Month: May 2014

Breitling United Jeweler Govberg Jewelers Invites Wayne Gretzky To Spend A Beautiful Night

According to the Watch House, May 28, 2014, Wilton Connecticut, the famous watch brand Breitling from Switzerland and the famous jewelry seller Govberg Jewelers together welcomed an old friend, Wayne Gretzky.

 At the event that evening, visitors could not only see the many new Breitling watches that were unveiled at the 2014 Baselworld Watch Fair, but also enjoy exquisite refreshments and various cocktail snacks.

 Wayne Gretzky has a long-standing friendship with the Breitling brand. He is known as the ‘Hockey King’ Wayne in the hockey world. He is a Canadian professional hockey star. A ‘Great Hockey Player’ with 2,857 points, a global hockey legend. At the age of 14, he signed for a professional league.

   Played in the National Hockey Association (NHL) for 20 seasons, for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, and New York The New York Rangers have played well, and have maintained the highest record for professional hockey in the United States. They retired in 1999. Formerly coach of the NHL Phoenix Flyers. He is currently the managing shareholder and head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.

 Breitling CEOs Thierry Prissert, Wayne Gretzky, Ingrid and Stan Razny

    That night, the newly appointed Breitling CEO Thierry Prissert said that it was a good time to spend a good night with Wayne Gretzky and Stan Razny (the founder of Razny Jewelry, a talented gemstone appraisal and jewelry merchant) Very happy thing. Razny Jewelry is a well-known family business, and its long-term accumulation and development has made it recognized by many people. This is also the same as Breitling.

 The guests who visited that evening were fortunate to see the various new watches launched at the Baselworld 2014. Not only that, they also had a rare close contact with Wayne Gretzky, the ice hockey emperor.

Early Spring Jewelry Tassel Gives You Different Look

Since last year, ‘tassel’ has always been an important element of popular fashion. Tassel element has not only appeared repeatedly in big-name fashions, but also very popular in high street fashion. At the same time, tassel element handbags, Bags have also become popular. This year, the tassel’s popularity seems unabated, which can be seen by looking at these tassel jewelry. Early spring is a fascinating season. Everything is full of energy and hope. There is nothing more vibrant and lively than tassel jewelry.
Tassel necklace sunny charm and vitality
   The most striking part of the tassel must be its swaying variety. The tassel necklace is more like a dancing elf, whether it is vivid turquoise tassel, warm and elegant pearl tassel, or gorgeous sparkling diamond and gem tassel. , Can always bring women unlimited vitality and glamorous charm. No matter it is high street fashion or high-level workplace, it can always bring women full of confidence and sunshine.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany turquoise fringe necklace

Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby Tassel Necklace

Boucheron Animal Series Plume de Paon Peacock Feather Round Embossed Necklace

Boucheron Animal Peacock Peacock Round Necklace

Tassel earrings make you an eye-catching look
   If a tassel necklace brings vitality and sunshine to a woman, then the tassel earrings are in the mood of hope. An exaggerated tassel earring is a popular eye-catching magic weapon. Wear a pair of tassel earrings in minutes to make you look good. Of course, if you have the right mindset, wearing only a tassel earring will make you a small focus!

Cartier Panthère de Cartier earrings

18K yellow gold, 34 diamonds weighing 0.09 carats, Tsavorite garnet leopard eye, onyx leopard nose, K gold weight 19g

Cartier Panthère de Cartier earrings

18K white gold, 252 diamonds weighing 1.48 carats, emerald leopard eye, onyx leopard nose, 18K gold weight

Chopard Red Carpet Earrings

Chopard Red Carpet Earrings

Chopard Red Carpet Earrings

Tide Acer Prague Earrings

Set of tassels is the most endless style
   If a tassel necklace or a pair of tassel earrings can’t satisfy your careful thoughts and small desires, then double the tassel. The style is infinite. Wear a complete set of tassel necklaces and tassel earrings, or wear a tassel Necklaces and fringed bracelets, you will surely become the most elegant and beautiful one at parties and dinners. It is worth noting that the style of tassel jewelry should not be too exaggerated, and the number should not exceed 2 models. Otherwise, the unsustainable scene is also strange and uncomfortable.

Damiani earrings

White gold necklace set with white diamonds, purple sapphires, blue sapphires and sky blue sapphires, diamond carat 0.89, sapphire carat 20.81, product number 20042380, price 49.540 euros
Damiani Jellyfish Necklace
White gold earrings set with white diamonds, purple sapphires, blue sapphires and sky blue sapphires, diamond carat 0.84, sapphire carat 13.9, product number 20042381, price 28.590 Euro

Damiani 88 jewelry
   The 88 series is a series of jewelry specially designed by Damiani for Asia. ‘∞’ is a symbol of infinity and eternity, and ‘8’ also means wealth in Chinese. This collection includes a pair of earrings and a necklace in white and rose gold with diamonds.

Carrera Carrera Seda Imperial Jewellery, White Gold, Chalcedony, Diamond

Carrera Carrera Seda Imperial Jewellery, Gold, Onyx, Diamond

David Morris fringed jewelry, Akoya pearls, rose-cut diamonds
Necklace with a total weight of 302 carats and diamonds weighing 14.52 carats
Earrings with a total weight of 108 carats and diamonds weighing 16.42 carats

Novelty tassel fun and beautiful
   Of course, in addition to those expensive fringed pearls, diamonds, and gemstones, which are gorgeous and discouraging at the same time, there are also some fringed novelty jewelry that are fun and beautiful, and can also satisfy our beauty. The creative tassel jewelry is as eye-catching as the beautiful high fashion. Look at the tassel jewelry on the show, which has a full aura and appeal?

    In addition, those tassel rings, tassel bracelets, and tassel brooch watches have you seen and played?

Damiani Tassel ring

Damiani Tassel bracelet

GRAFF Sapphire and Diamond Double Brooch with Mystery Watch with 40.62 Carat Diamonds and 332.13 Carat Sapphire

    Alright, have you seen so many tassel jewelry and accessories? New Year’s Eve, what jewellery did you use in the early spring?