Michelin Star Chef Hélène Darroze Becomes The Ambassador Of Parmigiani

The famous Swiss independent watchmaker Parmigiani is pleased to announce that Hélène Darroze has become the brand ambassador. This talented and charismatic lady is cheerful by nature and generously shares her happiness with others, whether in a restaurant or elsewhere. Hélène Darroze wholeheartedly, with a firm conviction, broke out of his own day in the world’s top chef industry.
   Hélène Darroze comes from a family of chefs in the Landes department in southwestern France. The Darroze family upholds the values ​​of dedication to creativity, respect for different tastes, and the creation of joy and enjoyment, and has established a good reputation with the same philosophy of treating others with the world, which has influenced generations of chefs in France since 1890.
   Today, Hélène Darroze has opened two personal restaurants in London and Paris, but her roots are always deeply rooted in the fertile soil of her hometown in southwestern France. Born to tradition, educated and nourished, she stood on the shoulders of her predecessors, but went further than they did. From Charente, via Perigord and Toulouse, to Basque, as far as the border of Languedoc, she is still full of respect and enthusiasm for the rich heritage of her homeland.
   Hélène Darroze is one of the few women to reach this height in the world’s top male chef industry. Food is alive; food is full of emotions. Hélène Darroze uses exquisite cuisine to explain the true meaning of food, every detail is telling her life story-it is a feeling, a memory, a journey. She uses emotion as the starting point, sincerity as the main line, creative interpretation and sharing with diners. In 1999, at the age of 35, Hélène Darroze was awarded the title of Michelin-starred chef, and the world received a message from her in her cooking.
   In addition to managing personal restaurants in London and Paris, Hélène Darroze is the initiator of the NGO “Afghanistan Libre” and she actively supports breast cancer prevention and control. In 2011, Hélène Darroze founded ‘La Bonne Etoile’ to provide free education for orphans in Vietnam, and she also adopted two daughters in Vietnam. To Hélène Darroze, charity is a proper way to give back to society.
   Parmigiani recognizes and cherishes Hélène Darroze’s character and philosophy, and is very pleased to be able to grant her the honorable title of ‘Women of Exception’.