Month: December 2016

Tissot Porcelain Series Eight Diamond Watches Introduction

The black and white keys of beautiful notes are played on the piano keyboard, elegant and modern interpretation of irreplaceable classic fashion. This is the interpretation of elegant taste for urban women. Tissot launches a new series of porcelain art watches, which combines two very interesting materials-ceramic and steel.
This combination is not only surprising, it also perfectly matches the fashion trend, and also plays a classic and elegant modern urban movement.

Glamour ceramic art for women
The Tissot ceramic watch porcelain series has many styles. In addition to the stylish square and classic round dial options, there are also ordinary styles and dials with eight diamonds. The dial of the eight-diamond watch uses the top Wesselton diamonds to dot the black and white dial, which flashes like a starry sky; or the simple dial, which is as atmospheric and elegant as ever. High-quality ceramics combined with exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology, while demonstrating the charming design of the watch, it also guarantees the watch’s excellent quality. Ceramic not only has the characteristics of art, fashionable shapes, and modern styles, but also has the characteristics of non-allergic, difficult to conduct heat, and light weight, so it is considerate to women in all respects. Its resilience and softness are like the strength and softness of women, making art ceramics the perfect material for women’s watches.
Pure black and white classic timeless
The classic timeless pure black and white is interpreted between the simple and elegant streamline design; the bracelet-type ceramic streamline design strap is like a piano keyboard. The bezel also uses abrasion-resistant high-quality ceramic material, which is more elegant and flexible. The classic black dial is like the black keys of a piano. The pure white dial is like the white keys of a piano. The elegant low-key gorgeousness and the modern modern atmosphere perfectly blend together. It is an indispensable and wonderful choice for you. The new Tissot porcelain series of eight diamond watches, playing classic fashion at the same time.
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz Movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Black / White Dial, Top Wesselton Diamonds
-Water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atmospheres)
-316 L stainless steel bracelet with black and white ceramic inlay, with button butterfly clasp

Elegant And Elegant, Ebola Butterfly Collection Watch

Taste, the beauty of the calendar, a couple, two unexpected hearts meet in an instant and become eternal. Friendship, love has composed a pleasant sonata on ‘Yibo Road’, walking on the simple and stylish metal track, using the unforgettable time language to pursue the life of art and the art of interpreting life. Yibo Road is closely related to the current trend. Today, the watch home will bring you a brief review of the Yibo Road Butterfly flower watch. The official model of the watch is: LGR6001-27291WH.

 The fine porcelain white dial of the Yibolu butterfly flower series is literally inlaid with 8 natural diamonds, and the center is lined with a pattern of fragrant grass and colorful butterflies, taking the meaning of ‘butterfly love flowers’ to represent the mutual appreciation and love Nostalgia.

 Elite quality, a century-old classic. As the first couple watch brand in Switzerland, Ebolo adheres to the romantic promise of “romantic moments and eternal love”, 160 years of watchmaking technology, and accompany a couple of couples across the century to spread sweet love. This Ebola butterfly watch is made of a stainless steel rose gold plated case with a 33.5mm diameter design. The simple three-pin design and sapphire crystal glass are simple and clear.

 In the 160-year history of watchmaking, Swiss Ebola has won numerous awards worldwide. This watch introduced today combines elegant culture with rigorous craftsmanship, and a very practical calendar display window at 6 o’clock. Read at a glance.

  The design of the crown is elegant and gentle, and the side is sculpted with simple wavy patterns. The winding feels comfortable. The top of the crown is engraved with a classic butterfly-shaped logo of the brand in the 1940s, which at the same time shows the brand identity, but also shows retro elegance. The thickness of the case of this watch is 11.4 mm, which is very suitable for the feel of watch lovers now.

 The watch is paired with a white high-grade leather strap, which matches the classic elegance of the rose gold case, combined with the large checkered crocodile leather texture, revealing an extraordinary fashion taste in elegance.

 The surface of the case is finely polished and then treated with ion-plated rose gold to perfectly present a delicate metallic luster, deducting a delicate and elegant warm texture.

 The lines of the lugs are slender and smooth, and the surface is polished with fine details to show elegance. Its slightly curved arc is ergonomic, fits the wrist and is comfortable to wear.

 This watch is equipped with a 2671 self-winding mechanical movement with a see-through case design. Through the sapphire crystal embedded in the case back, you can see the movement of the exquisite Swiss mechanical movement and enjoy the mechanical watch The charming charm of the watch is 50 meters.

Summary: The Yibolu butterfly flower series combines trendy and fashionable elements, while the design maintains a simple style, but it permeates the elegant retro style, high-quality leather strap, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Since 160 years, Yibolu aims to bring consumers a vision of romance, positiveness and the pursuit of a better life. Yibolu watches are known as the ‘Swiss Couple Watches Model’ with the mechanical aesthetics of both romantic and elegant style. Witness moving moments.