Month: December 2012

Elegant And Superior Tasting Panerai Luminor 1950 Series 44 Mm Watch

Panerai was founded in 1860. It is famous for precision machinery and excellent quality. It was the first to produce precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. Now Panerai has become a world-renowned premium sports watch. Brand. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as high-end watches in sports and leisure. Today’s Watch House brings you an elegant and functional Panerai Luminor 1950 series 44mm 3-day power reserve flyback chronograph automatic ceramic watch, the official model: PAM00580.

Panerai PAM00580

   This watch is made of black ceramic with a 44 mm diameter case and a stainless steel bezel. The case is equipped with a high-performance Panerai-made automatic mechanical movement. The watch dial is beautifully designed and covered with a sapphire crystal. The watch is paired with a brown leather strap, retro and elegant.

Classic crown

   The crown of the watch adopts Panerai’s iconic design, and an arched crown guard bridge is provided at the crown, which not only has a unique personality, but also effectively protects the crown; the crown of the series follows the consistent circle The crown is toothed on the side of the crown, making it easy to grasp and adjust the time.

Leather strap for comfortable wearing

   The watch’s dark brown leather strap is soft and tough, with reasonable cuts, and the edges are stitched with white stitching for comfortable wearing. Dark brown tones give a retro, elegant and generous look. The strap is linked with a pin buckle in titanium, which is easy to open and close, easy to wear, and not easy to fall off.

The case is wide and solid

   The cut surface of the watch case is smooth, and the black surface exudes a deep and low light, which makes people intoxicated. The case is wide and angular, stable and rough; the round bezel and case are not cast in one piece, and have a three-dimensional layering.

The black dial is deep and understated

   The dial of the watch is round, with brown Arabic numerals and bars on the black dial as the time scale, and the central hand indicates the time; there are four hands in the center of the dial, the coated hands are ordinary chronograph hands, and the other two Each hand is a chronograph hand; there is a square date display window at three o’clock, and a small seconds dial at nine o’clock. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal.

Smart and delicate small seconds
   The small seconds on the dial is simple in design, and the small seconds hand is exquisite and smart, very beautiful; the small seconds scale is also brown.

The horn-shaped lugs are very beautiful

   The watch lugs and case are integrally cast. The lugs are not long, small and exquisite; they are horn-shaped and have a slight arc, which can ensure that the watch fits better when worn.

Polygonal back and bottom

   The back of the case uses a back case that is tough and domineering. The outer edge is engraved with the name of Panerai and the relevant parameters of the watch. The automatic mechanism inside the watch can be seen through the central transparent mirror Movement. This movement is a Panerai-made movement that can power the watch for three days.

Summary: The Luminor 1950 case is 44 mm in diameter. It is made of a synthetic ceramic based on zirconia. Its hardness is five times that of stainless steel, but it is lighter than stainless steel. It also has excellent scratch resistance and resistance. Corrosive and high temperature resistance. Equipped with a P.9100 watch factory-made movement inside, this is the first self-winding chronograph movement completely developed and produced by Panerai Watch Factory. This watch has an elegant appearance and excellent functions. It is worn on the wrist and is not only a decoration, but also an expression of identity and taste.

A Strong Line-up For The Annual Show Of ‘sound Immerse’? I Do N’t Know, The Watches Worn By Big Coffees Are Equally Powerful

Hunan Satellite TV’s ‘Sound Immerse’ has been well received since it was aired. The guests invited are different from the previous traffic florets, but have strong old opera bones, and even I do n’t see Hunan The people on the TV program were all fanned out. After eight elections, the annual big show finally ushered in last week. In addition to the eight sound champions and their respective invited guest guests, the joining of the voice master of ceremonies Zhang Guoli and the director Chen Kaige made this year’s big show lineup quite strong. Are you from Hunan Satellite TV who brings together half of the entertainment industry?

   Zhu Yawen, the ‘Universal Dubbing King’ with what he likes, invited ‘teacher Xiaohua’ Song Jia, and Song Jia said, ‘I came for my demeanor.’ It came unexpectedly to kill the memories, and the friendship between the two was also let. Envy. Zhu Yawen’s lines and dubbing skills have not been said, and it is really amazing to win the championship in the end.

   Yin Zheng and Ji Qingzi reproduced ‘The Kiss of the Prank’, did you evoke your memory of your first love?

   As an uncle in the post-60s generation, Zhao Lixin has circled countless post-90s and post-00s fans. He should not be too handsome. In the previous program, Zhao Lixin, whose voices were varied, and whose languages ​​were free to switch and was drunk, couldn’t help calling him. As soon as Zhao Lixin opened his mouth, the original sound of Jin Shijie was highly restored. The oldness and the sense of time were presented with sound. Coupled with Liu Mintao’s high level of assists, it makes people tearful.

   The ‘king fried’ group Wang Jinsong invited Wang Yuan to be a guest of honor, and the audience at the scene was so excited. The ‘Lion King’ collaboration between the two makes people straightforward but not fun.

   The dubbing of a few big coffees is enough to describe the word stunning, but as a watch editor, apart from watching the show, my attention has been focused on their watches. I found that several voice coffees are wearing watches. Is it an appointment to ‘show’ a watch by the way?

   The first one to notice was Han Xue, who wore a Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Day and Night watch. The aventurine glass dial was decorated with the sun and the moon. DEF, IF to VVS grade diamonds, priced at more than 800,000. I have to say that Han Xue’s temperament really matches this Van Cleef & Arpels.

Han Xue wears Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch series

Han Xue wears Blancpain

   Han Xue’s luxury watches are well known, in addition to this Van Cleef & Arpels, she also has Cartier, Blancpain, Zenith and so on. Han Xue, who is usually thrifty, buys a watch, which is really unambiguous. It is said that Han Xue has spent his own money since he was 18 years old. He has the confidence to make money to buy what he likes.

   In this issue, I found that Guo Degang changed two watches. First, in the poster and in the interview, he wore a Richard Miller. He usually watched Guo Degang wearing Rolex and Cartier, and finally saw him Wear this Richard Mille.

   In the show, Guo Degang wore another Hublot. Both of these watches have a tough style and Guo Degang’s taste and appearance. For Guo Degang, the partner must choose the right one, and the watch must also choose the right one.

   The exquisite glamour uncle Zhao Lixin wore a barrel-shaped watch that looked like Parmigiani. The brown strap with silver case makes the gentleman understated.

   In addition to a few of them, I found that Zhang Tielin and Wang Jinsong also wore watches, but I didn’t get a clear picture. If any netizens know what watches they wear, they may wish to leave a message and discuss it together.