Month: April 2015

A Long Tradition Of Watchmaking And Family History Luxe Watches

The work of a watchmaker needs to be precise and meticulous, and at the same time, all technical tests must be overcome. Working in a watchmaking workshop every day requires enthusiasm. However, all hard work will only make sense if it is finally rewarded. Whether on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any happy moment, we are often moved by the special intentions and exquisite gifts of loved ones.
   The Baume & Mercier watch series, with its diversified design and modern style, has become the best witness of the happy moments in your life, and also the ambassador for expressing joy and emotion in the moments of joy, festivals and commemorative moments. Through this newsletter, I sincerely invite you to relive the most precious and happy memories in your life.

   With a long history of watchmaking and family history, Baume & Mercier has become the best companion for anniversaries and festivals. Time flies, minutes and seconds pass by like a breeze, which is the most elusive feature of time. Nonetheless, those special moments cannot be easily wiped out and become strong evidence to prove our existence.
   Especially when modern life is so busy, celebration occasions with special significance will become occasional habitats for people. Each of us should have these opportunities-at least once-to commemorate these special moments in our lives.

   Weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties or anniversaries, these ordinary moments of celebration, and other intimate moments of life that give us surprises, these are celebrations, synonymous with joy and love.
There is no need to investigate the reason, this is a time of celebration, an important moment to leave a monumental meaning in life.