Bouqilai Malilong Lover On The Table Steady Happiness

Life and youth, wealth and glory will pass with time. Only true love and time will last forever. Love is timeless romance, classic and evocative. Just as the design style of the 1960s has a timeless charm, it has already established a stable position in the fashion industry; looking back at the time of the altar, the elegant three-hand watch of the same size also set a temporary trend, and it is a trend for today’s watch design. The influence has lasted so far. The new Marly Dragon AutoDate watch with a round and elegant shape combined with a three-pin layout not only shows the first feature of the Marly Dragon series, but also has the elegant design style of the 1960s. It is another breathtaking masterpiece. Holding hands, with the oldest, the Bucherer Marion Dragon series reveals a steady sense of happiness.

The first style, at a glance

 The Bucherer Maléron AutoDate men’s watch comes in a case with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 8.75 mm. It is driven by the CFB 1965 self-winding movement. The neat three-hand and three-position date window layout highlights the function of the timepiece , The flashy restrained spirit embodies the charm of watch design in the 1960s.

 Maliron AutoDate Men’s Watch

 The simple dial design of Ms. AutoDate’s watch reveals a capable atmosphere, self-confidence and elegance are not inferior; 出 the overall design echoes the first design features of the Maliron series;  the exquisite nostalgic taste is even more vivid, and it is a real treasure Zile’s fascinating masterpiece.

 Maliron AutoDate Women’s Watch

 The Mali Long AutoDate watch, both inside and outside, will make people pursue true love, and timeless and classic people will love it.