Earl Polo Fortyfive Titanium Automatic Winding Mechanical Watch

Earl Polo FortyFive titanium automatic winding mechanical watch
At first glance, the dial of this watch has a strong antiquated feel, echoing the titanium case of the Polo For tyFive series.
Equipped with Piaget 800P movement with black PVD treatment, black openwork dial with luminous time scale and large red Arabic numerals, limited to 500 pieces
Of course, ‘This is good’ is not because there is no requirement for quality. For example, people think that Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin and Piaget, which are famous for making high-end and precious metal watches, have successively developed titanium styles in recent years. This is obviously not to use cheap materials in order to reduce costs, nor is it to reduce the price to simplify the production process. On the contrary, these non-precious metal watches have a very high level of production, which will enhance the feeling of ‘this is good’ to a unique level of taste, and the price is almost limited compared to gold watches. Moreover, they still adopt the usual luxury approach: use novel materials to emphasize their uniqueness, advertise their value through limited production, and create loyal consumers willing to accept their prices as their ultimate goal.