Dior Creates The New Dior Viii Black High-precision Ceramic Watch

Dior is proud to announce that it will work with the legendary Harrods department store in the UK to create a limited edition watch series for 2013. To celebrate this special cooperation plan, Dior combines the brand elements with British classic shapes and colors.

 The new watch uses the classic British red as the main axis, and uses the rare and precious trapezoid-cut ruby ​​and pink corundum to inlay the entire bezel to create a rich layered sense of overlapping layers of feathers and dresses. It is combined with Dior VIII black high-precision ceramics to show the whole The extraordinary imperial grace of noble grace.

 Dior Timepieces and Harrods in London, England are representatives of classic and legendary luxury. The origin of the two dates back to the 1950s. Mr. Christian Dior loves British culture and his works are highly respected by the British royal family. Princess Margaret of the British royal family dressed in a special evening dress from Dior to attend the 21st birthday party and also visited the main store of Dior Montaigne Avenue. The legendary Duchess of Windsor is also a fan of Dior Haute Couture dresses.