Month: April 2017

2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters Coming Soon

On March 4, 2013, the 2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters held the official launching ceremony at the Pangu Seven Star Hotel in Beijing. This event has been included in the International Equestrian League schedule. This is the third Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters after two consecutive years of success, and it is currently the highest-level professional equestrian event in China. The 2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is about to kick off at the China National Stadium (‘Bird’s Nest’) on April 18-20. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines continues to be the title sponsor and official timekeeper of the 2013 Beijing International Equestrian Masters. On the day of the event, Mr. Li Nianxi, Secretary General of the Chinese Equestrian Association, Mr. Michael Mronz, President of Tome Equestrian, Ms. Li Jing, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, joined hands with Mr. Rudgbierbaum, known as the ‘Father of German Equestrian’ The Longines Elegant Ambassador and rider Jane Richard attended the launch ceremony.
The cormorant originated from British modern horsemanship and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Because only the aristocrats and nobles could enjoy it at that time, the equestrian sport has always manifested its unparalleled noble style. In addition, the contestants were dressed in costumes and displayed in front of many on-site spectators. Therefore, the knights were often referred to as ‘the king of sports’. Equestrian sport has a long history in China. As early as the Han and Tang dynasties, riding and shooting, polo and other equestrian entertainment activities have become popular. In 1900, in the second modern Olympic Games, equestrian jumping obstacle course became one of the official events. In the equestrian events of the Olympic Games, there are often members of the royal family of the country. The most famous of them is Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of England. She participated in the equestrian events of the 21st Olympic Games of 1976.
Equestrian sport is not only a strict rule of relaxation, but also a competitive sport advocating etiquette. It is calm, restrained, precise, and controlled; gentleman has no lack of passion, but competition wins and loses lightly; it is a fashion sport, and it is also a life attitude. It requires participants to always maintain generous love, dedication, courage, and dignity, and adhere to the purpose of ‘virtue and honor above all else’.
 A charming movement with a history of 700 years, a watchmaking brand with a glorious tradition of 180 years, an elegant legend written together for nearly a century, allowing the world to enjoy the wonderful charm of speed and time between the horses flying and jumping. . At the end of 2012, the cooperation between Longines and equestrian has been further improved. Longines has signed a ten-year cooperation agreement with the International Equestrian Federation, becoming its top partner, and will be the official sponsor of the International Equestrian Federation timing and timepiece To carry out a series of cooperation in the seven major areas of the International Equestrian Federation. With superb watchmaking technology, the concentration, precision and experience that perfectly meet the requirements of equestrian competition, Longines has timed equestrian sports for nearly a century. It has also created many classics for this aristocratic sport and a series of top events. Elegant watch.
的 The equestrian display area and experience area at the press conference added a lot of highlights to the scene. Whether it is exquisite horse equipment or horse models, they all attracted the attention of the guests. The equestrian professionals at the site introduced the equestrian knowledge such as display merchandise, schedule rules, etc., so that every guest present could feel the charm of equestrian sports while understanding the equestrian culture.
‘2013 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters’ is organized by the Chinese Equestrian Association and the National Stadium. Tome Equestrian joins hands with the world’s most famous equestrian club-Aachen World Equestrian Congress, and Lu has the title of ‘Father of German Equestrian’ Deger Bierbaum is co-creating world-class equestrian events at the Bird’s Nest. The event is more dedicated to spreading the deep culture contained in the equestrian sport, and to show the world the unique charm and charm of Beijing, a city with a sense of history and modernity.
现场 At the event site, Mr. Michael Mronz, President of Tome Equestrian, introduced the preparations for the 2013 Longines Beijing Equestrian Masters: The current International Equestrian Masters has attracted international first-class riders and hosts of the Chinese National Equestrian Team. At the same time, the sand field will be used in the Bird’s Nest in 2013; it will attract nearly 100 of the best obstacle horses in China; through the ‘’ unified sale, the race ticket price adopts a friendly style to attract more audience participation; the equestrian carnival area of ​​the grandstand More people can feel the real equestrian sport and participate in it to experience its infinite charm. This competition will once again show the special charm of the open-air night obstacle course.
According to reports, on the day of the opening ceremony, performances related to equestrian-related Chinese elements, equestrian gymnastics, dressage steps and other beautiful LED night shows will bring a shocking visual feast for everyone; during the event, including Chinese horses A series of activities including the main event, U15 and VIP equestrian training camp will also be launched one by one; the organizer will also hold a fashion photography competition, and photography enthusiasts can use the lens to capture the momentary scene on horseback with their hearts. Showing different elegance and classic lenses.
Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters 2013 is not only the highest level of professional equestrian events in China, but also integrates fashion, health and entertainment. Each VIP can enjoy first-class service, exquisite cuisine of a five-star hotel while enjoying a wide variety of events, and can participate in the equestrian training camp in the Bird’s Nest Central Athletics Zone to interact with stars and customers from all walks of life. Chairman of China Equestrian Association Pan Zhichen also fully affirmed Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters. He said: Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is a two-star obstacle course of the International Horse Federation. Since it was held in 2011, it has greatly driven and influenced the development of domestic equestrian events in the direction of branding and quality. The competition not only promoted the exchange of high-level athletes at home and abroad, but also promoted and promoted the equestrian sport, accelerated the development of Chinese equestrian sport and the spread of equestrian culture, and also meant that the development of Chinese equestrian sport was in line with the world and would better promote The development process of Chinese equestrian internationalization, specialization, socialization, marketization and professionalization.
For the second consecutive year, he was named the Beijing International Equestrian Masters. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said: Longines has been fully involved in equestrian sports for nearly a century. Longines’ passion for equestrian sports began in 1878. A chronograph with a jockey and his horse on the surface. With its expertise in watchmaking technology, Longines has established a close cooperative relationship with the sports world. The brand has long supported the elegant equestrian sport, and has a close and solid relationship with equestrianism.
Longines loves equestrianism. Equestrian chooses Longines because it requires the extraordinary abilities of concentration, precision and experience. It is because the sport conveys a noble and unique style and elegance. These qualities are precisely consistent with Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking. The essence of table philosophy fits perfectly.

Dilireba Wears Gucci Watches, Jewelry, Fashion Personalities, Interpretation Of Retro Charm

The exquisite embroidered tiger head means the guardian of love. Di Lierba wears GUCCI watches, jewelry and fashion personalities, and throws his hands to interpret the retro charm.

Dilireba wears GUCCI watch

   The tiger, in Greek mythology, represents the patron saint of Dionysus, the god of wine, to accompany him to grow and guard his life, and at the same time implies the desperation and pursuit of love. LeMarchédesMerveilles watches are embellished with tiger heads, one of Gucci’s most recognizable animal shapes. This series of watches has a variety of styles, two of which are paired with soft Toscano brown calfskin straps, inspired by the brand’s unusual, retro and stylish aesthetics, which bring the exclusive charm of jewelry to life.

Gucci Le Marchédes Merveilles new watch
   Gucci watch jewelry adds a new style to its LeMarchédesMerveilles series, which reflects the brand’s current creative aesthetics with rich materials, which is the best of this evolving series. Animal-themed elements — tigers, bees and snakes — are the iconic designs of the collection, this time also elegantly incorporated into the new models, crafted from finely-colored leather with delicate embroidery or fine tailoring.

   Two of the watches in this collection are paired with a soft Toscano brown calfskin strap; the other three are more sporty in appearance, with a nylon strap with Gucci stripes. In addition, the straps of these models also have Gucci’s ‘L’AveugleparAmour’ (obsessed with love) knitted letters, unique and eye-catching, exuding a modern urban atmosphere. The LeMarchédesMerveilles watch is different in one detail: the embroidery craftsmanship on the nylon surface-the delicate shapes of the snake, tiger or bee complement the striped background. The case of each watch is in a color that is in harmony with the watch as a whole, or in warm PVD gold plating, or in stainless steel. In addition, the snake shape also appears on special leather models, made of the same single piece of leather as the strap and the surface-the grainy leather strap is filled with red snakes with rich details The pattern circled along the strap until it entered under the sapphire glass and gradually disappeared. This watch has a polished stainless steel case.

This Year, I First Noticed The Secret Of The Rolex Window …

Ashamed, I haven’t paid much attention to the background of Rolex’s window … What do you know about Rolex windows? What impressions and experiences have you had? (This interesting topic is welcome to share in the comments below.) The reason why I suddenly noticed the background of the Rolex window is exactly the special rolex window this year. Every year, the window in front of the Rolex pavilion at the Basel Watch Fair is always people mountain people sea. Many people cannot enter the Rolex showroom. More ordinary visitors can only watch the watch through the showcase window across the glass. There is a constant stream of watch watchers, rubbing their shoulders … likes Rolex and worships Rolex is a global existence. This is especially true in Europe. In Europe, people recognize Rolex wearing Rolex together, almost like a totem, a satisfaction of cognitive recognition. Therefore, at the site of the largest watch exhibition in Basel each year, a large amount of labor powder naturally accumulates in front of the Rolex exhibition window. Another pavilion window that can have such a grand occasion is only the opposite Patek Philippe. This year, when looking at the watch, in addition to the new watch, it was attracted by Rolex’s special window. Senior labor fans, have you noticed? Lioness on the African savannah (should not be a leopard …) Elephant on the African savannah Rhino on the African savannah ‘looking straight into the camera’ A male lion bird poultry Crowned crane in the African swamp. Do you recognize a strange ostrich? … crown cranes running in pairs … pretty macaws spreading wings, a pair of macaws, other polar bears and baby babies, a vigilant African antelope, a pair of African antelopes, there must be a person responsible for watching the sentry forest overseas wilderness Snow wolves talking to a pair of snow wolves, polar bears and wolves are beasts. But these animals in Rolex’s window, they are not wild ferocious, they are more their power, this power is partly natural and physiological, more is their spiritual power . The animals in the Rolex window have this kind of power, and it can be seen that the polar bears with two baby cubs and the elephants leading elephant herds all love their families and groups. The same is true of the rare snow wolves in the wasteland. They have both a natural fierce side and a spiritual world of supreme love and emotion, just like humans. This may be the mood of Rolex’s window display this year. Perhaps, the spiritual realm of animals in the natural world is higher than that of today’s human beings …. The Rolex concept window has appeared in Rolex stores around the world. The style is the same, and the pictures may be different. I wonder which background is most attractive to you?

The Beauty Of Smart Luxury Chopard Classic Women’s Watches Watch

When it comes to Chopard’s watches, people can always be associated with the opening ceremony filled with Chinese clothes, lights and stars, wearing high-quality jewelry watches on the wrists of stars, in the light exposure Next, the dazzling, shining. Chopard watches have a history of more than a hundred years. They have always been known for high-end jewellery and jewellery watches. The ancient watchmaking history does not represent the tradition of watch styles. In the forefront of the industry. Now let’s take a look at this design-inspired, low-key, luxurious, yet dynamic Chopard Classic Women’s Watch. Official model: 104236-5004

The relationship between women and diamonds has always been intriguing, and no one can tell the truth. Diamonds are long-lasting, and a perpetual advertising slogan is definitely one of the most successful publicity so far. This watch, set with 50 diamonds, does not know how many women will be charmed.

Gold is a symbol of wealth, and Huang Chengcheng’s color is very pleasing. The rose gold dial and bracelet set off the diamonds, making them more dazzling and luxurious. The dial is equally dazzling, with 11 glittering diamonds scattered in it. With the special design of the dial, it is full of dynamics, like a spirit. Just like diamonds fell into the gold plate, with the movement of the golden hands, they made a crisp sound, and there was no vulgarity between the baby beads.

The diameter of the ring drill around the dial is uniformly arranged closely, giving a delicate feel. The glittering light makes this golden watch a bit more light and does not let people position the watch at a certain age. The crown design is small and exquisite, hidden in the case, completely invisible from the front of the dial, so as not to destroy the concentric beauty of the front of the watch, and the quality is seen in the nuances.

The exquisite design of the lugs makes the bracelet and case perfectly connected, and the circular ring connection echoes the round dial, which is very harmonious as a whole. Densely arranged chain straps, the overall tightness, tough lines, fit the watch theme of the formal series, adding a sense of rigor to the luxury. But from the side we can see that the thickness of the bracelet is appropriate and not heavy.

The buckle uses the classic folding buckle, which is simple and convenient, and comfortable and safe to wear.

The closure of the clasp will not be monotonous, and Chopard’s classic brand logo is engraved on the Quartet.

The price of the watch can’t be ignored, of course, the price of this watch in the counter is deliberately intimately photographed here. The price of nearly 400,000 is not low, but the style is very classic. The watch uses a quartz movement to make the watch thin and light. Water-resistant up to 30 meters to meet daily wearing needs.

Summary: Chopard’s classic women’s watches, the classic is often the most attractive style. The overall design and materials of this watch have not disappointed the name. The stylish and atmospheric design is suitable for a variety of occasions. The combination of value-preserving precious metals and diamonds makes women feel at ease when buying. Classics are undefeated, but mediocrity is unbearable. A classic and design watch is very attractive. The dazzling diamond light and the dynamic dial design can’t make you dazzled. And ignore its price?

Details of the Chopard Classic Women’s Series 104236-5004 watch:
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