Limited Creativity And Passion Limited Edition Sports Watches Of Top Brands

For men’s sports watches, they have always paid more attention to functions and skills, while ignoring the sense of design. However, this is an era where fashion is talked about everywhere. Fashionable men expect watches that are both internal and external, not only to have enough internal functions, but also to be creative in design. A sports watch that combines creativity and passion is exactly what they want. Hublot Ferrari ‘Magic Gold’ Big Bang Limited Edition Watch
The unprecedented Big Bang Ferrari has a larger case (45.5 mm in diameter), more dynamic and mechanical-this is the first evolution of Big Bang since its release in 2005; the deeper cylindrical bezel allows The movement viewed through the sapphire dial is more three-dimensional; the scale crown is marked with an H, and its position can be automatically maintained in a straight line; the extended button is fixed on an axle, just like a car’s throttle; the carbon on the side is used Quality inserts; highly innovative strap replacement device can quickly replace two straps, inspired by car seat belts, stitching in the same color as the Ferrari interior. In short, every detail of the watch is designed and manufactured according to the basic principles in the DNA shared by Hublot and Ferrari: sports, performance and technology. The entire watch does not have any useless parts, and its design must fully comply with functionality and rationality.

传奇 The legendary Prancing Horse logo is embossed on the dial at 9 o’clock, and the yellow timer at 3 o’clock uses a yellow pane to display the date, hands and scales. The design is inspired by Ferrari’s dashboard. The overall style of the watch adopts the sports DNA of this Italian manufacturer, while fully adhering to the appearance characteristics of Hublot.
UNICO movement is quite similar to Ferrari’s 12-cylinder engine. Self-produced engine, self-produced chronograph movement-the same pursuit makes this Big Bang’s movement out of choice. It was designed and developed by Hublot and produced by the Hublot factory. This is also the first time that the UNICO movement has been embedded in Big Bang. With more than 330 parts, the vibration frequency reaches 28,800 times per hour. The column wheel and double horizontal connection are located on the side of the dial. The new pendulum is also inspired by the Ferrari rim. This watch has a 72-hour power reserve and can withstand a pressure of 100 meters.
Finally, the material of this watch is groundbreaking. Hublot decided to use the best material that its R & D department can provide for this new Ferrari-certified product-the famous magic gold-just launched by the Hublot factory 3 months ago. It is an 18K with anti-scratch performance. gold.