Blancpain Villeret Calendar Two Places Watch

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    ‘Today is Monday, January 31.’ This is the date commonly used by people. Why don’t ordinary watches display the date in this way? On the dials of most watches, the date is displayed in one place and the day of the week is displayed in another place, and the month display is arranged elsewhere. The calendar information is scattered and fragmented: ’31st’, ‘Monday’, ‘ January’. Of course, all of this information can be found on the dial, but it does not conform to the usual narrative order.
    Blancpain’s Villeret two-year calendar watch completely revolutionizes the arrangement of the past. All calendar information is displayed on the right side of the dial and is arranged in the customary narrative order. From top to bottom, it is the week, date and month.
    In addition to designing the calendar display based on commonly used narrative logic, this model also has a very convenient annual calendar function. In terms of functionality, the annual calendar function is basically equivalent to the perpetual calendar function, and it can automatically identify months with 30 days. Therefore, with the exception of February, regardless of whether the number of days in the month is 30 or 31 days, the annual calendar can automatically change to the first day of the following month after the end of the last day of the month. This function is derived from the perpetual calendar function. The only difference from the perpetual calendar is that the newly introduced annual calendar watch does not recognize the year of the girl, which also allows the perpetual calendar watch to maintain its unique and irreplaceable status. Therefore, after the last day of February each year, the watch wearer needs to manually adjust the calendar to March 1. In addition, the function of the annual calendar watch is almost no different from that of the perpetual calendar watch.
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    Although the calendar needs to be manually adjusted every February, it does not detract from the excellent performance of this Villeret two-year annual calendar watch. The reason is that the watch is also equipped with Blancpain’s original calendar adjustment device hidden under the lugs. At present, the calendar adjustment device commonly used in the industry is to use tools to press the recess on the side of the watch case. Blancpain uses an exclusive patented hidden calendar adjustment device, which can be adjusted by just pressing with your fingertips. Tune or set. At the end of February, the wearer no longer has to experience the hassle of finding a special tool for calibration, just press the adjuster hidden behind the lugs to adjust, and complete the annual calendar setting until February of the following year. In addition, the adjustment device hidden under the lugs is more perfect than the dimple-shaped dimple adjustment devices that are usually located on the side of the watch case, which keeps the appearance of the case simple and clean.
    As the name of the watch indicates, in addition to the annual calendar function, the watch also incorporates a dual time zone time indication mechanism. Following the traditional dial layout, they are the center hour, minute hand, and 24-hour small dial. By adjusting the hour in the center of the head, the time can be adjusted in units of one hour. At this moment, the indicator of 24 hours remains unchanged. This feature makes it easy to set the center time display to the new local time zone (assuming the wearer travels to another time zone and wants to adjust the watch to the new local time), while the small 24-hour dial remains The time of residence is displayed. The thoughtful design not only makes it easy for travelers to read the local time, but also knows the original home time.