Boer Watch Automatic Timing Stopwatch Instructions

Model: applicable to CM1010, CM1020, CM1030, CM1052, CM1068, CM2052, CM2068, CM2092, CM2192, CM2098, DC1016, DC1026, DC1028, DC3026
Please refer to the basic description of ‘Automatic Watch Series’ and the following description.

Timekeeping function: first make sure that the crown has returned to position [X] and the chronograph hands have returned to zero.
※ [P1]. The button that controls the ‘Start / Stop’ at the top: This button allows you to start or stop the timing function. Press once to start the central chronograph second hand. When the chronograph second hand makes a full turn on the dial, the chronograph minute hand starts. Press it again to stop the two hands, press the third time hands to resume operation, and so on.
※ [P2]. ​​The button of ‘Call back to zero’ below: After pressing the upper control button [P1] to stop the timer, press the lower button [P2] to return the timer to zero. The callback function of this button can only be used when the chronograph hand stops.
※ Chronograph second hand: Press the upper button [P1] to start or stop the chronograph second hand. Press the [P2] button to return the chronograph second hand to zero.
※ Second hand: Most Bohr chronographs have the seconds dial at nine o’clock, while the second hand dial of the Railway Chief Series Cannonball Chronograph Model (CM1052) and Engineer Hydrocarbon Series Chronograph Volvo Model (CM2098) are rare at three o’clock. Clock position.
※ Cumulative chronograph minute display: Starting from the start of the chronograph, each time the chronograph second hand completes a lap, the chronograph minute display will increase by one unit, thereby displaying how many minutes have elapsed. After the chronograph hand stops, press the button [P2] to return the minute timer to zero.
※ Hours accumulated display: Starting from the start of the chronograph, every two laps of the chronograph minute hand, the hour display of the chronograph will increase by one unit to show how many hours have passed. After the chronograph hand stops, press the button [P2] to return the hour counter to zero.