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Tissot Won The International Time Trial Championship And Won The Second And Third Runner-up In The Classic Corporate Category In 2015

On the evening of October 22nd local time, the winners of the 2015 International Time Trial Contest were announced at the Le Santjejo Valley Clock Museum. Tissot is proud to announce that the brand has won four awards in this competition, namely the corporate timekeeping champion and the corporate classic champion and runner-up. The International Timekeeping Competition aims to reward the watchmaking industry, especially the precision and perfect timing performance and professional skills in the field of modern mechanical timing.
Tissot Chemin des Tourelles

Enterprise Timing Group
Champion: Tissot Chemin des Tourelles (C01.211 movement, 4 Hz frequency, 572 points)
Tissot T-Complication

Tissot Bridgeport

Enterprise Classic Group
Champion: Tissot T-Complication watch (A86.501 movement, 4 Hz frequency, 908 points)
Runner-up: Tissot Bridgeport watch (C07.621 movement, 3 Hz frequency, 798 points)
Third place: Tissot Bridgeport watch (C07.111 movement, frequency 3 Hz, 754 points)

Bauper 2011 Baselworld Introduced Two New Villeret Series Two Places Watch

The use of functions in both places is full of numerous challenges. How to face the world’s ‘half’ time zone time application difficulties? How to set two different time zones and dates with one handle? Blancpain’s grand launch of two new Villeret watches addresses these two challenges.

A practical dual-use timepiece that makes frequent travellers’ long journeys easy and enjoyable
In the 1940s, travel was a very grand and charming thing, and I was very lucky to experience it in person. At that time, people were bothered to dress up for the flight. Of course, it was not so simple to wear sportswear to cope with long journeys. Rather, a properly ironed suit, a stiff shirt, and an impeccable tie; women wore long Skirts, bowlers, and indispensable gloves. Recalling that when we arrived at the airport, we only had to walk lightly towards the boarding gate. We did n’t have to take off our shirts and shoes in front of security personnel, and we did n’t have to put the carry-on luggage on the conveyor belt like a big sale It’s such an exciting thing to go up. After the official launch of the Jumbo jet airliner, all airlines have made every effort to provide the most luxurious air services, including a piano accompaniment bar set in the first class, a central table with linen linen, and dinner Sliced ​​steak, veal and lamb chops are available.
This wonderful dream of traveling like a gauze was completely broken by reality, and we all unfortunately became witnesses. Now, a series of comfort and elegance brought by the flight have been replaced. From the moment the passenger enters the airport to the time they leave the destination terminal, they must be armed to face all kinds of unwilling violations. What is the joy of traveling? Who is the geek who stole the peaceful country created in airline advertisements in the 1960s and 1970s? In that world, there are costumed passengers who show a smile to the flight attendants; the radiant flight attendants also enthusiastically respond to the needs of all passengers.
There is no room for turning around in the helpless reality. It is useless to say more, because the troubles caused by the journey will not be dissipated for the time being. Instead of leaving the problem behind, head to the world of pleasant travel watches. People who travel often need a watch that can reduce the burden of long-distance flight. It can not only clearly show the time of residence and local time, but also can bring endless joy to watch each time. Like a delightful sideshow, this watch subtly isolates the trivial flight trivia that debilitates travelers.

Blancpain introduced the two new Villeret series timepieces at the Baselworld 2011 in exactly the same way. These two watches are easy to use and suitable for all the world The main city is both elegant and individual. Two Villeret watches, one with a case diameter of 40 mm and a 72-hour power reserve; the other with a case diameter of 42 mm and a movement that is Blancpain’s proud eight-day power reserve movement, It inherits the design tradition of Blancpain. It adopts two sets of hands dedicated to the timepiece of the two places, a small dial at 12 o’clock to indicate the time of the original place of residence, and a larger set of hands in the center of the dial to indicate the local time. The dial layout of this dual time zone time indicator perfectly allows the wearer to clearly read the home time and local time to avoid confusion.
Although dual time zone time indication has been in Blancpain’s watchmaking skills for a long time, these two new watches have major breakthroughs in functionality. In the past, setting the local time was done by turning the head. When the head is located at the local time setting position, the hands indicating the local time will make a series of fixed jumps, and at this time the small dial hands at the 12 o’clock indicating the original home time remain unchanged. In this respect, the operating mode of the new watch is basically the same as in the past, but the difference is that the new watch uses a revolutionary half-hour time adjustment method. The old model adjusted the local time by one hour. Although this method is applicable to the time zones of many cities around the world, it is not considerate to many important regions, such as New Delhi, Caracas, Kabul and other places. These cities set local time by half an hour from their neighbouring time zones according to government regulations. Blancpain aims to make the new Villeret series applicable to all parts of the world (except for 2 or 3 little-known islands that set the local time to 1/4 hour from the neighboring time zone), bringing all users the same Convenient, especially the movements of the two new watches adopt the movement of local time adjustment in units of half an hour. In this way, the GMT component in the movement that corrects local time in units of half an hour is far more complicated than the old movement that can only skip the hour hand. There is a reason for this, because the new Villeret watch is equipped with a GMT mechanism that allows the hour and minute hands to jump at the same time and quickly set the local time in half-hour time difference units, while the old GMT mechanism can only skip hours. Hands, set in one-hour time difference units. Therefore, with this revolutionary GMT mechanism, which allows the hour and minute hands to jump at the same time for half an hour, the new Villeret watch can completely set the time in every important time zone around the world, of course, including the main half-hour time zone.
Blancpain’s original device that controls three functions
Another major breakthrough for Blancpain is innovation in setting operation. For older Leman and Villeret watches with dual time zone indications, if you want to set the date, you must pull your head to the first position (that is, adjust the position of the hour hand when setting the local time. Early models use one Jump in hours). To adjust from one date to another, the hour hand must continue to rotate forward or backward over several days until the correct time is reached. The previous models and the two-time watches of other brands in the industry cannot directly and quickly adjust the date, but Blancpain’s two new Villeret series watches can easily and quickly set the date, eliminating the need for continuous The hassle of rotating the local time hand.
In order to realize the function of quickly setting the date, Blancpain fully demonstrated its excellent watchmaking skills and developed a handle that can switch functions. A switch button is coaxially mounted on the head. As long as the switch button on the head is pressed, and the head is pulled to the first gear position, it can be adjusted in local time (forward and backward correction in units of half an hour) or date. set up. There is a small hand on the dial between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, which clearly indicates whether the handle can be adjusted at the local time or the date is set. Therefore, when the user wants to adjust the time in the local time zone, he only needs to press the button. After the small hand points to T (Time), pull the head to the first gear position and rotate to make the hour hand to the desired setting. Time zone time (of course, the hands on the 12 o’clock subdial at this moment indicating the time of the home place will not be affected). To set the date, press the button until the small hand points to D (Date, which represents the date), then pull the head to the first position to quickly adjust the date. If the date on the watch has been correctly set according to the time of the original place of residence, and the local time has exceeded or did not exceed midnight, the date will be automatically changed without manual adjustment.
In order to develop the switching mechanism on the head, Blancpain’s movement designers tried their best to even think of their chronograph control system. All Blancpain chronographs use a column wheel to control the start, stop, and zero functions of the chronograph. The column wheel not only provides excellent functional accuracy, but also makes all users feel when they press the button. Unprecedented smooth feel and enjoyment. Because of its extraordinary precision and smooth feel, the chronograph with column wheel has become synonymous with advanced chronograph. (Similar but without the column wheel chronograph is a cheap process, although it can effectively reduce costs, but does not meet the quality standards of high-end watches). Blancpain took inspiration from its chronograph stopwatch mechanism and cited a column wheel in the button switch mechanism of the head. Of course, there is a simpler way to switch the function, but the movement designer of Blancpain chose to use the column wheel mechanism to ensure that the time and date adjustment can be accurately operated, and you can experience it every time you press the button Smooth and smooth.
The beauty of the column wheel mechanism can be explored from Figures 1 and 2. Figure 1 shows the movement in the time setting state. Marker B is a column guide wheel, which is composed of two main parts. The lower layer is a ratchet that engages with button A, and the upper layer is a guide column. It consists of a series of protruding columns and grooves staggered with each other. Figure 1 shows the position where the time can be set. The large lever C leans against a protruding post. The positioning of the lever causes the gear train E of the head to mesh with the gear train F that sets the GMT time. The subtlety of the control of the column wheel mechanism is more clearly shown in Figure 2, which shows the situation when button A is pressed again. As a result of the pressing, the column guide wheel B is rotated clockwise, thereby driving the dial of the large lever C to fall from the column into the groove. At this time, due to the change in the position of the lever, the wheel train E and the set GMT time The gear train F is separated and moved to mesh with a three-toothed gear, which can turn the movement’s calendar ring. At the same time, there is a ratchet wheel G, which also rotates clockwise and drives the hand H. The position changes. The hand is located on the dial and is used to display the selection status of the set time or set date. Blancpain also added another innovation here, making the calendar changer more reliable and secure. Experienced connoisseurs know that if the manual calendar is changed during the automatic calendar change of the watch movement (usually at midnight), most calendar change institutions will have problems. This is because the transmission mechanism is about to perform calendar change. If manual operation is forcibly used at this time, it is likely to damage the fine gear teeth or the pick. To prevent such accidents, Blancpain’s new Villeret series watches interrupt the manual calendar change system at midnight to prevent damage. If a manual calendar change is attempted during this time, the head can only be idled, and there is no need to worry about causing damage to the gear teeth or the pick. Is there a simpler function switching system? The answer is yes, but they cannot surpass the precision and ingenuity of the column wheel mechanism, and more importantly, the buttons show an unparalleled smooth feeling when pressed.
Adopts a sophisticated column wheel switching mechanism to make the buttons on the head feel smooth when pressed
Both Villeret watches have a day / night indicator at 9 o’clock, which is related to the home time, so that it is clear whether the home time is morning or afternoon. I believe that no one eagerly hopes to have the same function in local time, because you only need to look out the window to know whether it is day or night.
The new watch with a power reserve of 8 days and a diameter of 42 mm is the flagship of Blancpain. The watch is available in two versions, one in red gold and the other in platinum. Each version uses a large fire-fired enamel dial, the loaded automatic winding movement is equipped with a balance spring system without fast and slow hands, a titanium timepiece with gold timekeeping screws, and three barrels. The 40 mm case diameter is made of stainless steel, with a white dial and a movement with a self-winding double barrel movement.

60,000 Yuan Which New Styles Can You Buy This Year

This year’s two major international watch exhibitions, Geneva and Basel, have all passed for some time. The new products released by various brands this year have already been on the market one after another, and some of them are already available for purchase. If you buy a watch with a budget of about 60,000 yuan, and you only want to buy new models, I think these options, you can consider.
IWC Portuguese series IW371601

Product model: IW371601
Domestic public price: 59000
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 13.1 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 69355
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: (Pallweber)
‘Special edition watches and other new watches worthy of attention. And this new’ Portuguese meter ‘has also successfully attracted the attention of everyone. This IW371601 still retains the unique design style of Portuguese meter, equipped with an automatic winding machine The core 69355 has a 46-hour power reserve function. The price of almost 60,000 yuan is indeed very attractive, but if you can’t grab it, you have to rely on your abilities.
Athens Watch Classic Series 3203-136-2 / E0-42

Model: 3203-136-2 / E0-42
Domestic public price: 64500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 9.6 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: UN-320
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: yadian / 59749 /
Recommended reason: If there are any brands that play an important role in promoting the development of nautical watches, Athens watches are definitely a help that cannot be ignored. But the Athens watch is not just a marine watch. At this year’s Geneva watch exhibition, this classic series made us see more possibilities of the Athens watch once it was unveiled. This Athens 3203-136-2 / E0-42 watch with white dial has exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship by watchmakers, which makes the great fire enamel dial show perfect brightness. In addition, this watch is also equipped with the brand’s own movement UN-320 movement. You can quickly adjust the date. The price of this watch is RMB 64,500. For the superb watchmaking technology of Athens, I personally think that this watch is very cost-effective.
Omega Seahorse Series

Product model:
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 8800
Case material: stainless steel, unidirectional rotating bezel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: omega / 61214 /
Recommended reason: Omega’s hippocampus introduced this year has undergone relatively large changes compared to the previous one. The first is the case diameter, which was changed to 42 mm on the previous basis, which is more suitable for the wrist diameter of most people. In addition, the movement is a new 8800 homemade movement. Of course, there is no exact data on the price of this hippocampus, but based on the previous price of the hippocampus, the price of this hippocampus should be about 50,000 yuan.

Summary: These three new products this year can meet the needs of your watch purchase budget of about 60,000 yuan. Whether it is a diving watch or a formal watch, there are always different watches for different occasions.

Elegant Retro Tasting Longines Classic Reprint Series 1918 Stainless Steel Watch

Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2016 has been opened, and each exhibition is a feast for people. Longines, famous for its elegance, also participated in this exhibition and presented a variety of exquisite timepieces. Let us admire this elegant and retro style watch together.

   In the long history of the brand, Longines has witnessed the birth of many legendary models, and is willing to draw inspiration from it, adding masterpieces to the classic replica series. Today, Longines is based on an antique timepiece produced in 1918, presenting a honey-colored vintage watch for men and women watch lovers. Its full-featured sense of time and exquisite craftsmanship will make Longines fans happy.

   Longines is enthusiastic about replicating some of the iconic models that have brought it great prestige, thereby paying tribute to the long history of the brand. The Longines Classic Replica 1918 watch seeks inspiration from its rich brand history and is based on Longines’ first chronograph watch. The dial design of this new product is referenced from the pocket watch of the time. Retro flavor and sophisticated craftsmanship will satisfy both men and women watch enthusiasts’ pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.

   Blue stainless steel and honey-colored lacquered hands indicate the hours and minutes, contrasting with the retro white lacquered dial. The small seconds at 6 o’clock presents a touch of Longines’ iconic blue. The dial is decorated with large honey-colored numerals, which complements the overall style of the watch, showing the classic design style of the early 20th century.

   In the long history of the brand, Longines has witnessed the birth of many legendary models, and is willing to draw inspiration from it, thereby adding masterpieces to the classic replica series. Today, Longines is based on an antique timepiece produced in 1918 and presents the Longines classic replica series 1918. Its full-featured chronology and exquisite craftsmanship will make Longines fans happy . Blue stainless steel and honey-colored lacquered hands indicate the hours and minutes, contrasting with the retro white lacquered dial. The small seconds at 6 o’clock presents a touch of Longines’ iconic blue. The dial is decorated with large honey-colored numerals, which complements the overall style of the watch, showing the classic design style of the early 20th century. The 41 mm diameter model is equipped with the L615 self-winding mechanical movement, and the brilliant diamond inlays show the exquisite elegance and elegance. The honey-colored alligator leather strap echoes the main color of the dial, presenting a harmonious and unified beauty.

   Baselworld 2016 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

Audemars Piguet Announces Appointment Of Freida Pinto As Brand Ambassador

In addition to the sports ambassadors and popular artists, the brand ambassadors are the most popular in Leshan. After the love of Audemars Piguet, the latest brand ambassadors invited international film stars from India and joined the feminist activists- Freida Pinto, Freida will also attend the Paris Haute Couture Week event (7/6) for the launch of the new millennial watch series for Audemars Piguet.
   Taiwan is certainly no stranger to Freida. After receiving the critically acclaimed ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ movie, she has participated in four different films in recent years: Weinstein Company’s ‘The Most Beautiful Miracle in the World’ (Miral), mainly tells the story of a Palestinian orphan girl who grew up after the war in the Middle East; ‘Rise of the Planet of’ with James Franco the Apes); ‘Black Gold’ with Antonio Banderas; and epic films with Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke Great book ‘Immortals’.
   Freida Pinto has long been Audemars Piguet’s best friend and has participated in a number of Audemars Piguet brand events, including the Audemars Piguet party at the Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2014. In addition to her career success, Freida also joined the International Child Care Association’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ event in 2012, becoming a global ambassador for the event, supporting the sustainability of many developing countries Programs that provide girls with clean water, food, health services and education, and protects them from violence and exploitation.

It’s Time To Take Off!

Aviator watches have always been a big hit. After all, for each boy, they have some inexplicable yearning and paranoia for flying. Zenith presents the men’s dreams on the watch, awakening their childhood dreams. The solid bronze case, exaggerated onion crown and high-frequency ELPRIMERO movement, Zenith Pilot TYPE20 Special Edition Bronze Chronograph integrates the genes of the Sky Conqueror, showing the demeanor of the retro chronograph. Put it down.

Zenith Brand Spokesperson, ‘Song of God’ Eason Chan wears pilot TYPE20 special edition bronze chronograph

  Last year Zenith announced that Eason Chan, the ‘God of Singing,’ was the brand’s spokesperson. He wore a pilot’s TYPE20 special edition bronze chronograph and was very handsome, showing the toughness and charm of a man.

  What’s so attractive about this TYPE20 special edition bronze chronograph? Let’s enjoy it together. (Watch model: 29.2430.4069 / 57.C808)

Deep history

  Zenith and flying have deep roots, it is the only watch that can be engraved with the ‘PILOT’ logo on the dial. From 1909, Zenith pilots and ‘Father of Aviation’ Brelio created a record of humans crossing the English Channel for the first time, accompanied the British Air Force, and spent the Second World War with the French Air Force. Zenith has long played an important role in history. To this day, on this pilot’s TYPE20 special edition bronze chronograph, we can still see the classic design of many brand pilots integrated into the watch, ubiquitously highlighting the historical contributions of these legendary pilot watches.

Watch real shot

  The diameter of the watch is 45 mm. The case is made of bronze. The bronze’s unique color is retro and chic. After years of precipitation, it produces a bronze green with a unique retro charm, adding unique charm to the watch. The words ‘HB-4677’ are engraved on the side. ‘HB’ refers to the Swiss civil aviation registration code. The numbers represent the serial number of the watch. Aviation elements can be seen everywhere on the watch.

  Seen from the side, the lugs show a certain arc, with smooth lines.

  The exaggerated onion crown is an iconic design for Zenith pilots, and both sides of the crown are equipped with recessed adjustment buttons, both of which are designed to allow the pilot to adjust the time even when wearing gloves. The original intention of this design is to facilitate the use of pilots, but now it has become an important retro design in pilot models.

  The matte blue disk surface is like a distant sky. With the pilot’s unique time scale design—large size Arabic numerals and gold-plated multi-faceted design, the central third pin is covered with Super-LumiNova®SLNC1. Clear and clear.

  The two sub dials are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the sub function dial hands are distinguished from the central hands for a sharper contrast. The inscriptions ‘Montred’ Aéronef ‘and’ Pilot ‘engraved on the dial are also very meaningful. In the early days of the military and civil aviation industries, Zenith was one of the manufacturers of altimeters and cockpit watches and had a place in the aviation field.

  The model with a blue oily frosted leather strap and pin buckle is consistent with the watch’s overall retro style.

  The watch is equipped with an ELPRIMERO4069 movement. This movement, which was born in 1969, is known for its precision, and its accuracy is at the forefront of the world. The movement frequency reaches 5 Hz, the display is accurate to one tenth of a second, and it can provide a power reserve of 50 hours. The titanium alloy back cover engraved with the logo of the aircraft and flight instruments piloted by the aviation pioneer Louis Blériot in 1909 when crossing the English Channel, and decorated with a decoration inspired by the aircraft piloted by the legendary French pilot. Motifs, these designs pay tribute to the early hero pilots.

Summary: The pilot TYPE20 bronze chronograph model launched by Zenith is popular because of its high appearance, high recognition and accuracy, which has captured the hearts of watch fans. In the face of the trend of pilot watches, Zenith uses retro as the main style, incorporating a large number of pilot watch elements to create this bronze blue dial pilot watch. If you like this Zenith Pilot TYPE20 Special Edition Bronze Chronograph, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 56200 (Wu Fengqi, home of the picture / text watch)

Bracelet-style Structure Creates A New Fashion For Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse Watch

The Petite Promesse series is a ladies ‘watch product mainly introduced by Baume & Mercier this year. This series presents the unique style of ladies’ watches with its exquisite case size and design and diamond setting. What’s more interesting is that the brand has introduced three styles in order to improve its fashion. This watch with a stainless steel bracelet is completely different from the usual metal bracelet. Like a scale chain link, this clever structure is based on Bracelet watches that Baume & Mercier brought to the twentieth century inspired the design. The official model of the watch is 10289, which is the only metal chain watch among the three new products.

    In order to highlight the soft beauty of the watch, the dial is specially made of white mother-of-pearl, exuding charming colors under different luster. However, the real finishing touch is the oval bezel made of diamond inlays. Each side of the bezel is embedded with multiple fine diamonds in a crescent-shaped groove, which is in line with the charming elegance of antique watches. Shows modern style.
    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva: