Month: March 2017

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Becomes The Newest Brand Ambassador For Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet was announced on the scene of the US Open in the fourth Grand Chelem in 2011. Novak Djokovic is currently the world’s number one tennis genius. • Djokovic will be the brand’s newest ambassador.
Novak Djokovic Djokovic, who has achieved brilliant results in the 2011 season, can join the German ‘car god’ Michael Schumacher, Michael Schumacher, Leo Messi, the world’s best football player, LeBron James, LeBron • Audemars Piguet brand ambassador family consisting of James, Indian cricket superstar Shachin Tandukar and the world’s top professional golfer Lee Westwood Lee Roswood and Rory Mcllroy McIlroy Very proud.

Novak Djokovic is modest and easy-going, has a high artistic appreciation, and has a strong interest in fine timepieces from watchmakers in the Vallée de Joux region. For Audemars Piguet, it is logical to enter into a friendly and cooperative relationship with this highly skilled international tennis player.
The reason for the relationship between the two parties was someday ago, Djokovic quietly visited the Audemars Piguet watch factory, which is still run by the founder’s family, and praised Audemars Piguet’s latest masterpiece.
After visiting the Audemars Piguet Le Brassus watch factory, he declared that the ‘beauty and precision of the movement’ made there impressed him.
He also said: ‘I fell in love with these high-end watches at first sight. The long tradition of Audemars Piguet and the exquisite craftsmanship of new and innovative watchmaking are very impressive.’
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Breguet Breguet Queen Of Naples Couture Zodiac Horse Watch

Horse, positive, is a symbol of success. Its elegance, nobility, bravery and vitality have become the source of inspiration for the creation of countless ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary and artist works. Breguet queen of Naples series haute horoscope horse watch, using the amazing shell relief process, in the classic goose oval dial square inch, reproduce the magnificent figure of handsome horse.

Queen of Naples with first watch
Breguet watches have always been favored by women. At the request of Napoleon’s sister Naples Queen Caroline Murat, Master Breguet began to create a ‘long oval shape that can be worn on the wrist’ in 1810. Design works. This first watch in the history of watchmaking has also become the source of inspiration for Breguet’s modern watchmakers. In 2002, it launched the Breguet ‘The Queen of Naples’ watch. Unique goose-shaped case shape, blending the style of the 18th century with avant-garde artistic style. Breguet Naples queen of high-end jewelry watch touches the most mysterious emotions of modern women with the charm of poets and magicians, awakening their desire to sleep .
The elegant and feminine design combined with traditional hand-crafted shell reliefs adds a romantic and classic feeling to the Breguet Naples series of high-end custom zodiac horse watches. The eccentric hour and minute display dial, if there is nothing, seems to dedicate all the applause on the stage to the shell relief process. The 18K white gold diamond case and sapphire crystal mirror provide the best protection for delicate relief work. The design of the transparent bottom cover also reveals the golden oscillating weight hand-engraved and set with natural mother-of-pearl. This watch is like a muse born in a shell, which once again reflects the perfect fusion of Breguet’s extraordinary watchmaking skills and traditional handicrafts.
Reine de Naples Cameo Horse
18K White Gold Watch
Bezel set with 40 diamonds, weighing approximately 2.42 carats
Self-winding movement
Shell dial made of shell relief
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Dimensions: 40 x 31.95 mm
Shell embossed craftsmanship
The embossed shell on the dial of the Naples Series Year of the Horse watch is an ancient handicraft that originated in Torre del Greco (Greek Tower), a small town located in the Naples region of Italy. Through the use of high-relief techniques on the sculptural materials to highlight the contrast of the color, the excellent shell relief works are gorgeous and exquisite, like the elegant and beautiful flower god Flora under the brush of Titian, with a strong Renaissance tone; and dressed like Queen Victoria The lace skirt full of pearls is full of the gorgeous and beautiful atmosphere of the court. This extremely delicate engraving technique is made by a technician using a simple steel needle to scribe on different levels of the shell, and the depth of the engraving is less than two millimeters. All of this can only be carved by hand in accordance with traditional methods. If machinery is used, the shell will be damaged, and the cellular tissue of the shell can be clearly seen only under a microscope.