Month: October 2019

Interview With Ms. Laurence Nicolas, President Of Dior’s Fine Jewelry And Watch Division (1)

When did Dior Watchmaking set up, and how did Dior watches experience it since then?
   Dior launched its first watch collection in 1975. At the time, its design was still influenced by traditional styles and had little to do with haute couture. At the beginning of the 21st century, Dior watches became fashionable accessories in sync with the women’s collection, especially the interchangeable straps, which closely followed the fabric used in the ready-to-wear collection.
   In 2001, Dior set up his own production factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the birthplace of Swiss watch manufacturing, which opened a new chapter in the history of Dior watchmaking.
   In 2003, Dior appointed Victoire de Castellane, artistic director of Dior’s Fine Jewellery Department, to design her first La D de Dior watch. Her design was inspired by a 70’s men’s watch, which the hostess borrowed. In memory of its former owner. This series gives us the opportunity to incorporate jewelry design elements such as gold, diamonds, decorative stones into Dior watch design.
   Witnessing the birth of Chiffre Rouge in 2004, this classic watch is equipped with a unique automatic movement that reproduces the iconic elements of Dior menswear: minimalist design, red, black, asymmetry and unparalleled ‘cutting’.
   In 2005, Dior Christal’s design incorporated colorful beauty, turning the sapphire crystal usually used as a watch glass into a new decorative element.
   In 2008, the Dior Christal series introduced a tourbillon movement, and since then, Dior watches have surprised everyone with new movements and new aesthetic designs every year.
   In 2010, the Grand Soir collection, which inherits the long tradition of Dior, launched a number of unique new watches.
   2011 is the year of our fifth watch collection, the Dior VIII, inspired by Christian Dior’s love for architecture.
What would you define for Dior Watchmaking?
   Dior Watchmaking’s mission is to draw inspiration from Dior’s haute couture tradition to create timeless elegance (so it will never be outdated), which refers to the excellence of beauty, creativity, expertise, quality and manufacturing, Exquisite materials and details.
Can you tell us about the complex features of Dior?
   We are the Paris haute couture brand that makes the most outstanding watches. The complex structure of our products must first serve the goals of beauty and creativity. Therefore, in 2008, we created a tourbillon movement that is as delicate and light as lace. In 2009 and 2010, with the mysterious movement manufactured by Quinting and the ‘Dior 8 fuseaux horaires’ movement jointly developed by Dior and Orny & Girardin, we were able to present the dynamic art effect on the dial, reminiscent of Chris Mr. Ting Dior’s first job-as art gallery director.
   Since 2011, the “Dior Inversé” movement, which was jointly developed with Soprod, puts a practical rotor on the dial, allowing us to display a variety of bold ideas, including hollowing out, inlaying, inlaying and feather fans, etc. Shows the effect of lace, wrinkles or dotted tulle.
Which movement is you most proud of?
   The “Dior Inversé” movement of Dior VIII Grand Bal perfectly demonstrates the connotation of Dior watchmaking, blending bold Parisian creativity and Swiss precision expertise. Only Dior could imagine a skeleton and gem-set rotor and even a feather rotor. The latter does not lay feathers directly on the rotor, but covers thin and almost transparent feathers on a thin platinum wire. At the same time, the light feather Does not affect the winding of the watch. We have patented two rotors of this series (openwork and inlay rotors, feather rotors). Since it is rare to design complication for women’s watches (women’s complication is generally derived from men’s watches), this movement has a unique position in the watchmaking industry, and another one was launched in 2013. The Dior VIII Grand Bal ‘Résille’ equipped with this movement is 33mm in diameter.
Where did Dior’s idea for the prom come from?
   Christian Dior once said, ‘A grand celebration is necessary because it brings us joy and joy.’ He loves masquerades and is a frequent party: ‘writers’ ball’, ‘century ball’ held at Palazzo Labia, ‘king and queen’ ball … this movement we created, makes People think of the whirl of a prom dress.
What makes Dior Watch customers unique?
Our customers expect new options that are different from traditional manufacturers. Creative aesthetics and high-quality movements have become our hallmarks, and this may be exactly what they need.
What image and message does Dior Watch convey?
   The perfect combination of Parisian luxury and Swiss craftsmanship, excellence in every detail. Dior watchmaking can be seen as the marriage of elegant Parisians and Swiss watchmakers from Avenue Montaigne.

Lucky Tassel Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Charms Pavée Watch

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Charms series watches came out as early as 2008, this year Van Cleef & Arpels once again innovated with this series, launched the new Sweet Charms Pavée watches and Sweet Charms Pavée jewellery watch, let’s take a look at the new Sweet Charms Pavée watch.

   The new Sweet Charms Pavée watch is restrained and feminine. The biggest highlight is the rotatable lucky tassel pendant on the bezel. The diamond-studded tassel pendant surrounds the watch bezel. The diamond tassel is inlaid with the watch dial and bezel. The diamond echoes with the white diamond jewellery style of Van Cleef & Arpels.

   The diamonds used in the watch are D, E, F and VVS or higher clarity, cut with superb craftsmanship. The dial is inlaid with round diamonds using snowflake inlay technology, which complements a row of long step-cut diamonds on the bezel.

   The new Sweet Charms Pavée watch is only 21 mm in diameter. It has a white gold case and a white gold dial with snowflakes set with round diamonds.

   Comes with interchangeable black or blue suede canvas strap, interchangeable white gold pin buckle, diamond setting with snowflake setting. Rotating white gold tassel charm set with round and baguette-cut diamonds. Quartz movement, classic series.
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