Month: January 2012

Breitling And Bentley: Going Parallel, Driving Towards The Future

Breitling is proud to announce a new chapter in cooperation with the famous British luxury car manufacturer Bentley. The cooperation between the two major brands began in 2003. At that time, Breitling was the first trusted watchmaker to design a car timer for Bentley’s flagship Continental GT (Continent GT).

 Breitling CEO Georges Kern is thrilled to be able to continue his collaboration with Bentley. He said: ‘Bentley and Breitling have highly consistent values. Both brands are known for quality, performance, and superior design, and both have strong historical heritage in their respective fields. They can be ideal partners for more than 15 years Writing a new chapter on the history of relationships is even more gratifying. ‘

 While celebrating the long-term relationship with Bentley, Breitling announced that it will add the special edition of Bentley to the existing core product line, instead of just launching a separate Breitling for Bentley series. Among the various extraordinary watches planned to be launched, the first to be launched is the B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Green Special Edition. This watch has an amazing 70-hour power reserve, is equipped with Breitling’s flagship homemade 01 movement, and is clearly visible through the unique transparent case back decorated with the metal Bentley logo. This series of timepieces also have the engraved seal ‘Bentley’, the design of the seal is inspired by the supercharged 1929 Bentley ‘Blower’ dashboard.

 This watch has a distinctive British racing green dial with a matching British racing green leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. The two small dials in sharp contrast to the dial are located at 3 and 9 o’clock, and the date display is at 6 o’clock.

 Bentley will celebrate its centenary in 2019, and Breitling plans to launch a special limited edition timepiece to pay tribute to its partner’s century-long history of luxury car manufacturing.

 In 2003, Bentley, the world’s most popular luxury car brand, launched the first Continental GT (Continent GT), a luxury sports sedan. Every detail of this Continental GT reflects Bentley’s tireless pursuit of quality, luxury and performance. Based on this high standard, the company chose to commission Breitling to design a car timer for it.
 In 2002, Adrian Hallmark, then Bentley’s director of sales and marketing, signed a cooperation agreement with Breitling on behalf of the brand. He has now become Chairman and CEO of Bentley, saying, ‘Bentley’s time-honored partnership with Breitling is a brilliant example that shows us how two brands that love each other can bring both parties together in a reliable way. The performance is icing on the cake. As the centennial celebration approaches, we must of course commemorate past successes, but more importantly, look forward to the future with a passion for innovation. With Breitling, we also insist on excellent technology and superbness The partners of craftsmanship and pioneering spirit will undoubtedly increase our confidence on the way forward. ‘
A volume of proud history, a personal feeling
 Breitling has been inseparable from the automotive industry for many years. Its aeronautical on-board timer introduced in 1931, the design is also suitable for vehicle dashboards. Not only that, there is a personal feeling between Bentley and Breitling that goes back 70 years. Willy Breitling, the third-generation successor of the brand’s founder Léon Breitling, is also the inventor of the second visionary second independent timing button. He is also a loyal owner of Bentley. Since the late 1940s, the fashionable watchmaker has often been seen driving one of his many Bentley cars, between Geneva and LaChaux-de-Fonds.
Bentley to Le Mans
 Bentley is not only known for its luxury road cars, but also has a glorious history of racing. From 1924 to 1930, the famous ‘Bentley Boys’ won the Le Mans 24 Hours of LeMans crown five times. Moreover, this success does not stop at the past. In 2003, Bentley returned to Le Mans and won the championship. In this world-famous endurance event, Breitling not only had the honor to be the main sponsor of the Bentley team, but also created a limited edition ‘Bentley LeMans’ chronograph watch to celebrate the event.
Breitling and Bentley: both elegance and luxury
 Breitling has long been known for its sturdy “professional wristwatch”, but it has also created many elegant and luxurious watches with a wider audience. While Breitling and Bentley are stepping up to explore how to write a new chapter in the partnership, these two classic brands are looking forward to sharing a variety of excellent new products with old friends from all sides, and at the same time to be a self-confidence to exquisite people with extraordinary vision around the world Introduction.
About Bentley Motors
 Bentley Motors is a globally popular luxury car brand. The company’s headquarters in Crewe, UK, is the center of all its business activities, maintaining the design, research and development, engineering and the company’s four major model series, namely Continental, FlyingSpur, Bentayga and Production of Mulsanne. Combining precision craftsmanship, the use of skills passed down from generation to generation, and professional engineering and advanced technology, Bentley is unique among British luxury car brands and is also one of the examples of British high-quality manufacturing. Bentley’s Crewe headquarters has about 4,000 employees.