Month: October 2017

[Video] Jacques De Dross Elegant 8 Small Mother-of-pearl Watch

Jacques Dro is an ancient brand with a 280th anniversary. It has a very close relationship with China in history. The inspiration and design of many of them are related. For example, the chronology of dogs in this year’s new products, specifically selected Jingba as the animal image of the plate. In addition, Jacques DeRouse uses many elements that Chinese people like to see on many watches, such as pearl watches, emerald watches … Many of them are styles that make Chinese people feel closer.

Jacques de Dross elegant small mother-of-pearl watch

For more information about the latest Baselworld watch fair 2018, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

A Most Beautiful Story Chanel J12 Women’s Watch Series Tasting

The woman who is accompanied by fashion in her soul believes that no one is enamored by Chanel. This brand that breaks the tradition and creates fashion has created countless timeless classics. For accurate measurement of time, Chanel still achieved the classic. Since the famous J12 series watch came out in 2000, it has become a landscape that cannot be ignored on the wrist of fashionistas. The designer skillfully combines the durable characteristics of high-tech precision ceramics with the timeless elegance of Chanel to create a timeless masterpiece. J12 is more like a story about elegance and different …

 In 2000, Chanel’s first J12 was born with shining black, and in 2003, a pure white flawless white watch was launched. Since then, the beauty of the black and white mood has been infinitely continued. J12 not only has professional and precise performance, but also has a variety of styles. In terms of materials, in addition to classic black and white ceramics, there have also been shining titanium ceramic models. The design includes both simple and elegant diamond-free watches and luxurious and exquisite diamond styles, making classic simple and luxurious diamonds. Complement each other; in terms of functions, timing, moon phases, tourbillon, mysterious flyback and other complex technologies have appeared on J12. This classic J12 watch, which combines stainless steel and high-tech precision ceramics, also has an elegant black and white body, and it also has 200 meters of super waterproof performance.

Chanel J12 Black / White Watch
 The classic black and white J12 watch has always been a sought-after fashion vane, each with its own charm, high value and versatile. This new J12 watch has classic black and white colors, and comes in three different sizes of 33mm, 38mm and 42mm. Among them, the 33mm model is equipped with a quartz movement inside, and the rest are automatic mechanical movements.

Black and white charm of Chanel J12
 This black watch features high-tech precision ceramic with a stainless steel case and sapphire mirror with white digital index hands. The case diameter is 38 mm. The design of the pure black case and dial is full of mystery and romance.

Unique dial design
 The black dial full of mystery, like the core of this story, is deeply moving, as if every detail reveals the fascination with time. Through the sapphire mirror, the numbers and scales between the dials are like phantoms in the mirror. With the movement of the wrist, the subtle luxury is looming and evocative.

Screw-down crown design
 The 200-meter water resistance not only benefits from the precise high-tech ceramic material, but also thanks to the 3-point screw-down crown design of the case. The edges are decorated with delicate gear patterns. In order to form a harmonious unity with the case, a round black ceramic is embedded at the top of the crown.

Delicate and detailed design

Precision ceramic bracelet
 Chanel J12 is both feminine and feminine. The bezel with a groove design is called ‘ruffled edge’ by many people. Its delicate name has a neutral and tough taste. It is made of stainless steel and contrasts with black ceramic. It has a unique charm. The exquisite black ceramic bracelet has a warm texture like jade, and it is equipped with a three-fold folding buckle for more comfortable wearing.
Summary: Chanel J12 is like Chanel No. 5 water has long been one of the brand’s classics. The fine products will have different flavors, either fiery or soft, with a silky soft texture, calm and deep, and there is no lack of high-cold flavor. …

Leopard Pose In The Heart, Accompanied By The Phantom Cartier Launched The ‘leopard Phantom’ Micro Movie

Cheetah, the most mysterious and charming creature in the jungle.
Like the modern women with a lot of personality, people are imaginative.

As the camera moves, she steps lightly and firmly like a cheetah. Things change from star to star, day and night, galloping, stop and stare, lying and standing, walking and accelerating. You see her, she sees herself; you find her, she finds herself-free and independent, calm and elegant, brave and free. She is Ma Sichun, a modern cheetah female.

On June 9, 2017, Cartier Micro Movie ‘Phantom of the Leopard Pose’ was officially launched. Ma Sichun in the film shows thousands of personality and interprets the ultimate feminine charm. Leopard poses in the heart, the phantom follows. Wearing a Panthère de Cartier Cartier Cheetah watch, Ma Sichun shows a unique temperament that is different from the image on the screen in the past: from the traffic passing through the rainy night to the gorgeous neon graffiti; from the towering cold reinforced concrete jungle to the unknown Mysterious tunnel … She in the urban jungle is like a keen cheetah, charming and elegant, confident.

As the micro-film director Ou Xueer said: ‘Modern Chinese women are soft on the outside, strong and enterprising, and have a contradiction in their blood. It is this complex personality that makes them real and charming.’ Although young Qing has already won the honor of ‘Golden Horse Shadow’, Ma Sichun still believes: ‘The most important original intention of being an actor is to find myself. Today I found another true self in the filming.’

These elegant and charming cheetah ladies are the inspiration muse of Panthère de Cartier’s Cartier cheetah watches. Its smooth and gorgeous design, timeless and unique shape, soft and comfortable touch, all highlight the graceful style of Ms. Cheetah. It is not only a delicate watch, but also a jewellery accessory. It can be easily changed between daily wear and grand occasions, and it will be displayed on the wrist as a bracelet, showing the changing charm.

Ma Sichun interpretation of the Panthère de Cartier watch, medium model, 18K yellow gold, and other small models

Panthère de Cartier small model, 18K rose gold, bezel set with diamonds, medium model

Panthère de Cartier small model, steel, medium model

Panthère de Cartier small model, 18K rose gold, black lacquer, medium model

Panthère de Cartier small model, 18K rose gold, medium model

Panthère de Cartier
Small model, 18K yellow gold and steel, medium model

Panthère de Cartier
Small model, 18K white gold, bezel-set diamonds, medium model

Panthère de Cartier
Small model, 18K white gold, pavé diamonds, medium model

Panthère de Cartier
Medium model, 18K white gold, brilliant-cut round diamonds, black enamel leopard spots