the companions of daily life, which also contributed to the success of the Master Control series. Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents new works.
Retro design
   This series follows the classic design and is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a retro blue tone. On the dial in marine blue, the hollowed-out Barton hands, blue steel central seconds hand, complex function display and minute scale ring are clearly visible. All three newly designed elegant watches are paired with dark blue tones of crocodile leather straps, showing men’s elegant style.
   All three cleverly display the light and shadow effects, and have a polished bezel and lugs, and the case is polished with satin to add more refinement and charm. The dial’s outer ring is decorated with a ring-shaped satin finish, while the center has an opal-like appearance with sharp contrast. The watch refracts light at different angles, making the display functions clearer and easier to read. The dial features black hour markers, which highlight the contrast of colors.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Date

   This watch exudes irresistible charm, its simple and pure lines, and its rounded shape reflect the essence of the Master Control series. The dial features iconic digital hour markers at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and a date display at 3 o’clock. This simple feature is still a must-have feature for watches today. The case has a diameter of 39 mm and is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. Through the sapphire crystal caseback, the wearer can admire the Jaeger-LeCoultre 899/1 mechanical movement and its 22K gold rotor.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Chronograph

   This chronograph is stylishly designed, inspired by classic models, with the lines of the Master Control collection. The leisurely and elegant appearance makes watch enthusiasts who love classic timekeeping complication at the same time looking for unique watches. The case hoop is equipped with two easy-to-use buttons for convenient use of the timekeeping function. The hour and minute counters are harmoniously distributed on the dial. The chronograph dial is eye-catching blue, contrasting with the blue steel hands and the low-speed tachymeter scale on the outer edge of the watch. This practical function can easily measure the speed of the object moving between two points. This self-winding watch has a 40 mm diameter case that is vibrant and looks great on the wrist.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic

   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic watch is a representative model of the Master Control series, bringing travelers an unprecedented second time zone reading experience. The window below the dial shows the names of 24 cities around the world, representing global time zones. The second time zone time display can be easily adjusted through the crown at 10 o’clock on the case. This function is decorated with a circular guilloche pattern to refract light at a new angle, forming an elegant contrast with other dial decorations. This distinctive blue watch gives a refreshing look while showing a timeless style.
Master watches have been rigorously tested for over 25 years

   The Master Control series is the first of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 1000 Hours Control internally certified series, hence the name. Watches have to pass a series of rigorous tests to ensure accuracy and reliability. Since then, this test has been extended to all the timepiece series of Jaeger-LeCoultre. During the 6-week test period, the watch was tested in 6 different wearing positions. Whether it’s temperature change, impact, power reserve or water resistance, every test is meticulous, ensuring that every watch will satisfy its future owners.

Montblanc Brings New Timewalker Watch To Help Lin Dan Battle The Olympics

This year is an exciting year for sports fans. As the Rio Olympic Games is approaching, everyone has long been looking forward to this four-year top sports event. And this year, it is also an extraordinary year for the defending king Lin Dan. As the only Grand Slam player in the world and a veteran of the three Olympic Games, he will set foot on the road to the Olympic Games for the fourth time. A self-exploration journey. To this end, Montblanc exclusively explored Lin Dan, who is actively preparing for the war, and helped the pioneer of the era who is not afraid of challenges with a new timewalker series Pythagore ultra-light concept watch specially designed for sports.

Lin Dan in training
   On the day of the visit, Lin Dan first appeared in a handsome suit and shared the current mood for preparations: ‘The expedition is imminent, and the nervousness is inevitable. As the fourth Olympics of my career, it means more to me. It is metaphorical. So I will go all out to face every game. In addition to striving for the championship, I also hope that through this Olympics, I can break through myself and challenge new limits. ‘It is worth mentioning that Lin Dan also wore a new timewalker series Pythagore ultralight concept watch developed by Montblanc for professional sports. His watch condenses the latest technology and extreme craftsmanship. The weight of the watch (excluding the strap) is only 14.88 grams. Made of a variety of high-tech innovative materials, including DLC-coated titanium, ITR²® Kevlar® / carbon, etc., while ensuring extreme lightness, it still ensures the ruggedness and precision of the timepiece. Will affect the movement and speed of the athlete. Mentioning the research and development of this watch, Lin Dan also has a lot of experience: ‘Early when I joined the Montblanc family, I was fortunate to be involved in the design and development of watches. In discussions with designers and watchmakers, I I also shared my practical experience as a wearer of sports watches based on my own experience, such as: light weight, comfortable wearing, easy and clear reading. I did not expect such a perfect watch really was born after a year. Very I am honored to be the first person to wear this watch, and I will also wear it to participate in this year’s Olympic Games, hoping to be my lucky charm. ‘

Lin Dan wears Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch
  The new Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch is tailor-made for Montblanc China brand ambassador and Chinese badminton star Lin Dan. The founder of the ‘Super Grand Slam’ Lin Dan has won the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup, Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup, WBF Super Series Finals, All England Open, Asian Games and Asian Championships. The winner of the event has become the first and only athlete in the world to receive this award. He also won the World Championships five times and was affectionately called ‘Super Dan’. The dazzling light of this 33-year-old athlete stems from his persistent belief in perfection and excellence, as well as his infinite vitality, perseverance and extraordinary fashion taste. In 2014, Lin Dan became the brand ambassador of Montblanc in China, and became the source of inspiration for the timewalker series’ unremitting innovation. It is the common pursuit of Lin Dan and Montblanc to forge ahead with innovation and breakthrough the perfect limit.

   After the Montblanc Timewalker series of external tourbillon minute chronographs successfully debuted at this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, this series adds another eye-catching new work-Timewalker series Pythagore ultralight concept watch. The Timewalker series has been widely acclaimed for its perfect blend of new materials and innovative mechanical construction with exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship that has been passed down for more than a century. This concept watch is extremely lightweight and durable. For the energetic men represented by Lin Dan, they prefer lightweight and comfortable timepieces, which can perfectly meet the dual needs of work and leisure.

Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore Ultralight Concept Watch
   Montblanc has developed innovative and revolutionary materials for the Timewalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch. The lugs are made of black DLC-coated titanium, and the case middle piece, back cover, bezel and crown are made of unique ITR²® Kevlar® / carbon material, making the entire Timewalker Pythagore ultra-light concept watch Become one of the world’s thinnest mechanical timepieces, weighing only 14.88 grams (excluding the weight of the strap).
   ITR²® is the abbreviation of Synthetic Resin for Innovative Technology. It is a composite material with carbon nanotubes as filler. This material is extremely difficult to control, and only a few highly skilled experts can use it to create a delicate case. The material is eight times lighter than steel and four times lighter than titanium. Montblanc did not stop at this extraordinary material and continued its commitment to technological innovation. For the first time, it was combined with Kevlar® / carbon, an extremely strong synthetic fiber, to create a rigid material, and developed the world’s first case-making material.
   The hollow lugs are made of titanium, satin-finished, and covered with a black DLC coating, which can effectively prevent scratches and make the 40 mm diameter case lighter. Montblanc watchmakers carefully match the case with a crown made of ITR²®Kevlar® / carbon material, decorated with the classic Montblanc logo. Mineral glass on the dial and back cover ensures that the timepiece is extremely lightweight, adding comfort and flexibility to the wrist. This case with superb performance is alternately matt and satin-finished, and the red graduated ring of ITR² composite material echoes the color of the Chinese flag represented by Lin Dan.
Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore Ultralight Concept Watch
   Looking at the dial carefully, it is not difficult to find many well-designed technical details, which add Montblanc Timewalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch to sports vitality, light texture and excellent performance. This model abandons the traditional dial design and focuses people’s attention on the movement. The movement components are entirely hand-engraved, following the 158 years of exquisite heritage of Montblanc Villeret Watchmaking Workshop (formerly Menela Watch Factory) Craft. The design of the hollow movement is not only an aesthetic choice, but also an extremely lightweight watch body. The small seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock is also treated with hollowwork, making the watch lighter and more transparent. The charcoal-gray sub-dial is made of ultra-light anodized aluminum and is directly engraved on the titanium main dial, with elegant red Melamine hands adorned with red tips, making the time display clearer and easier to read. Other exquisite details include: five stars carved at 8 o’clock, symbolizing that Lin Dan won the five most important championships in the badminton grand slam; two star motifs engraved at 3 o’clock, representing Lin Dan’s accomplishment of the double grand slam ; Minute dial ring etched directly on the main dial, five-minute hour markers with gray fringed black dots, and hollow black anodized aluminum spear-shaped hands. All details highlight the consistent aesthetic style of the Timewalker series, combining cutting-edge modeling with outstanding performance.
   The Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch is equipped with the new Montblanc manual winding MB M62.48 movement, which provides a 50-hour power reserve for the hour, minute and small seconds. The movement design is inspired by the classic Minerva Pythagore movement. It uses a straight bridge shape and follows the Pythagoras golden ratio principle. Pythagoras found that small integer ratios can create beauty, and using this ratio can create perfect harmony. Montblanc MB M62.48 movement reinterprets the classic Minerva movement produced in 1943 with modern design. This highly modern movement has been completely redesigned in terms of materials and processes. The hollowed-out movement main board and 5 bridges are made of titanium metal, while ensuring the movement is strong and durable, the pursuit of extreme lightness. The movement bridge is alternately processed with satin and grain, showing a unique light and shadow with a three-dimensional and three-dimensional effect. The other parts are manually chamfered, polished and satin-finished to create an ultra-lightweight movement with a very modern feel. The weight is only At 4.73 grams, the traditional aesthetics are brought to the future, in order to pay tribute to the world-renowned badminton star and Montblanc brand ambassador Lin Dan.

Girard-perregaux Pays Attention To The Ecological Environment Presents Special Edition Watches For Environmental Protection Auctions

The first Christie’s first green auction was successfully held on Earth Day last year, raising US $ 2.4 million for the benefit of the environment. Girard-Perregaux, Switzerland’s top watchmaker, actively participated in this worldwide green environmental protection activity, and presented the world’s only ww.tc Chronograph for Green Auction world time watch with the theme of sub-theme.
ww.tc Chronograph for Green Auction World time watch has a clear green and white dial with a subtle improvement in design and a satin-finished case. Chain movement with calendar, chronograph and world time functions. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can watch the perfect workmanship and the movement of the movement: the fish scale pattern on the bottom plate, the Geneva stripe on the splint and the winding rotor, and the blue steel screw accessories are all meticulous. The top watchmaking technology is clear.
Girard Perregaux Brand Holder and Sowind Group Chairman Stefano Macaluso: ‘I am very pleased to be able to make this exclusive watch for the’ Green Auction ‘. We pay full attention to the global ecological and environmental issues today. Economic interests and environmental issues are inseparable. It is important to incorporate environmental awareness into our business philosophy. ‘
利益 Profits from this auction will be donated to the following non-profit environmental protection agencies
Conservation International: An environmental protection agency authorized by the International Federation to continuously perform its duties of promoting and expanding nature conservation.
Natural Resources Defense Council: A US environmental protection organization that brings together 1.3 million members at the grassroots level.
Oceana: Protect the marine environment and protect marine natural ecosystems and endangered species.

Monkey Is Proud, Swatch Welcomes The Chinese Lunar Year Of The Monkey!

Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching. Swatch created a special 2016 Monkey Year ‘SUOZ proud’ (SUOZ203) to celebrate the coming of the Monkey Year.

   A special red monkey is printed on the white dial of this year of the monkey. A closer look will reveal that the monkey is holding a peach in his hand-it can be seen that he is not an ordinary monkey. In fact, he is the hero of the protagonist in the Chinese classic ‘Journey to the West’, the Monkey King! This romantic mythical novel was written in the middle and late Ming Dynasty and contains many fantasy stories. One of the classic plots is still widely circulated today-The Monkey King eats peaches, and he is immortal.

   It is said that people born in the year of the monkey are resourceful, adaptable, and have strong creativity and learning ability-it can be seen that this kind of person is really lucky! Of course, our naughty spirit monkeys will bring this good luck to all ‘monkey children’ in the new year!

   The design style of this watch is derived from the art of paper-cutting in China. This well-known traditional Chinese folk art originated in the 6th century AD and is still an important folk custom to welcome the New Year. It is worth mentioning that the pattern of the monkey’s offering of peaches also has the auspicious meaning of blessing the elders in their homes for a long life and a long life. The special packaging of the 2016 Monkey Year special watch ‘Monkey is proud’ (SUOZ203) continues the design style of the watch itself. The red monkey is presented with a peach on a white dial and is equipped with a sky blue plastic case. The silicone strap is printed with radiant red, white and blue star patterns. The watch is available worldwide and in Swatch stores in China.

This Second Is Infinite. Citizen’s New Solar-powered Satellite Synchronization Watch Xinjiang Unveiled

Once a major town on the ancient Silk Road, today’s fast-growing emerging city, Urumqi, Xinjiang, an important city in central Eurasia, has always been a place of economic and cultural integration between the East and the West. Multi-ethnic cultural style and unique natural scenery have created this city’s distinctive spirit: openness, enthusiasm, and forge ahead. On August 30, Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, chose to launch a new conference of Citizen’s new solar-powered satellite time-keeping watch in this “Second, Infinite” in such a city full of enterprising spirit. The famous film and television actor Geng Le visited the Urumqi Friendship Department Store to unveil the new products.

  Different from previous conferences, the release of Citizen’s new solar-powered satellite timekeeping watch was launched by guests at the scene to complete the task. A suspense-like opening video kicks off the ultimate challenge: an outstanding photographer and a confident pilot will cross the extreme journey of 80 ° north latitude of the earth to chase sunsets in different time zones, and record each with a lens The beauty of the sunset.

  As a special guest at this event, Geng Le took the initiative to become a challenger for this task, and challenged this day-to-day journey through simulation games. In the cheering voice of the audience, Geng Le controlled the aircraft to avoid the obstacles ahead, but also accurately controlled the time to capture the sunset in different time zones. Geng Le said: This is a ‘race against time’ and an unprecedented special experience. When the game was successfully cleared, a picture composed of sunsets in different time zones around the world was presented in front of everyone. In addition to the audience’s surprise, the climax of the conference was also ushered in. 53E) Finally revealed its true features.

  As the third-generation product of the Citizen Satellite Timekeeping Series, the new Solar-powered Satellite Timekeeping Watch perfectly integrates extreme design with cutting-edge technology, and has made innovative breakthroughs in terms of performance, user experience and design sense. The case uses a streamlined design with a space metallic luster and a mirror-polished texture; the four hands on the dial are controlled by four independent motors, which move and respond more quickly. The use of titanium alloy material makes the watch lighter and thinner, only 12.4 mm thick. Every detail of the watch reflects the compatibility of speed and beauty. In addition, compared with the previous generation of Solar-powered Satellite Timekeeping Watch, the new watch achieves accurate time synchronization from the space satellite to the watch in the fastest 3 seconds, once again setting a world record for satellite signal receiving speed.
  As a pioneer and technology leader in the category of solar-powered satellite timepieces, the new watch once again demonstrates Citizen’s strong technical research and development strength and the ambition to create the future of watches. Led by the ‘Better Starts Now’ brand concept, Citizen will continue to present users with a more perfect time experience with full of enthusiasm and continuous innovation.

Product model: CC2006-53E
Product parameters:
Case: DLC outer ring between titanium alloy
· Bracelet Titanium alloy
Table mirror Sapphire glass with anti-reflection coating
Water resistant to 10 atmospheres
Case diameter / thickness 45.4 mm / 12.4 mm
Receive satellite signal proofreading time \\ Prevent overcharging \\ Insufficient battery power indicator \\ 40 world city time display \\ Daylight saving time \\ Date display, week display \\ Perpetual calendar \\ Photosensitive brightness level indicator \\ Perfex perfect performance

Official price: 15,000 yuan

Every Big Fish Will Meet Each Watch Own Scenery

Twelve years of waiting, ‘Big Fish Begonia’ finally appeared in the giant screen, just as Eason Chan sang the theme song for it ‘Every big fish will meet, everyone will reunite ‘. Every piece of work is like a mirror, everyone sees their own look. Some people say that this is a terrible movie, some people say that this is a movie with a high level of Chinese animation production; some people think that they have waited for a cup of green tea for twelve years, and some people cried because of their unrelenting love. Regardless, ‘everyone is a big fish living in the sea, and their journey of life is to swim from this end of the sea to the other shore.’

‘Big Fish Begonia’ Spiral Ancestral Romantic Starry Sky

    ‘Big Fish Begonia’, the score is not very high, most people scored 7-8 points, but harvested nearly 400 million box office, which is enough to prove its success. Some friends suggested that the best way to watch this movie is to listen to its music with headphones, don’t listen to the dialogue, this will be a very beautiful movie. Yeah, this movie has a lot of very beautiful scenes, rendering beautiful life. The place where they lived was from the earthen building with the characteristics of the southern Fujian. Luozu wiped out the beautiful starry sky in the lake. He and his sister took their puppy and shouted ‘You are here again’ by the sea. What a warm and beautiful picture, and the sea of ​​clouds where Ling Po lives.

Big Fish Begonia

    In order to make this play more complete and to reflect China’s own cultural characteristics, the ‘Beyond Sky’ team, founded by Liang Xuan and his partner Zhang Chun in 2005, has performed scene collections and introduced scenes many times in the past 12 years. Classic snippets from ancient classics were carefully drawn and finally selected with 1,109 backgrounds, during which time they were forced to suspend due to funding issues. Since then, through the crowdfunding, 1.58 million yuan of financial support has been obtained. Because of the team’s persistence and sophisticated details, many well-known personalities have begun to join. Eason Chan presented the ending song ‘Meet in This World’ for ‘Big Fish and Begonia’, 1997. In the ‘Titanic’, the elderly ROSE voice actors Pan Shulan and Ji Guanlin voiced it, and the famous Japanese musician Yoshida made the soundtrack.
    After watching this movie, do you want to become a big fish and travel to the sky?
Patek Philippe 5076 ‘Fish and the Four Seasons’

Patek Philippe 5076

    The name ‘Fish and the Four Seasons’ is my own. I don’t know the exact name of the original. It may be ‘Fish’ or ‘Four Seasons’, because its own theme is these two elements. 5076 is a very special model of Patek Philippe. It does not only refer to a watch, but refers to a type of watch. This category is mainly characterized by enamel technology. Interestingly, Patek Philippe’s presentation of the theme of 5076 is very interesting, such as ‘jump ‘Tigger’ is very cute. This is not derogatory, but rather another style. Many people don’t know that Patek Philippe has a zodiac watch, but it does. It is in 5076.

Patek Philippe 5076

    ‘Fish and the Four Seasons’ uses the filigree enamel process. It uses Patek Philippe’s mysterious formula glaze to maintain long-lasting and bright colors. The contour of the dial pattern is outlined with gold threads that are thinner than hair silk, and then painted with a brush. It is fired many times in a high-temperature furnace to form a clear and three-dimensional pattern. This is a set of limited edition watches with four themes, representing the four seasons of the year. Each watch has two tropical ‘big fishes’ that meet on the sea floor, no matter what it looks like.
Jacques de Loire Gold Carp Watch

    Liu Xia flying, deep in the ultramarine, where you and I met. In 2015, Jacques de Loire brought a poetic and picturesque gold-carved koi watch. Three fishes ran down the water curtain, as described by Han Yuefu’s ‘Jiangnan’. ‘Jacques de Loire gold carp watch draws inspiration from traditional oriental patterns. It uses blue translucent enamel to reflect the clarity of the water surface. In the picture, two lotus leaves set off the three-dimensional setting exposed above the water surface. Gold-carved lotus, hand-carved reeds in the distance enrich the harmony and nature of the entire picture.

    For the first time, Jacques de Ronaldo used enamel counterweights and decorated the hand-carved bas-relief koi in the dial. They were clustered in threes and fives and connected end to end. The upper part of the enamel dial is gradually brighter and brighter, with sea birds and fish contrasting each other, and the layout of the dial is from near to far. At the same time, the oscillating weight of the movement is filled with enamel technology. Under the blue lake water, embossed koi jumped on it. Watches are also available in ladies diamond-set models, each limited to 28 pieces, commendable.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Koi Watch

    The breeze swayed and the drizzle drizzled. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Koi watch, two ‘big fish’ swim around the center, natural and beautiful. On the three-dimensional three-dimensional dial, one red, one black, and two koi represent harmony, beauty, and success. They are the messengers of nature. In Chinese philosophy, they have a deeper meaning and represent the laws of nature. . On the dial, 6 lotus flowers emerge in three dimensions. The two koi are exquisite, and on the surface of the mirror, the emerald leaves are specially painted to enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the dial. At 6 o’clock, the floating tourbillon slowly moves, just like the finishing touch, making the watch ‘live’. In addition, this is the most vivid koi I have ever seen.
    The watch is limited to 18 pieces, with a white gold case and inlaid square diamonds. It has not been released for sale.
Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier XL Fish and Coral

    Have you turned into storms, traveled through time, and come here. In 2013, Cartier’s Art Creation Workshop presented the love overture of ‘Fish and Coral’ in a new way. Using ancient enamel techniques from the Byzantine of the 6th century, demolding enamel is known for its translucent and transparent hue. In different descriptions, its name is not consistent. There is also a filigree vitrified enamel, which is located on the embryo disc Use metal wire to outline the blocks to facilitate the separation between the color blocks, and then dissolve or peel off the metal embryo disc to obtain a whole transparent or translucent enamel block.
    Cartier uses five shades of blue, as well as gray and violet to create enamel, showing the colorfulness of the corals on the sea floor. A fish swims among the corals. This fish passes the pen of the Cartier Art Workshop and paints on the mother-of-pearl plate, colorful. The watch is limited to 30 pieces.
Chopard Happy Fish

    Autumn comes to spring, begonia flowers bloom, you are in a dream, I do not want to wake up. Every woman has a beautiful dream for diamond jewelry, sometimes like love, she doesn’t want to wake up. In 2015, the jewellery watch family Chopard brought a beautiful watch, in addition to shiny diamond inlays, as well as beautiful disc design, 18K gold case, elegant and luxurious. The ‘big fish’ on the plate is made of natural mother-of-pearl, and the texture on it is outlined by gold leaf. The entire seawater background is all inlaid with sapphire, that is, the blue color of the sea surface, and the sparkling natural scenery.
Summary: The journey of life is endless, every dream will have you. After watching the movie for a while, I actually did n’t have much nostalgia for the movie itself. Instead, Eason Chan’s “Meet in This World” made me want to return to the theater every time I finished listening The urge to watch movies. God gave us life to let us do wonders.