At This Moment, August Fang Fei Tissot Watch Engraved My Time For Liu Yifei And Wish Her A Happy Birthday

At the end of August, Time Fangfei, on August 25th, Liu Yifei, the global spokesperson for Tissot watches, ushered in her birthday. Years are like shuttles, leaving no trace on her. Instead, all the time has become her eyebrows and styles, showing her temperament of ‘independence, confidence, humility and beauty’. Whether at work or in life, Yi Fei is like a rainbow rose condensed with aroma and strength. She stands proudly without fear of wind and rain. At this moment, Yi Fei was born. Tissot watches sincerely wish Yi Fei a happy birthday.

Tissot Global Image Ambassador Liu Yifei Interprets ‘Zhen Me’ with Carson Zhen Me Series Watches
  Liu Yifei at work is capable and lovely. When facing the work, she is calm and full of grace. In every job, she balances strength with femininity. Liu Yifei in life, refused to be bound, refused the standard answer, and always insisted on the true self. Traveling through various roles, always responding to various occasions, and how things change in the world, she never follows the waves and is not moved by the hustle and bustle.

Tissot Global Image Ambassador Liu Yifei Interprets ‘Zhen Me’ with Carson Zhen Me Series Watches

  I still remember that at the beginning of August, Tissot and Liu Yifei went to Tissot’s hometown, Switzerland, to explore the charm of precision and quality in the Tissot factory. Experience the charm of Tissot’s innovation. This journey is not so much a collaboration, it is more like a period of extraordinary golden memory recorded by the core, engraving every second that the Tissot watch meets Yifei.

Tissot watches join hands with Liu Yifei to enjoy Swiss lakes and mountains

Tissot Global Image Ambassador Liu Yifei ascends to the Swiss Glacier 3000

  I still remember at the scene of the Tissot Carson Zhen Me series press conference, Yifei and Tissot watched from the wrist to the corner of the city, and explained the life attitude of the new urban youth with practical actions-not moved by the hustle and bustle, forward Be true to yourself, and this truth is exactly why Tissot watches coincide with Yifei.

Liu Yifei wears Carson Zhen My series watch to interpret the two living states of urban women shuttle between day and night

  On this birthday, Tissot watches sincerely wish Yifei a happy birthday, all the best, and look forward to witnessing every wonderful moment of her.