Dilireba Wears Gucci Watches, Jewelry, Fashion Personalities, Interpretation Of Retro Charm

The exquisite embroidered tiger head means the guardian of love. Di Lierba wears GUCCI watches, jewelry and fashion personalities, and throws his hands to interpret the retro charm.

Dilireba wears GUCCI watch

   The tiger, in Greek mythology, represents the patron saint of Dionysus, the god of wine, to accompany him to grow and guard his life, and at the same time implies the desperation and pursuit of love. LeMarchédesMerveilles watches are embellished with tiger heads, one of Gucci’s most recognizable animal shapes. This series of watches has a variety of styles, two of which are paired with soft Toscano brown calfskin straps, inspired by the brand’s unusual, retro and stylish aesthetics, which bring the exclusive charm of jewelry to life.

Gucci Le Marchédes Merveilles new watch
   Gucci watch jewelry adds a new style to its LeMarchédesMerveilles series, which reflects the brand’s current creative aesthetics with rich materials, which is the best of this evolving series. Animal-themed elements — tigers, bees and snakes — are the iconic designs of the collection, this time also elegantly incorporated into the new models, crafted from finely-colored leather with delicate embroidery or fine tailoring.

   Two of the watches in this collection are paired with a soft Toscano brown calfskin strap; the other three are more sporty in appearance, with a nylon strap with Gucci stripes. In addition, the straps of these models also have Gucci’s ‘L’AveugleparAmour’ (obsessed with love) knitted letters, unique and eye-catching, exuding a modern urban atmosphere. The LeMarchédesMerveilles watch is different in one detail: the embroidery craftsmanship on the nylon surface-the delicate shapes of the snake, tiger or bee complement the striped background. The case of each watch is in a color that is in harmony with the watch as a whole, or in warm PVD gold plating, or in stainless steel. In addition, the snake shape also appears on special leather models, made of the same single piece of leather as the strap and the surface-the grainy leather strap is filled with red snakes with rich details The pattern circled along the strap until it entered under the sapphire glass and gradually disappeared. This watch has a polished stainless steel case.