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Long Nian Long Gathers The Xianglong Watch To Show The Charm Of The Dragon

In the Year of the Dragon in China in 2012, Amy Dragon Watch is particularly full of dragon charm. In the Lehman series, the world-renowned ‘Xianglong’ respected pet has been offered to watch collectors. Get the boutique.
Artistic timeless.
     Since the beginning of the eighteenth century, Amyron has begun the artistic journey of watches and started creative clock decoration art. . Since then, the watch has been infused with decorative energy and given new meaning. Carrying memories also brings romantic dreams; recording time also highlights the beauty and beauty. Whether it is the unique time wing profile of Amy Long, or the ‘Hanlong picture’ that is vividly embedded in the dial today, looks like a pan lying on the sky, and seems to be soaring, Amy Long has passed on the inheritance of the exquisite craftsmanship of Geneva. The tension of art communicates different attitudes to life with unique design elements.
     Amy Long’s artistic brilliance can be fully displayed in the ‘Xianglong’ watch. At first glance, the dial is grounded in dark gray, and an oriental dragon with gold trim and diamonds is shining under the light.
     The economic development of the Chinese watch market is taking off day by day. The ‘Dragon Works’ contributed by a large number of high-end watch brands in the Year of the Dragon is the best proof. Athens Classico gold-painted enamel gold dragon watch, with the theme of Kowloon opera beads, the body is composed of orange and red, with bright colors and lively pattern design, which is particularly energetic; the Lorenzo Romper watch is low-key and stable, beige , Gray and gold constitute the soft main color of the dial, and the golden dragon hidden in the 240-degree curtain also shows everyone’s style. At the same time, Piaget, Franck Muller, Breguet, Plum Blossom and other watch brands have also launched Dragon Year Dragon Totem Watches, wrist wrist movement has become a new style of the Dragon Year.
Athens Classico Enamel Gold Dragon Watch (left) and Rollenfeld Dragon Watch (right)
     However, the ‘Xianglong’ watch, which integrates Geneva watchmaking technology and highlights the Chinese traditional dragon culture, has conquered more collectors with simple and decent dragon totems. Amy Long well reconciled the differences between Chinese and Western cultures in order to create a highly distinguished and profound implication. Take a closer look, the ‘Xianglong’ watch has a unique charm. The whole body of the dial is outlined in gold. The dragon shape shows a double ‘8’ design. It is ready to take off, soaring with natural diamonds, and the dragon body. Winding up, the momentum is as rainbow, coupled with the DNA ‘wing shape’ design of the Aimi Long brand, ingenious skills and deep skills, satisfying the Dragon’s collection dream.
Collection of value
     International brands scramble to follow the path of Chinese elements, which is a tribute to traditional Chinese culture. As a gift to China, Amy Long used the dragon dedicated to the ancient royal family, the head of the four creatures, and has an extraordinary status in the hearts of Chinese people as a design inspiration to create a ‘Xianglong’ with unlimited emotions and values. Watches are really the best choice. Dragon Totem has always had a profound cultural connotation in China, which symbolizes the supreme rights and status in history. The advent of the ‘Xianglong’ watch is Amy Long’s respect for Chinese tradition and classic elements, and it is also a representative brand of refined fashion in inheritance.
     The Dragon Totem watch produced in the Year of the Dragon has a special meaning, but if you want to collect it, perhaps it will be more perfect with limited editions and unique Geneva elements. The supreme domineering of the Ninth Five-Year Plan; the diamonds inlaid on the scale of the outer ring and the dragon body increase the nobility; the carving is exquisite and vivid, adding more vitality … these together constitute the unique collection value of the ‘Xianglong’ watch. The masterpiece given by Emilon to this century has filled the splendid sum of the wonderful fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. The essence and charm of the Swiss watch brand can be fully evaporated and bloomed in the Year of the Dragon.
     ‘Luxury comes from details’, Amyron watch grew up on the shore of Lake Leman. In the ticking, time rotates and changes in the world. Amyron ‘precisely’ the meaning of the watch and ‘collect’ the watchmaker The top craftsmanship, in 2012, the Amy Long ‘Xianglong’ watch came into being. Looking 300 years ago, Amy Long vowed to stick to Geneva, and ‘Australian Dragons’ will be trapped in a collector’s window to continue to radiate eternal charm.

Louis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg And Iwc Launch Exclusive Watch

Swiss watchmaker IWC and brand ambassadors Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, two famous Formula One drivers, have jointly developed two models each Limited edition of 250 special edition watches. The two Silver Arrow racers personally introduced the engineer’s chronograph watch they participated in designing and named after them. At the same time, IWC also announced that it will continue its partnership with the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One ™ Team.

   In addition to having an obsessive professional obsession with Formula 1 sports, Louis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg share the same passion for mechanical watches. As the brand ambassadors of IWC, they have participated in the design of their own personalized watches. On the eve of the first practice round of the Singapore Grand Prix, two notable racers unveiled the mystery of these two watches at an event organized by IWC. ‘Louis and Nico are not only unique, successful athletes, but also creative. The idea of ​​launching two limited edition special edition watches immediately sparked their great interest. I firmly believe that these two models Unique watches have an irresistible charm for motorsports lovers and watch connoisseurs, and will be highly respected, ‘said Georges Kern, chief executive of IWC. The cooperation between the two parties has achieved great results: The special edition of the engineer’s chronograph ‘Louis Hamilton’ (model: IW379602) is tough and full of technical charm, while the special edition of the engineer’s chronograph ‘Nico Rosberg’ (model: IW379603) It is lighter and more sporty. The design cooperation between IWC and two outstanding Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS drivers aims to equip these two drivers with an exclusive watch that expresses their personal characteristics, while also branding The theme of ‘Performance Engineering’ was carried forward by these two successful Silver Arrow riders. ‘To our surprise, Louis and Nico have specific ideas for the ideal watch in their minds,’ said Christian Knoop, creative director of IWC. ‘We can truly feel Their love for watches is beyond words. With their deep understanding and keen aesthetics, they actively participate in the design process and do their best for the two watch pieces that are finally presented to us. ‘
There is more to the front of the track

   Choosing a chronograph from the engineer’s watch family as the basis for design is no accident. On the one hand, chronographs are the best choice for sports timing. On the other hand, since 2013, the engineer series has been introduced as titanium Metal, carbon fiber, and ceramics are typical racing materials to pay tribute to the global partnership between IWC and Mercedes-AMG. For Nico Rosberg and Louis Hamilton, the case material for their exclusive watches is titanium. This gray light metal is mainly used in high-performance components in motorsports, and its satin finish is visually striking. Both rugged timepieces are equipped with IWC-manufactured calibre 89361, one of the most efficient movements of the brand. The IWC double detent winding system specially designed for this movement and developed in-depth is one of the most powerful driving devices used in IWC masterpieces of advanced watchmaking. The chronograph dial above the watch shows the accumulated hours and minutes and can be read as easily as the dial time. The central second hand is used to measure time within one minute. For drivers who often participate in world racing competitions, another very useful flyback feature of the watch makes it easy to measure the stop time during the race. Each of the two special edition watches is limited to 250 pieces, with a special case back: a titanium fiber case is embedded with a carbon fiber badge, and the traces are clearly visible. The certificate attached to each watch proves that the material was originally from Mercedes A silver arrow racing car owned by AMG Petronas. The bottom of the case is closed with sapphire glass and is waterproof. The inner surface of the sapphire glass is printed with the personal logo of Nico Rosberg or Louis Hamilton.
Louis Hamilton’s Personality Timepiece

   When Louis Hamilton visited the IWC watch factory a year ago, he was already impressed by the innovative spirit and high technical standards of the watchmakers. He exclaimed: ‘This visit to the IWC watch factory in Schaffhausen impressed me deeply with their dedication. They were passionate and proud to work tirelessly for the success of IWC. .

  ‘He then participated in the creation with the design team and tried different materials, colors and surface structures in the watchmaking workshop.’ I want a watch with a sense of technology. Louis Hamilton said, ‘The carbon fiber dial, buttons, crown, crown protection and zirconia screw caps of this watch directly reflect the high-tech materials of Formula One.

  ‘Louis Hamilton loves metal bracelets in particular, so for the special edition of the engineer’s chronograph’ Louis Hamilton ‘, carefully selected titanium with good skin tolerance and durability as the bracelet material. Hamilton has always been He is fascinated by technology. He brings us the only watch with a titanium bracelet in the entire IWC product range.
Nico Rosberg’s Personal Timepiece

   As early as a teenager, Nico Rosberg received an IWC watch from his father. Since then, he has forged an indissoluble bond with this famous Swiss professional luxury watch brand. Last year, at an event held by IWC in Munich, Nico Rosberg took off his racing suit, changed into a watchmaker’s overalls, and participated in a watchmaking class held exclusively by the brand, showing him Talent in technology and craftsmanship.

   ‘The watch produced by IWC not only symbolizes cutting-edge technology and first-class standards for me, but also the embodiment of passion and emotion.’ Nico Rosberg summed up his impression of IWC. ‘I also want to reflect these qualities on my watch. My favorite titanium material with black strap and light dial, the combination is contrasting and memorable.’ He and IWC creative director Christie Ann Knoop has co-designed the first draft of a special edition of the engineer’s chronograph watch, ‘Nico Rosberg’.

   The titanium case, crown, crown guards and zirconia screw caps of the watch are set against a silver-plated dial, showing a relaxed and sporty temperament. The yellow seconds hand and the yellow hands in the chronograph at ’12 o’clock’ are reminiscent of a fluorescent yellow helmet. This helmet has been the hallmark of Nico Rosberg for seven years. The watch is paired with a luxuriously textured embossed calfskin lined with a rubber strap and detailed with grey stitching.
Continued cooperation with Mercedes-AMG Petronas

   In addition, IWC also announced in advance that it will continue its partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team for the next three years. In early 2013, IWC started as the team’s official engineering partner and entered the new season with the team. The cooperation between the two parties will continue until the end of the 2018 season. ‘We are passionate about excellent engineering design, superb craftsmanship and innovation, just like the technical staff of the team.’ Qiao Qisi said, ‘We always pursue the highest precision performance and first-class performance, which is the same as Mercedes AMG The drivers of the Oil F1 team are the same. ‘As early as 2004, IWC had laid the cornerstone for the long-term cooperation between the brand and the high-performance brand AMG owned by Mercedes-Benz. The cooperation between the two parties is based on the exploration of mechanical limits and the unremitting pursuit of top technology.

Iwc Launches New Complications And Movements In Iwc Portuguese Watches

Schaffhausen, January 15, 2018-Schaffhausen IWC launches five limited-edition IWC in the special edition series of the 150th anniversary of the brand at the SIHH in Geneva Portuguese watch. The special edition of the IWC Portuguese series constant-power tourbillon ‘150th Anniversary’ is the most technically demanding watch in this series. For the first time, it has a constant-power tourbillon and a simple moon phase profit and loss display. For the first time, the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Watch “150th Anniversary” Special Edition brings the perpetual calendar with the tourbillon into the dial. IWC also introduced a unique design of the IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch with an anniversary special edition, while the IWC Portuguese series chronograph watch is equipped with IWC IWC-made movement. In addition, the brand has also launched a special edition of the IWC Portuguese manual winding watch for fans of manual winding movements.

 On the occasion of the anniversary celebration, IWC showcased the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship with five new IWC Portuguese limited edition watches. All styles are designed in the same way as the Anniversary Special Edition collection. The Anniversary Special Edition series has distinctive features, and is equipped with white and blue dials crafted with superb lacquering.

The ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (model: 5902) of the IWC Portuguese series constant-power tourbillon watch is a masterpiece of extraordinary technology. Limited to 15 pieces each:

– Platinum case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW590202)
– Platinum case, blue dial, lacquered finish, rhodium-plated hands (type: IW590203)

 The new IWC 94805 homemade manual-winding movement combines a 96-hour power reserve. For the first time, it is equipped with a constant-power tourbillon and a simple moon phase profit and loss display. It only needs to be corrected for one day after 577.5 years. Its patented constant power unit transmits absolutely even power to the escape wheel. In combination with the tourbillon, it can balance the negative influence of gravity on the watch swing system, thus ensuring extremely high accuracy.

IWC integrates the perpetual calendar and tourbillon on the dial for the first time in the ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the IWC Portuguese series tourbillon watch (model: IW504501). This watch is limited to 50 pieces:

– 18K red gold case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW504501)

 This combination of functions makes the IWC 51950 homemade movement. To this end, a perpetual calendar is added to the basic movement 51900. In order to display the tourbillon consisting of 82 parts and weighing only 0.635 grams at the ’12 o’clock’ position, the watch designer made the display advancement device in the calendar device open and integrated the moon phase profit and loss display in The month at ‘6 o’clock’ is being displayed. The automatic winding system uses a pure gold oscillating weight and is equipped with a 7-day power reserve function.

In the special edition of the IWC Portuguese Series Perpetual Calendar ‘150th Anniversary’ (Model: IW503405), IWC offers a special interpretation of the classic IWC Portuguese watch with its unique design. Limited to 250 pieces:

– 18K red gold case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW503405)

 The IWC 52615 self-made movement is equipped with a Pellaton winding system, uses a pure gold oscillating weight, and uses a dual barrel to achieve a power reserve function for seven days. The perpetual calendar can fully grasp the length of different months, and even different leap years, it can be meticulous to 2100 years ago, without the need for adjustment. The dual moon phase profit and loss display accurately shows the moon phase profit and loss in the northern and southern hemispheres in a mirror-symmetrical manner, and it will only produce a one-day lunar cycle error after 577.5 years.

With the special edition of the IWC Portuguese Chronograph ‘150th Anniversary’ (Model No. 3716), IWC uses for the first time this classic chronograph a movement from the 69000 movement series. Limited to 2000 pieces each:

– Stainless steel case, blue dial, lacquered finish, rhodium-plated hands (model: IW371601)
– Stainless steel case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW371602)

 IWC-manufactured 69355 calibre is sturdy and reliable, consisting of 194 parts, with a classic column wheel structure. A detent-type winding system that operates in both directions can achieve a power reserve of up to 46 hours. Through the sapphire glass case back, the technical charm of the movement is clearly visible.

The IWC Portuguese series manual winding 8-day power reserve watch ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: 5102) is pure and simple, combining manual winding with the unified design of the Anniversary Special Edition series. Red gold limited to 250 pieces and stainless steel limited to 1000 pieces:

– 18K red gold case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW510211)
– Stainless steel case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW510212)

The IWC 59215 manual winding movement provides an 8-day power reserve for the watch. The power reserve indicator is located on the back of the movement and has a clear view through the glass back.

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Switzerland’s First Sports Smartwatch: Heuer Aquaracer 72

This year’s 34th America’s Cup has entered the most exciting last weekend. The cooperation between TAG Heuer and ORACLE TEAM USA’s R & D department has created the innovative smart watch SmartWatch. The embedded intelligent system enables each member to access the key data of the game in real time, and can customize the specific tasks of each player. The watch can be wirelessly connected directly to the computer system on board.

   TAG Heuer President and CEO Stefan Lind said that this is the first voyage and it represents the next era of competitive sports technology, and we look forward to similar enterprises participating in a comprehensive professional sports team.

   This is the first professional high-tech digital chronograph specially designed and produced for the sailing team. The wide 51 mm dial makes it easy to read at a glance. Its weight is only 108 grams, and the impact-resistant leather strap is ergonomic.

   TAG Heuer’s classic diving design specifications receive the highest respect, but the inside of the watch is completely new and innovative technology. Optimized high-contrast LED screen, which can display the speed, sail pressure, wind speed, wind direction and other information of the ship and continuously update it. Connected to the ship’s computer, real-time data can achieve unparalleled responsiveness and synchronization.

  Aquaracer 72 produced only 50 pieces, and is currently not for sale.
Aquaracer 500MCalibre 16 chronograph
   Aquaracer 500MCalibre 16 chronograph has a 44mm frosted stainless steel case, black rubber rotating bezel and black rubber strap. The dial features a chronograph with three sub-dials of the American team logo. It is equipped with an automatic movement and has a 42-hour power reserve.
500m CALIBRE 5
   Launched in 2012, CALIBRE 5 has a 43 mm stainless steel polished case and a black rotatable bezel, a brushed stainless steel bracelet or a black plastic strap. The dial has an oversized hour scale and a date window at 6 o’clock, and at 9 o’clock there is a ‘American Team’ logo. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement and a 38-hour power reserve.