Belarus From The Cabin Navigation To The Wrist Watch

Bell & Ross and Flight Navigator
   The essence of the Aviation watch series is to transplant the aircraft cockpit dashboard instrument concept into the watch, ensuring that the timepiece has four characteristics: clear display, excellent performance, precise guidelines and reliability and durability. Introduced in 2005, the BR01 series is inspired by the timepieces of aircraft cabins in the 1970s. It combines high-tech materials and mechanical movements refined with advanced watchmaking techniques to become a representative classic of the brand.
   The brand continues to draw inspiration from aerospace instruments. In 2010 and 2011, it launched two works, BR01 Compass and BR01 Radar, respectively, marking a new way for Bell & Ross to carefully develop innovative time display modes. Since the beginning, the BR01 series has gathered a series of advanced timepieces known for their innovative and clear displays, which fully meet the professional requirements for professional timepieces.

Three new pieces inspired by the dashboard
   In 2012, Bell & Ross continued to hold high the banner of innovation and superior performance, and launched three new works inspired by three important aerospace navigation instruments: BR01 Horizon, BR01 Altimeter, and BR01 Turn Coordinator. Various navigation displays in the cabin are arranged in a T shape and are combined with functions, such as an altitude indicator / altimeter and an altimeter to display flight status, and a compass and turn coordinator for navigation. Waiting for pilots to monitor at any time.
   The level indicator / attitude indicator can show the aircraft’s azimuth and attitude relative to the horizon regardless of whether the pilot’s field of vision is clear or not.
   The altimeter is a very important instrument. Usually, the ground and sea level pressures are used as reference points, and the altitude of the aircraft is calculated by measuring the pressure.
   The turn coordinator shows whether the aircraft can meet the coordinated turn requirements when turning. Without this data reference, the aircraft may slip. The display is a gyro ritual structure, with a curved tube inside, and a bearing in the tube moves due to the gravity of the center of gravity, thereby showing the magnitude of the aircraft’s sideslip.

Wristwatch inspired by cabin instruments
   Bell & Ross’s three new designs this year are vividly recognizable and vividly interpret the appearance of the above three flight instruments, and display the time in a brand new mode. Three new works are produced in limited editions and placed in the watch box, which undoubtedly makes the watch owner seem to have the superiority of the cabin navigation instrument.

BR01 Horizon dial details Design inspiration: artificial horizon
A. Lower dial B. Hour hand C. Upper dial
D. Upper dial bridge E. Minute hand F. Minute hand balance weight

Bright design and clear display
Bell & Ross designers draw from the horizon, conceive a new time display mode:
Double dial
-The dial design is similar to the horizon. The lower gray part represents the sky and the black part represents the ground. The two parts are separated by a white line representing the horizon between 9:00 and 3:00.
-The hour markers on the upper dial clearly show the hours
-The bridge at 12 o’clock covers the joint of the hour and minute hands, and its shape is similar to the design of the horizon
-The hour and minute hands between the two dials have different shapes to clearly show the hours and minutes; the T-shaped bridge opens the window at 12 o’clock and does not cover the position of the hour and minute hands.
The hour and minute hands are simple in design, similar in shape and advancement to the horizon
The hands are marked with a white luminous coating in time, which is in strong contrast with the black dial and echoes the principle of clear display of flying instruments.
The anti-reflective case is treated with a matte black carbon coating, which also echoes the color texture of the dashboard, avoiding reflections and making reading easier

BR01 Altimeter Dial Design Inspiration: Altimeter
A. Hour hand B. Minute hand
C. Large calendar D. Second hand

Large calendar-inspired feature
   Bell & Ross designers took inspiration from the altimeter and conceived an innovative time display mode. The appearance of the dial is the same as the altimeter; the large calendar at 3 o’clock is composed of two independent dials, which is no different from the barometer; The same is true of the words, ALT, and pit patterns, as well as the hour, minute, and second hands.
   The hands and digital hour markers are coated with white luminous, which is in sharp contrast with the black dial, echoing the clear performance of flight instruments.
The anti-reflective case is treated with a matte black carbon coating, which also echoes the color texture of the instrument panel, avoiding reflections, making it easier to read the date and time

BR01 Turn Coordinator Dial Design Inspiration: Turn Indicator
A. Fixed white line scale
B. hour dial C. minute dial

Large calendar-inspired feature
   Bell & Ross designers took inspiration from the turn indicators and conceived innovative time display modes; the dial has three independent concentric dials that indicate 12 hours, 60 minutes and seconds. There is a fixed vertical white line under the crystal glass. Turn to the number below the white line scale, which represents the current hour and minute. The dial is divided into two semicircles, separated by a white airplane outline:
The upper half focuses on the time, the lower half is opaque, and focuses attention on the upper half
The anti-reflective case is treated with a matte black carbon coating, which also echoes the color texture of the instrument panel, avoiding reflections and making it easier to read the dial data

Technical achievement
   The movement structure of the BR01 TURN COORDINATOR is very precise, which is a big challenge for designers, watchmakers and engineers of Bell & Ross:
Because the turntable is 30 times heavier than the pointer, Bell & Ross applies innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to create a very light and strong turntable. The latter has the advantages of not being easily deformed and extremely low friction, which helps to enhance power reserve performance and travel time accuracy.
The size of the turntable is accurate to the micron level, which keeps the disk parallel and smooth when it rotates.
Technical Parameters: