Diving Companion Tasting Breitling Super Ocean Ii 42 Watch

Breitling is the leader in the production of novel, unique and durable multi-purpose watches. With years of experience in aviation watchmaking, and always paying attention to the function orientation of watches, it has given the watch continuous adaptation, aviation, navigation, navigation, and special needs of diving lights, making its watches practical, functional and diverse Sexuality as a whole. People’s pursuit of the sea has never stopped, and a reliable diving watch is undoubtedly a reliable companion for underwater work. Today’s Watch House brings you a Breitling Super Ocean II 42 watch, the official model: A17365D1 / C915 / 161A.

   Since the launch of the Superocean series in 1957, Breitling has continued to optimize its technology and functionality-the goal is not only to make it the best partner for professional and military divers, but also to accompany the majority of diving enthusiasts to explore Thrilling underwater world. The second generation of Super Ocean is the inheritance of this excellent bloodline, which perfectly inherits and continues the essence of the series and reaches new heights.

Super Ocean II 42 watch: A17365D1 / C915 / 161A
   This watch combines sporty appearance with outstanding performance and is water-resistant to 500 meters. The watch case is 42 mm in diameter and 13.30 mm thick and is made of stainless steel. The case uses a gorgeous and mysterious blue dial and bezel. The watch uses a sturdy, uniquely shaped steel chain strap linked with a folding clasp.

Stainless steel crown
   The watch uses a stainless steel crown, and the light side is decorated with pits to facilitate the adjustment of the time. The top of the crown uses the Breitling logo letter ‘B’, which is beautiful and exquisite, and highlights the brand’s grasp of details.

   The stainless steel case of the watch is matched with a strap of the same material. The stainless steel chain structure is not only strong and reliable, but also comfortable and easy to fold. The strap is linked with a stainless steel folding clasp.

   The watch case is polished to give it a smooth, metallic finish. The side of the case is streamlined, with smooth and concise lines, pleasing to the eye. There is a helium exhaust valve in the center of the left side of the case. The bezel of the watch is decorated with teeth and has a masculine character.

Blue dial
   The watch uses a blue dial. The hands are covered with white luminous coating and Arabic numerals on the dial, which can ensure clear reading underwater or at night. There is a minute scale on the outer edge of the dial and a date display window at three o’clock Display the date. The watch’s rubber die-cut grooved unidirectional rotating bezel is adorned with oversized, readable numerals, a 15-minute countdown indicator, and a luminous triangle mark at 12 o’clock.

Small lugs
   The watch’s lugs are small and exquisite, and are integrated with the case. The lugs of the watch are slightly curved, ensuring that the watch fits the wrist more closely.

Folding buckle
   The watch clasp is a folding clasp made of stainless steel, which is easy to open and close and easy to wear; the clasp is embossed with the Breitling logo and English name.

Stainless steel case back
   The bottom of the watch is a closed bottom made of stainless steel, with the brand logo and some relevant parameters of the watch engraved on the bottom. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) to ensure the precision performance of the watch.

Summary: Luminescent coated hands and hour markers, screw-in crown, precise and reliable movement, Breitling Super Ocean II 42 watch has been carefully treated in many places to meet these needs . This watch with extraordinary performance and aesthetics is a reliable companion for people’s diving.

Mr. Dad Xiu Kai Kicks Off The Mido Pioneer Series 60-hour Chronograph Watch With A Blood-blowing Mercedes-benz Feels The Performance Of A Classic Racing Soul On The Wrist

The speedy Mercedes-Benz sense of race on the racing track is now boldly reflected on the wrist! MIDO launched the new Pioneer Series 60-hour chronograph watch, inviting a cool-looking male Xiu Jie Kai to wear a demonstration, a perfect interpretation of precise timing, sprinting racing soul. This year, the Pioneer series introduced the 60-hour chronograph watch for the first time, creating a perfect balance between sports and replica classics.
   Inspired by the steel structure design proud of the Pioneer series, the Geneva corrugated face plate pays tribute to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bezel is made of special aluminum material, which is like the spirit of racing and pursues extreme lightweight. The natural black leather strap with special mesh holes and The red stitching design perfectly expresses fast motion. Equipped with the exclusive Caliber 60 movement, the race can also maintain a long-term power reserve. Xiu Jiekai said with a smile that the watch is like the soul of a racing car. He usually does not drive fast, but it is more enjoyable to use a chronograph. It is as exciting as wearing a car!

Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 technical specifications
Cal MIDO 60 (based on Cal ETA A05H21) automatic winding movement, 60-hour power reserve
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date display, chronograph; small seconds dial at 9 o’clock; central large seconds hand at 60 seconds; 30 minutes counter at 3 o’clock
Case: Aluminum alloy black PVD bezel, 44mm diameter, double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, transparent back cover for exquisite decorative movement, waterproof up to 100 meters
Dial black Geneva wave dial; with white hour markers; date display at 6 o’clock
When the hands are satin-finished and hollowed out, the minute hand white luminous Super-LumiNova lines are easier to identify in the dark, and the red chronograph hands
Strap black leather strap, special mesh holes with red stitching, black PVD folding push-button clasp
Model M025.627.36.061.00
Racing classic design gallops into the dial dedicated to racing enthusiasts
   The MIDO Pioneer series launches a new 60-hour chronograph watch, which is specially designed for powerful sports performance. The bezel is engraved with a tachymeter scale and equipped with a chronograph function to win sports lovers who love racing; eye-catching red and calm black combine to show The classic image of a racing car, combined with the inspiration of the Pioneer series architectural design, combines the resolute structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia with the vertical Geneva stripes on the face plate. The perfect aesthetics coupled with the precise and excellent design make the MIDO Pioneer 60-hour chronograph watch show dynamic energy !!

Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 technical specifications
Cal MIDO 60 (based on Cal ETA A05H21) automatic winding movement, 60-hour power reserve
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date display, chronograph; small seconds dial at 9 o’clock; central large seconds hand at 60 seconds; 30 minutes counter at 3 o’clock
Case: Aluminum alloy black PVD bezel, 44mm diameter, double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, transparent back cover for exquisite decorative movement, waterproof to 100 meters
Dial black Geneva wave dial; with white hour markers; date display at 6 o’clock
When the hands are satin-finished and hollowed out, the minute hand white luminous Super-LumiNova lines are easier to identify in the dark.
316L stainless steel strap with stainless steel safety buckle
Model M025.627.11.061.00
Timekeeping, speed, minutes, seconds, new push-button buckle for galloping
   The first generation of the Multifort Pioneer Series was introduced in early 1934. The Sydney Bridge, completed in 1932, was a fallacy. This world-renowned landmark in Australia fully reflects the practical value of the process and the beauty of its structure. Last year, 2014 celebrated its 80th anniversary and became one of the oldest series in Swiss watchmaking history. The new masterpiece MIDO Pioneer Series 60-hour tachymeter watch has a masculine and robust style. It is equipped with a chronograph function, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, a 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock, and a red central chronograph. The second hand and the 30-minute chronograph hand integrate sporty elements into the classic architectural re-enactment to create an excellent balance. The mirror surface is designed with double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, which shows the excellent reading ability in multiple angles. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, with exclusive new two-button push-button clasp, inspired by the design of the tuner, thinner and more secure, so that it will not loose easily during exercise. The pointer is decorated with Grade A + grade Fluorescent paint can maintain longer lasting brightness in the dark, so that the wearer can read the time clearly day and night. In the same series, there are other stainless steel chain styles to choose from, which is different from the all-black coolness, adding a calm and restrained, it is recommended to wear with formal wear, showing another style different from sports men.

Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 technical specifications
Cal MIDO 60 (based on Cal ETA A05H21) automatic winding movement, 60-hour power reserve
Functions: hour, minute, second, date display, chronograph; small seconds dial at 9 o’clock; central large seconds hand at 60 seconds; 30 minutes counter at 3 o’clock
Case: Aluminum alloy black PVD bezel, 44mm diameter, double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, transparent back cover for exquisite decorative movement, waterproof up to 100 meters
Dial black Geneva wave dial; with white hour markers; date display at 6 o’clock
When the hands are satin-finished and hollowed out, the minute hand white luminous Super-LumiNova lines are easier to identify in the dark, and the red chronograph hands
Strap black leather strap, special mesh holes with red stitching, stainless steel folding push-button clasp
Model M025.627.16.061.00
Cool dad ca n’t hide the daddy’s angry racing spirit on the wrist
   The eighth middle school father was promoted to novice dad Xiu Jiekai, and his family career was very good. He wore the MIDO Pioneer 60-hour chronograph watch, and he was full of joy. Talking about watch collection experience, he said: ‘Every six months or a year, I will buy a watch to reward myself. Good watches can never be found.’ Xiu Jiekai particularly prefers large-diameter, sporty watches, and pays special attention to them. The detailed performance of the watch model, praise the Pioneer watch on hand burned his racing soul! The large diameter of 44mm, the face of the Geneva ripple perfectly reproduces the steel structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the black natural leather strap, with special mesh holes and red stitching design, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock chronograph dial, decorated with white hour markers and Red pointer, eye-catching. Put on it, whether it is a leather coat or a coat, it can show a dynamic and personal taste. Xiu Jiekai said: ‘On the racing track, all details must be accurate. I love to study various models. Therefore, I was invited by the director to form a racing team. Because I focused on the family, I did not participate. I have the opportunity to go with my brothers in the future. Look at F1 racing. ‘He is assured of the long-term power reserve of MIDO’s exclusive Caliber 60 movement. The aluminum alloy material of the bezel gives the watch the greatest weight reduction, just like the pursuit of the core spirit of racing. He said that after I had a puppet, I always looked at my watch and it became precious at all times. Between child-raising dramas, every second counts, just like racing on a racing track, you must be accurate and handsome!

Super Cost-effective Citizen Eco-drive Br0075-51e Men’s Watch Recommended

Citizen was established in 1930. It is a famous international watch company in Japan. It has developed into a large group company mainly engaged in watches and clocks. Since the advent of the first solar-powered watch in 1995, Citizen has continuously perfected various design and technical issues, and has perfectly integrated cutting-edge watchmaking technology, stylish design and solar-powered movements into a cost-effective watch world One of the highest and most practical watches. Today I bring you a Citizen Eco-Drive watch, Citizen BR0075-51E.
This Citizen BR0075-51E watch is a men’s solar-powered watch. Its round case has a diameter of 40 mm and is made of stainless steel. The entire watch exudes a strong metallic atmosphere. The black dial tone adds a more calm element to the watch, making this watch a good complement to the temperament of an adult man. Coupled with the silver stainless steel strap, this excellent watch that combines calmness and domineering has a quite outstanding appearance.

This Citizen BR0075-51E watch can be said to show a simple style as a whole, so its functional mix is ​​not many. Its time display is realized by the central hour hand, central minute hand and small seconds dial. This design not only takes into account the layout of the dial, but also improves the energy efficiency of the watch. At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is an oversized date display window, with black Arabic numerals on white background, which can clearly display the time information of the day.
It also has a second time zone display function, which is distributed in the form of a display panel at the 6 o’clock direction of the watch. The time display panel in the second time zone is marked with a 24-hour scale, so we can not only obtain the local time Information, you can also know whether it is currently morning or afternoon. And the display of the second time zone uses the technology of flyback. At 12 o’clock every night, its pointer will return to the 0 position instantly, presenting us with a visual feast of machinery. This watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters, which improves the adaptability of the watch to a certain extent, so that it can better serve us.
The movement carried by this watch is C304’s self-developed solar-powered movement J304. This movement has powerful functions and superior performance. The accuracy of its operation can be kept within 15 seconds per month. In addition, this movement is also designed with a quick date adjustment function, a quick start function and an overcharge prevention function, which not only guarantees the performance of the watch, but also prevents damage to the watch.

When this movement is fully charged, it can continue to run for 6 months in a completely dark environment, which illustrates its battery’s powerful power storage capacity. In the case of insufficient battery, the hands of the watch will change from one second to two seconds, which is a low battery alarm function. We have to sincerely admire the unique idea of ​​Citizen.
As one of the most competitive core technologies of Citizen, Citizen’s application of light kinetic energy technology has reached a very mature level, and the BR0075-51E watch is a boutique made by applying this technology. It has a simple and masculine appearance, tough metal materials, and an atmospheric dial design, which makes the watch a good set of mature male temperament. The large calendar and flyback time display function in the second time zone can also provide a lot of help in displaying life. Its J304 light kinetic energy movement not only utilizes the green resource of light energy, but its long battery life also saves it from frequent replacement, and it also protects the environment. The current market reference price of this watch is 2900 yuan, which is quite cost-effective. Citizen BR0075-51E is definitely a good choice.
 Watch details: citizen / 21593 /

Fortis New Limited Edition World Time Watch

Improved new technology keeps global time under control.
In today’s world, knowing the exact time in a particular place is becoming increasingly important. The B-47 World Timer GMT watch, equipped with the F-2022 movement specially designed by Fortis, is the perfect solution for displaying time in three different time zones at the same time.

Equipped with an automatic movement, this practical world timepiece is independent of the barrel, and the wearer generates energy through the movement of his wrist. Three time zones can be displayed simultaneously, the first time zone is displayed by the center hand, and the second time zone is displayed by the blue rotating dial of the continent. The earth seen from space rotates counterclockwise, just like the real earth rotates. The red line represents the Greenwich / England zero meridian, and the hands on the rotating dial indicate the time in the second time zone on a 24-hour scale.
The current time in each time zone can be seen at a glance. The 24 city names engraved on the two-way rotating bezel represent 24 different world time zones. The third time zone time is displayed by setting the ‘home’ on the bezel. The limited edition B-47 World Timer GMT Watch Reference 674.21.11 (black design) and 674.20.15 (silver design) are limited to 2012 pieces, each of which has a separate number.
F-2022 stainless steel automatic movement, diameter 47 mm, sapphire crystal coated with anti-reflective coating on both sides, glass bottom cover, waterproof 200 m / 20 bar, Swiss made.

Omega Seahorse Marine Deep Space Black Watch Skp Limited Edition

In the deep blue ocean of the earth, Omega can always get inspiration and opportunities from it. Back in the past, many great explorers had worn Omega diving watches. Today, the ocean, which accounts for two-thirds of the Earth’s surface area, is still one of the greatest mysteries on the planet. And Omega’s exploration of the ocean has never stopped.

   The limited edition of the Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe ‘Dark Ocean Black’ watch represents a new step for Omega in the field of ceramic watchmaking. Each ‘Deep Ocean Black’ SKP limited edition case is made from a single piece of black ceramic, which is the first of its kind in the Omega Seamaster series.

   The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ SKP Limited Edition uses a monolithic black ceramic case with a diameter of 45.5 mm, most notably its platinum unidirectional rotating diving bezel, helium exhaust valve and crown Each one is set with a brilliant baguette-cut diamond. The 116 fine diamonds inlaid in the watch weigh 6.38 carats, which is unique in luxury. The number is limited to two worldwide. The casebacks are numbered NO.1 and NO.2 respectively.

   The cogged screw-in case back uses Omega’s unique and innovative ceramic Naiad lock technology, and is equipped with the Omega 8906 Co-Axial chronometer movement. Resistant to strong magnetic interference up to 15,000 Gauss. The watch is equipped with a balanceless silicon balance spring and a double barrel, which can be wound in both directions. The oscillating weight is rhodium-plated and the movement is decorated with Geneva ripples, which provides a 60-hour power reserve.

Teach You How To Buy The Second Watch

When a good watch comes into view, we will have the thought of ‘this watch can be worn for a lifetime’, but it is only your ‘the third watch’, so it beats An ordinary mind, come and pick your second watch.
Beating an ordinary heart, come and pick your second watch.
Buy your second watch
What we call ‘the first one’ is not those electronic watches that are fresh and playable but can’t stand the toss, but the first choice after you consciously recognize the watch—maybe it is just for buying, it becomes An ignorant experience.
When you consciously buy a second watch, the thinking is much more correct: the calendar function is very convenient and available; the chronograph is fun but never used at all; the leather strap is beautiful but the sweat is easy to get sour in summer; the back of the watch is the most It’s easy to appreciate …
Have accurate purchase intentions, but the goals are many and messy-this is the doubt of the choice of the second watch. Although when the watch is in our eyes, we will have the thought of ‘this watch can be worn for a lifetime’, but it is only your ‘the third watch’, so it beats a normal heart to choose Your second watch.
TAG Heuer Camilla
表 What watch to buy
I know some watch knowledge, it is easier to understand, the standard for many people to buy a watch for the first time is a bunch of attributive: there are pointers! Mechanical or start from the brand: a grade with Longines! Chen Daoming endorsed that …
当然 Of course, such an election method is easy to be fooled by others or fooled by yourself. Even if you want to listen to the recommendation of the salesperson, at least you must know the price, wearing occasions, etc. Otherwise, the salesperson will see that you are a rookie and will recommend the brand’s slow-moving styles. You must wear chin.
Longines Somia Series
Why Wear
For those who do not have the ability to buy many good watches for the time being, practicality is the key word. A watch that can wear more than 8 hours a day is what you need, so the second watch should be the first ‘business attribute’-that is, the watch must Match the nature of your job. Take a step back, at least be decent.
How can I be decent? A little trick is to judge by the clothes you wear most often. If you often need a suit and shoes, a formal watch with a natural belt or a steel belt is more suitable. If you wear casual clothes, even the watch has a stronger sense of movement.
Louis Vuitton Tambour Mystérieuse Watch
Presence and aura
Clothes are worn by others, and watches must be seen by others. The large dial is more prominent than the small dial, and the complex style is more eye-catching than the ordinary style.
Finally, it is also an important reason why many people are ready to buy a second watch-the grade or function of the first watch is no longer suitable for current needs, so don’t hesitate to pursue the grade and spend money on classic models of well-known brands That’s right; those who are looking for features need to spend a lot of money to buy the convenience and quality stability of these features.
Price, functionality, design
The second table concerns:
Price: First, the price cannot be lower than the first watch. Just like buying a car, I hope that the next car will be better than now.
Functionality: I like mechanical watches, but I will not consider the movement as the most important selection factor, because the cost of a too complicated movement is bound to increase. At present, only the movement is required to be accurate. Three-handed, calendar-like functions are acceptable in price.
Finally, I chose this bell & ross, its square dial is very attractive, and the limited edition is also a plus point. As for the next watch, I will choose the GMT watch.
The material of precious metals can better reflect the value of the watch
Our selection suggestions:
About discount: If it is not a collection, just buy a product, the price of the watch is the first consideration. Generally, there are discounts for buying watches abroad, and only tourists can get them. I analyze the reason: tourists leave after buying, and will not disturb the local market. In general, Switzerland and Singapore are the most suitable for buying watches. In fact, Singapore’s price is not cheap. Its advantage lies in the most complete style.
About the material: Within the scope of my ability, I recommend buying a gold watch. The material of the precious metal can better reflect the value of the watch, and the steel watch has a relatively low value preservation ratio. And generally made of precious metals, the case, movement, polishing process is relatively improved.
About the movement: The self-made movement is also a selling point. Simply put, buying other people’s parts for loading is definitely different from the technical content of all the watches they produce. Including maintenance, the homemade movement also has a great advantage. Even if the watch is discontinued, the brand still has at least spare parts in stock to ensure maintenance.

Blancpain’s 2018 Calendar Guide Tells You How To Open The Time

The ancients inferred the time from the sun, moon and tide
Modern people show the taste of life with calendar function watch
How to make time work for me elegantly?
Come play time with calendar master Blancpain

  As ‘the founder of classic timepieces’, Blancpain’s new work launched at the Baselworld in 2018 shows that Blancpain is well deserved in the field of advanced mechanical watchmaking from the aspects of function, design, movement, and craftsmanship ‘ Calendar Master ‘status. Based on the complete calendar function, it provides a variety of material options to meet the modern ‘time traveler’ ‘s pursuit of the calendar function in different occasions. The 2018 Blancpain Basel’s new works will be launched in national stores in October this year. Welcome to visit our store for inquiries.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Big Date Retrograde Day Watch
Start a new week of exquisite lifestyle

 At zero o’clock, in addition to the endless urban elite, there is also this Blancpain Villeret series watch that has just switched between the day and the moment. The energy and vitality of the working day and the full release of the weekend can be freely switched through a sophisticated retrograde blue steel pointer, and the modern lifestyle advocated by Blancpain is clear at a glance. The exquisite fan-shaped week window and the bright double-dated double date window correspond to each other on the dial. The complex functions are transformed into a simple disk layout, which is practical and classic and intriguing.


From left: Blancpain Women’s Moon Beauty Date Watch
Blancpain Villeret Classic Big Date Retrograde Day Watch
Blancpain Villeret Classic Two-Time Full-Calendar Moon Phase Watch
Calendar interpretation in signature classic aesthetics

 Three Blancpain Villeret classic watches with similar appearances and different functions are on the same line. Blancpain’s signature aesthetic elements are immediately in sight: double-layer bezel, embossed Roman scale, hollowed-out willow hands, blue steel snake hands, just right The combination of the ground is complex and not complicated. The two-phase full-calendar moon phase watch is an ideal travel companion for business people who cross time zones. The moon beauty watch with a beautiful mole on the corner of the mouth and a mysterious smile is a romantic choice for contemporary independent women.

From left: Blancpain Annual Calendar Watch
Blancpain Fully Moon Phase Watch
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe 70’s Date & Day

Evolution of sports devices: diving watch meets calendar function

 Popular diving watches in recent years are now more and more fashionable on the wrist as fashion items, which also puts higher requirements on diving watch products on the market: how to combine underwater and onshore Different practical needs? Blancpain’s new Basel Fifty Fathoms series in 2018 presented a perfect answer: the full-calendar moon phase, annual calendar, date and day of the week functions are given to the diving watch, making this the professional Fifty Fathoms diving equipment Add a variety of shore functions, becoming an unstoppable natural explosion.

Jacques Co., Ltd. And The Watch Gallery Launch The Reverso Exclusive Limited Edition Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre launches a Reverso exclusive limited edition men’s watch (limited to 30 pieces), which is only sold at The Watch Gallery. This watch is jointly created by Jaeger-LeCoultre and The Watch Gallery. The blue lacquered dial with the same color as the commercial logo is part of the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the Reverso series.

   The time goes back to 1931, an officer who broke the watch mirror in the Indian polo game, asked Jacques-David LeCoultre, hoping to have a watch that can stand the test of the polo game. Jacques-David LeCoultre’s solution is a watch that can be turned, so that only the metal case is exposed. The Reverso series was originally released as a sports watch. With the introduction of fashionable styles, the Reverso series has attracted more and more customers who love art deco.
   Jaeger-LeCoultre’s limited edition for The Watch Gallery is the Grande Reverso Night & Day large-scale day and night display flip watch, equipped with Calibre 967B automatic movement, the bottom of the table is blank, can be customized for each customer. Adrian Maronneau, Director of Purchasing and Sales at The Watch Gallery, shared his story and was happy to be part of the 85th Anniversary celebration. ‘I have worked hard to persuade Jaeger-LeCoultre to produce a limited edition watch for many years and am very happy to recommend this Reverso flip series The Watch Gallery A limited edition watch with a unique blue dial and a limited edition of 30 pieces, achieving the perfect combination of low-key elegance and rareness. ‘

Iwc Ceo Leads Mercedes-amg’s New Visuals

For more than ten years, the Swiss watchmaker IWC has been a close partner with Mercedes-AMG. A few days ago, Christoph Grainger-Herr, the chief executive of IWC, led the brand-new visual advertising campaign of Mercedes-AMG, showing his style. He wore a special edition of the IWC engineer’s sports chronograph ‘Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary’ and drove the new Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC + Coupé coupe on the streets of New York to express the #SpeedUpInStyle lifestyle.

   Mr. Christopher Glainger-Hale said: ‘I am excited to start this new and challenging journey with our close partners. During the shooting, the features and comfort of the Mercedes-AMG Coupe are comfortable and efficient. I was deeply impressed with the outstanding performance. The film also perfectly explained the common driving force of Mercedes-AMG and IWC: meticulous top-level engineering skills, uncompromising performance, unique design style, And the great fun and excitement that will always be there. ‘
Mercedes-AMG collaboration shines on IWC family

    The special edition of IWC’s engineer’s sports chronograph ‘Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary’ (model: IW380902) is also a star that cannot be ignored in the film. This model was grandly released at the Nurburgring last year. It is a timepiece masterpiece specially launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG. It is limited to 250 pieces. The watch is equipped with IWC-made 89361 chronograph movement with flyback function; the case is made of titanium and the silver-plated dial is equipped with a speed scale; through the sapphire glass bottom, the antimagnetic soft iron inner case is clearly visible The design is inspired by the brake discs of the Mercedes-AMG high-performance sports car.

IWC Engineer’s Sports Chronograph ‘Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW380902)
Long and close partnership
   Since 2004, IWC and Mercedes-AMG have maintained close partnerships, respecting each other’s vibrant technical traditions and sharing common core values ​​such as precision engineering skills and exclusive design aesthetics. Whether it is the high-performance cars and sports cars of Mercedes-AMG, or the precise timepieces of IWC, it attracts people who seek high quality and unique taste.

Girard Perregaux Promoted Sales Of Luxury Group Ppr

French luxury goods group PPR, which belongs to Girard Perregaux watches, announced its third quarter 2012 results, with total revenue of 2.6 billion euros, an increase of 6.6% compared to the same period last year.
     The group said that revenue rose in all regions, and that all its luxury brands performed well in the third quarter. PPR jewelry watch brands performed well in the third quarter, with comparable sales up 16%. The watch and jewellery division reported a 26% increase in revenue. Girard Perregaux is a brand that continues to grow in the market.
     The brand released this year a collection of watches inspired by modern master Le Corbusier. In the third quarter, the PPR Group’s luxury goods segment rose 11.9% to a total of 1.59 billion euros. Gucci performed very well, with comparable sales up 7%.
     As of September 30, PPR Group’s jewelry, watch and accessories brands were located at 235 retail locations. François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PPR Group, said: ‘The PPR Group delivered highly satisfactory results again this quarter, with Luxury and Sports & Leisure revenue rising 6.6%.
     ‘The Luxury Products Division continues to report significant growth, and we are also pursuing a strategic transformation of the Group. This quarter’s impressive results have witnessed the complementarity and growth potential of our brands, our Group’s strengths and the balanced footprint of our business. –