Delano Brown And Richard Miller Perform Clock Art

For the majority of watch art festivals, if you haven’t heard Delano Brown’s name then you must not call it an art lover. Delano Brown is commonly referred to as a badass artist. The reason why he is called this way is mostly because of his crazy creative style.

 The difference between him and many artists is that he is extremely passionate about the material of canvas, as we can see from his dress. It is said that art originates from life, and Delano Brown formally and perfectly explains this, which is the real reason why Richard Miller chose to join him.

 Delano Brown is affectionately called a super handpainter, which proves his infinite charm. His artistic purpose is to give things a richer connotation. Whether compared to distant ancient times, hand-painting is an art form that has been preserved since the Renaissance.

 In today’s life, hand-painting also brings more color and happiness to people’s lives. Whether it’s the clothes, socks and shoes we wear.

 Richard Miller is formally drawn to Delano Brown, the most primitive art form endowed by life.