Let You Enjoy The Wonderful Sports Pleasure In The Beach And Sea

It’s not a professional diving athlete, as long as it is waterproof enough and the digital color is eye-catching! Some people like to enjoy the thrill of panting, while another group likes to dive deeply to feel the pressure of sea water. So in addition to hiking and mountain climbing, there are a large number of people who go to the sea and islands to study the beauty of diving. Moreover, our non-professional ‘diving enthusiasts’ are far from equipped with highly professional diving watches. If you have the habit of wearing watches and you like water and underwater sports, we recommend such diving watches: Eye-catching logo, easy to read, followed by a waterproof depth of at least 100 meters

Plum Cosmo Driver
The plum Cosmo Diver diving table has a diameter of 42mm and a water resistance of 200 meters. The large dial with anti-reflective sapphire glass is not easy to wear, and the date is displayed with a magnifying glass. It is very convenient to read underwater. In addition, the integrated side guard can beautifully protect the spiral crown; the classic unidirectional rotating bezel has important functions; and the folding double insurance buckle adds an extra safety.