A Rare See Eight Luxury Women’s Watches Condensing The Essence Of Aesthetics

Whether the style of the female watch is French elegance or romantic garden, its gorgeous appearance does not just stay in the surface pattern game. The elegant and agile line design and natural and fresh style elements are like masters of Impressionism. The little messy colors of light and shadow on Monet’s canvas. The eight luxurious watches recommended below are best matched with elegant dresses, allowing you to reproduce the image of the European court goddess. Jaeger-LeCoultre La Rose
I admired this shocking rose quietly, and there seemed to be a bird singing in my ears. After panic, the delicate petals seemed to be shaking in front of my eyes. Jaeger-LeCoultre owns the ability to make jewelry watches so ingenious. This queen of flowers with a graceful figure is a unique orphan with 3,100 gems set on its body and 1,300 gems set on its stem. Although it can be classified as a watch with a romantic garden temperament, the glamorous field that is not everyone can control, is the so-called ‘you can watch from a distance, but you can’t play with it’.
Minjiang Shidanton ‘Plum and Warbler’ Shimo Watch
东方 Orientals who adhere to mystery, Zen philosophy and cultural thinking always like to empathize with things. Flowers, birds, fish, and insects are the most representative elements. The combination of plum blossoms and nightingale created dill-painted tables, taking the beautiful meaning of spring blossoms and birds singing, is exactly what Wang Guowei said in the world’s words and phrases. This poetic and artistic watch is beautiful and elegant, and it is the first choice of temperament women.
Audemars Piguet Millenary Précieuse Millennium Treasure Watch
The best way to break the silence is to stage a ‘transformation’ so that you can stand out in the beauties of the harem. Just looking at the shape, we know that Audemars Piguet knows this well, and a beautiful ‘chain meter’ was staged in the Millenary Précieuse watch: a round chain bezel in 18K pink gold set with 147 high-quality diamonds. The solid and empty ring-shaped case and the butterfly hair ornament have the same effect. Isn’t the brocade silk satin strap the epitome of a long skirt? What a great luxury.
Piaget Limelight Women’s Watch
If you are careful enough, you must pay attention to the dress and wear of European royal queens. Whether it is the crown, scepter or even the hand holding the scepter, you will wear a large carat gemstone. Needless to say, wearing a large gemstone can best reflect the wearer’s honorable status, and it can also instantly improve your aura. The bracelet of this Piaget Limelight ladies watch is embedded with an emerald-cut pillar, an oval-cut aquamarine, let alone the harmonious color scheme, the combination of gorgeous round diamonds and large stones alone is dazzling Mystery, the temperament of aristocratic style suddenly emerged.
Van Cleef & Arpels Fil de l’eau watch
When childhood memories suddenly appeared, the fantasy imagination was unrestrained, and the green leaves in front of me instantly turned into the most innocent color in the heart, or goose yellow, or peach pink, or purple, or bright red … The innocent color may be the combination of blue and white. The tension of white infinitely enlarges the imaginary space, and the dreamlike blue makes the space full of romantic emotions. It’s like a dream garden on your wrist.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Watch
劳 This Rolex watch with a new design is not only exquisite and elegant, but also for the first time with a diamond-set bezel. The 36 mm case encloses the beautiful moment when the sakura is falling in the wind. The feminine charm of the design also allows it to accompany ladies to different occasions, or to enjoy various lifestyles: elegant, or sports, or leisure.
Jacques de L’ HEURE CELESTE Watch
Since aliens and UFOs usually appear in a circular shape, can it be understood as: Dot wind will be popular in the future world. Goldbach’s conjecture, Escher’s strange circle, don’t think about it all. For the next three to fifty years, before the price has soared, quickly buy a round-shaped, spherical shape like L’HEURE CELESTE. Themed watch, otherwise it will be OUT in the future world.
Dior LA D DE DIOR OPAL watch
The color used in the dial has a strong visual impact, and the ring of diamonds sparkles with joy, embracing this mysterious, always turbulent color. In this warm, hasty but logical hue, there is a vibrant transparency. However, the transparency and lightness surprised me very much. In order to understand it, I stared at these color blocks for a long time with very soft eyes, and found that it glowed with tranquility, a kind of dynamic tranquility and peace that could not be expressed with words. Deep harmony rippling in this atmosphere.