Month: February 2014

The 27th Paris Antique Biennial Is Grandly Held

The 27th Paris Antique Biennale held an opening reception and dinner at the Grand Palace in Paris on September 9. The menu of the day was carefully designed by Michelin chef Michel Roth for celebrities and nobles. The landscape of this exhibition was redesigned and created by its artistic director, Jacques Grange, an internationally renowned interior designer, inspired by the Palace of Versailles.

¬†¬†That night, the world’s royal nobles and celebrities gathered together to experience the luxurious French living art under the dome of the Grand Palace in Paris, and appreciate antique collections, top-quality art and fine jewelry.

The guests present include: Gong Li, Zhong Chuhong, Stephen & DeborahHung, Xie Lingling, Lin Tianer, Lu Liangwei, Liu Yang, supermodel NataliaVodianova and so on.

The Paris Fine Art Biennale Fine Jewellery Show has officially closed on Sunday, September 21. The number of visitors at this exhibition rose to 90,000, including many loyal art lovers and collectors. In particular, foreign visitors from Asia, Russia and South America increased significantly.

The sales of various representative fields in this exhibition are getting better, and the categories of modern art, decorative arts and archeology of the 19th century are even better. The sales data of previous biennales will serve as a barometer for the next exhibition. It is hoped that such an excellent sales performance will continue to be maintained in the coming months under the adverse economic situation.

‘The buyers of the Paris Biennale are real art collectors and art enthusiasts, not speculators.’ Jean-Gabriel Peyre, chairman of the French National Antique Merchants’ Union, agrees with this concept.

Economic activities due to the Biennale also extend beyond the Grand Palais: artisans, cultural relics, decorative artists, shippers, insurance companies, hotels, restaurants, etc., all directly or indirectly during these months To participate in it. A total of about 100,000 people have benefited from the economic impact of the Paris Antique Biennale. About 800 people work at the exhibition site every day.