2014 Baselworld Baselworld —- Hysek Verdict 46mm Skeleton Double

HYSEK brought surprise again, and introduced the VERDICT 46mm Skeleton Double Tourbillon, the sibling of the famous VERDICT double tourbillon watch. The design and assembly of this watch is entirely done independently by the brand’s Swiss watch factory.

Reflecting HYSEK’s unique watchmaking technology, combined with watchmaking knowledge and bold creativity, the VERDICT 46mm double tourbillon watch can now provide the heart of the watch with a sapphire and blue tone dial. This double tourbillon is carefully crafted by HYSEK watchmakers and has over 331 components. The two tourbillons operate independently of each other and are connected by a differential gear mechanism by a double-precision fully automatic movement, giving this watch luxury and uniqueness.

HYSEK focuses on crafting this movement by hand, such as the rose compass decoration on platinum splints. The dial is contrasted by a polished sapphire and polished case. This translucent mechanical watch allows us to appreciate the fine craftsmanship also through the sapphire on the back of the watch. HYSEK did not forget that the date is displayed at 1 o’clock. A double oscillating weight is at 10 o’clock, which increases the power reserve of the movement. This watch is limited to 8 pieces worldwide.