Master’s Watch: 2014 ‘clocks And Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch & Clock Exhibition

Baume & Mercier regards femininity and elegance as the theme of the second ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition. The brand will unveil a new contracted women’s watch collection at this Asian watchmaking event. At this year’s ‘Clocks and Miracles’ watch exhibition, Baume & Mercier men’s watches will also show extraordinary elegance. The Crichton Collection, a symbol of Baume & Mercier’s fine watchmaking tradition and craftsmanship, will launch a new model to celebrate the second anniversary of the collection.
  Baume & Mercier watches have more than a century of tradition in women’s watches. Nowadays, the brand proudly launches a new appointment series by virtue of its extraordinary innovative spirit. This series reflects the style of the times, and the design is inspired by the brand’s collection watches, with both elegance and modernity. The lines of the series are simple and elegant. The oval bezel and round stainless steel case are perfectly matched with red gold, mother-of-pearl and diamond decoration. This series of watches is exquisite and elegant, with 30 mm and 34 mm models, equipped with quartz movement or traditional Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement. As promised, the watch series is as beautiful and moving as it is, forming an invisible and strong bond with the wearer, remembering the moving moments in life.
  With nearly 185 years of fine watchmaking traditions and craftsmanship, Baume & Mercier watches continue to surpass itself, introducing three new men’s watches of the Crichton series. One of these watches is equipped with an exceptionally hand-wound mechanical movement that provides a power reserve of up to eight days. The size of this watch is broad and the case is made of red gold. It is limited to 185 pieces. It is designed to show the brand’s spirit of celebration and meet the expectations of the city’s masterpieces of fine watches.
  Regardless of whether it is the appointment series or the Crichton series, Baume & Mercier watches always accompany the wearer through the wonderful moments of life through outstanding watch works. Beautiful weddings, happy birthdays, personal achievements … countless touches have been condensed and precipitated under the testimony of famous Swiss watch brand celebrities and turned into the most precious moving memories.

  Baume & Mercier unveiled a new masterpiece of the promised series at the Watches & Wonders Asian high-end watch exhibition, celebrating the debut of the promised series in Asia. This 34 mm diameter watch has a polished stainless steel case designed to witness moments of joy in life. The rounded and soft lines of the watch and the oval bezel inlaid with 61 brilliant diamonds make the red Chinese lacquer decoration even more impressive. This watch designed for Asia is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement, which is thin and elegant, showing feminine charm. The hands are slim and delicate, and the mother-of-pearl dial perfectly matches the 8 diamond-set hour markers. This high-end timepiece is set with a total of 0.68 carats of diamonds, with a bright red alligator strap and pin buckle. This watch is limited to 88 pieces and its bezel is inspired by the symbol of the infinite number 8 and is a model of fine watchmaking in Asia. Every detail is important, and the back can be engraved with text or patterns, which will keep beautiful memories forever. Baume & Mercier watches continue to celebrate the beauty, especially with red lacquerware boxes for watches that look like jewellery.

  Today, Baume & Mercier’s new series of appointment watches are designed to meet the desires of women’s hearts, to inject a breath of elegance into the elegant female style. Inspired by classics from the 1970 collection in the Baume & Mercier Museum, the Appointment Collection watches are precious because of the classics and affectionate and affectionate. Its unique and timelessness allows modern women to fully appreciate the brand innovation and precious heritage. The appointment series breaks through the traditional watch shape concept, presenting the unique appearance of a circle embedded in an oval shape, which sets off the softness and gentleness of the watch. The dial diameter is available in 30mm and 34mm styles. It subtly transforms time into subtle emotions that can be captured, which is very feminine and feminine. The curve of the bracelet echoes the polished stainless steel case. This subtle aesthetic design visually presents ripples of dripping water. Polished steel material vividly depicts the millisecond instant, let time stand still, and record the eternal promise of an instant.

  The grand launch of the Crichton series of eight-day power reserve watches is of outstanding quality, exquisite decoration, and excellent performance. It deserves to be a member of the brand’s sophisticated watch family of sophisticated functions, and it can be regarded as a model of Baume & Mercier’s advanced watchmaking technology. This extraordinary watch has an arc-shaped silvery-white dial with a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock and a power reserve display at 9 o’clock. It is decorated with studded applique numerals and engraving. The 18K red gold case with a diameter of 45.5mm is equipped with a manual-winding mechanical movement manufactured by the watch factory, with a power reserve of 192 hours. This watch is limited to 185 pieces, symbolizing the 185-year history of the famous Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier. The original watch is low-key, restrained and timeless. It brings unprecedented experience to the wearer with the most exquisite quality, and one by one important moments in life. This timepiece is destined to become an inseparable part of the wearer’s wrist, with a black alligator strap and red gold pin buckle.

   Two new Clifton watches with 39mm 18K red gold case, which reflect the classic elegance and modernity of this watch. The Clayton Collection is the perfect embodiment of elegant style and fine watchmaking. Today, two new works are reinterpreted with dazzling diamonds to reinterpret the exquisite qualities and witness the wonderful moments in the wearer’s life. Depending on the style, diamonds are set on the bezel and the dial, respectively, or just shine on the dial. These two precious masterpieces fully explain the essence of high-end timepieces, and every detail proves the strict requirements of the brand on decorative arts. The delicate decoration of the Swiss-made mechanical movement through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback is visible at a glance.