Dancing In Time, Not Losing Shaohua

The warmth of early spring has not completely dissipated the coldness of winter, the breeze and the wind awaken the natural vitality, and Fangfei in March quietly blooms. Elegant women, aware of the pulse of early spring, are quiet, lively, and contented. The colors that symbolize the energy of life have been hand-held, and in a gesture of grace, they greet this spring’s own Women’s Day.
   Just like a ballet dancer dancing gracefully on the stage, with grace and grace, in the graceful years, the swaying posture. Aimron, a Swiss watch brand in Geneva, has carefully prepared for women who know how to live. It draws inspiration from the soft texture of ballerina’s skirt and chooses Jingya series watches to accompany women in every shining moment.
Elegance makes time more charming

   In the hearts of every woman, she had longed for the stage. Ballet, as an artistic classic in dance, and elegant body language, attracted the eyes of women. Amy Long Jingya series ladies watches, with natural and soft design lines, white leather strap and dial, reminiscent of the charming figure of ballet dancers, bright diamonds, set off women’s wisdom and brilliance. The simple appearance, built-in precise quartz movement, the thin willow leaf-shaped hands flow elegantly in the dial, like a dancer with arms dancing on a white veil.
Exquisite addictive self

   It is said that the girls who love to laugh will not have bad luck, and the delicate you will be more favored by Eros. Appropriate makeup does not conceal the appreciation of self, researching every detail, as if it is a sacred ritual in life, just like the dancer’s demanding requirements for each action. Exquisite, addictive and the best, the Amy Long Jingya women’s watch also grasps every detail. The stainless steel case is polished carefully, the beautiful luster is radiant and beautiful, and the strap of geometric beauty blends the brand’s iconic ‘Wings of Time’, elegant and fashionable, echoes the diamond time scale and exquisite appearance, which makes people love at first sight.
Personality as the protagonist of life

   Time is so fair to everyone, but your personality makes you different, such as the different roles of dancers on the stage, you are also irreplaceable. Amy Longjingya series adds unique personality for you, the delicate appearance reflects your feminine temperament, and the relatively wide disk surface adds elegance to your unique personality. The dial texture, inspired by the ballet dancer’s skirt, interprets the rhythmic dance in the relaxation of the lines. In the boundless time, it quietly rotates. At this moment, you are the protagonist.
Love yourself

   A woman who pleases herself? No, this time I am happy. Do not conceal the appreciation of yourself, seemingly narcissistic to give yourself a wink, fall in love with yourself, and enjoy the quiet time. Amy Long Jingya series ballet pendant watch, embellish your charming smile, break free from the traditional watchmaking, pendant design adds a touch of seductive charm to you. The precise Swiss quartz movement provides a steady stream of power for Dianmei’s willow hands. Adhering to Amy Long’s unremitting pursuit of beauty, the ballet pendant watch is not only a beautiful ornament, but also a perfect gift for yourself.
   Amyron focuses on discovering the beauty of women, perceiving women’s elegance from ballet, and carefully designing unique watch pieces for modern women. Amy Long has sponsored the Lausanne International Ballet Competition in Switzerland for a long time, supporting the new generation of the most talented and talented dancers. Ballet has also become a clear and unique brand mark of Amy Long. Dance in time, live up to Shaohua.