Month: May 2015

Never Need To Flip The Calendar Calendar Watch

Full calendar watch can be said to be one of the most practical functions in current timepieces. It can display calendar parameters such as calendar, day of the week, and even month and year, especially for those with this function. As far as watches are concerned, it is undoubtedly the most convenient desk calendar that the wearer can read at any time. The display of the calendar on the clock is almost synchronous with the birth of the clock. As early as the middle and late 17th century, when the form of the watch gradually emerged, the calendar, the day of the week and other indications have appeared on the reduced dial, and this is in line with the calendar Development is directly related. The Gregorian calendar that currently travels the world is a solar calendar that we are most familiar with. This calendar is soaked in the civilization created by humans for thousands of years. It was learned by the ancient Romans from the Egyptians and spread throughout the world with the expansion of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity. When the calendar was gradually perfected, smart watchmakers also began to use the function of calendar display in the 16th century. Today, the products of that era can still be found in the watch museum. When the watch replaces the pocket watch as a timer, the simple calendar function is also displayed on the watch dial.

   The annual calendar function can be said to be an upgraded version of the full-calendar watch, so since its introduction in 1996, watches with this function have become one of Patek Philippe’s most successful models, it can automatically display the week , Month, and big and small month corresponding calendar mechanical watches, only need to adjust once a year at the end of February. The new dial not only faithfully continues the essence of the Calatrava series-clear and easy to read, but with a completely new display layout. The day of the week and month are displayed in a side-by-side window at 12 o’clock, while the calendar is displayed at 6 o’clock. The window is opened under a 24-hour dial integrated with the moon phase display. A closer look reveals another detail: the curved Patek Philippe logo.

   This Pierre Deroche Grandcliff watch features cut-out buttons and avant-garde lugs to make this wonderful round case collection more distinctive and powerful. In order to make this watch look more beautiful, the lugs, buttons and crown are set at the same level. By cooperating with the famous movement manufacturer Dubois Depraz, not only a special multi-function chronograph dial, but also a month display at the 4 o’clock position, because this watch is a chronograph with an annual calendar function.

  For those who need to know exactly the time and calendar, this senator full-calendar watch from Glashütte Original offers an interesting choice. In addition to the original most characteristic large calendar window display, this watch has hands showing the day and month in the upper part of the dial, and the lower part also has a moon phase profit and loss display.

  After the full calendar, there is another more interesting calendar display, that is, the weekly calendar of this senator weekly watch by Glashütte Original (Glashütte). The large window at 12 o’clock provides the weekly calendar with red numbers. The information is designed according to Glashütte’s famous large calendar window display. The day of the week display is at 8 o’clock, and the individual display adjustment buttons are next to the case. The cumulative adjustment knob allows all weekday calendars to move backward with the day of the week. It can also be used to adjust each timepiece individually.

   De Grisogono’s Instrumento Open Large Calendar Watch reveals the mystery of the large window calendar through two different size discs, one is a small disc with 0-3 numbers, and the other is a 0-9 number Large discs, where the two intersect to form the final calendar display.

  Although Dunhill is no longer available, the outer circle of this previous watch called A-Centric Pentagraph is a 24-hour dual time zone indicating area, which can be viewed at any time through the slender arrow pointer. Home time; the second circle is the calendar indication area, the black arrow pointer accurately indicates the date of the day; the third circle is the second hand indicating the dial; and the innermost circle is the hour and minute hands indicating the local time. .
   If you think the perpetual calendar watch is too expensive and complicated to maintain, then a full calendar watch is your best choice. (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)

Rich Mille’s Best Friend Pablo Mac Donough Won The 8th Argentina Polo Open

On December 2, 2017, the LaDolfina team led by AdolfoCambiaso defeated the rival Ellerstina team in the Argentina Polo Open final by 14:13. For the team, it was a brilliant victory; for the bold and courageous PabloMacDonough, Richard Mille’s brand friend, it was the eighth time in his career that he raised the Argentina Polo Championship Trophy.

   The 124th Argentina Polo Open final was held at the Argentina Polo Stadium in the Palermo area of ​​Buenos Aires. It is known as the ‘Polo Temple’. Today, the two kings teams are here. Peak matchup. As soon as 10,000 people were empty, the two sides fought violently. During the game, Pablo, as always, wore the RICHARDMILLERM053 tourbillon watch. Its unique titanium carbide structure could withstand the inevitable fierce impact in polo sports.

   LaDolfina fell behind 3-1 in the first game, and in the second round, with the goals of Cambiaso and MacDonough, the LaDolfina team recovered. Then the two teams went hand in hand until the fourth round, LaDolfina led by 4 goals, the score was 13: 9. The Ellerstina team was unwilling to lose 4 points and dragged the game into overtime. LaDolfina used the opportunity of PolitoPieres to regain control of the ball. Adolfo Cambiaso’s long pass assist Juan Martín Nero scored a goal, ending the game destined to stay in history.
   This is the 11th time LaDolfina has won the Argentina Polo Open. Prior to this, the team has won the Open Championship five times. Pablo won the fair play award for the fewest fouls.
   At the same time, this is the last time the audience saw Pablo wearing a RM053 tourbillon watch galloping on the field. RICHARDMILLE has worked with the Argentine player to develop a new polo tourbillon watch movement, which is also driven by the tourbillon, but uses innovative technology to make it more durable. The new watch will debut at the SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie in 2018.