Month: August 2011

Teach You How To Buy The Second Watch

When a good watch comes into view, we will have the thought of ‘this watch can be worn for a lifetime’, but it is only your ‘the third watch’, so it beats An ordinary mind, come and pick your second watch.
Beating an ordinary heart, come and pick your second watch.
Buy your second watch
What we call ‘the first one’ is not those electronic watches that are fresh and playable but can’t stand the toss, but the first choice after you consciously recognize the watch—maybe it is just for buying, it becomes An ignorant experience.
When you consciously buy a second watch, the thinking is much more correct: the calendar function is very convenient and available; the chronograph is fun but never used at all; the leather strap is beautiful but the sweat is easy to get sour in summer; the back of the watch is the most It’s easy to appreciate …
Have accurate purchase intentions, but the goals are many and messy-this is the doubt of the choice of the second watch. Although when the watch is in our eyes, we will have the thought of ‘this watch can be worn for a lifetime’, but it is only your ‘the third watch’, so it beats a normal heart to choose Your second watch.
TAG Heuer Camilla
表 What watch to buy
I know some watch knowledge, it is easier to understand, the standard for many people to buy a watch for the first time is a bunch of attributive: there are pointers! Mechanical or start from the brand: a grade with Longines! Chen Daoming endorsed that …
当然 Of course, such an election method is easy to be fooled by others or fooled by yourself. Even if you want to listen to the recommendation of the salesperson, at least you must know the price, wearing occasions, etc. Otherwise, the salesperson will see that you are a rookie and will recommend the brand’s slow-moving styles. You must wear chin.
Longines Somia Series
Why Wear
For those who do not have the ability to buy many good watches for the time being, practicality is the key word. A watch that can wear more than 8 hours a day is what you need, so the second watch should be the first ‘business attribute’-that is, the watch must Match the nature of your job. Take a step back, at least be decent.
How can I be decent? A little trick is to judge by the clothes you wear most often. If you often need a suit and shoes, a formal watch with a natural belt or a steel belt is more suitable. If you wear casual clothes, even the watch has a stronger sense of movement.
Louis Vuitton Tambour Mystérieuse Watch
Presence and aura
Clothes are worn by others, and watches must be seen by others. The large dial is more prominent than the small dial, and the complex style is more eye-catching than the ordinary style.
Finally, it is also an important reason why many people are ready to buy a second watch-the grade or function of the first watch is no longer suitable for current needs, so don’t hesitate to pursue the grade and spend money on classic models of well-known brands That’s right; those who are looking for features need to spend a lot of money to buy the convenience and quality stability of these features.
Price, functionality, design
The second table concerns:
Price: First, the price cannot be lower than the first watch. Just like buying a car, I hope that the next car will be better than now.
Functionality: I like mechanical watches, but I will not consider the movement as the most important selection factor, because the cost of a too complicated movement is bound to increase. At present, only the movement is required to be accurate. Three-handed, calendar-like functions are acceptable in price.
Finally, I chose this bell & ross, its square dial is very attractive, and the limited edition is also a plus point. As for the next watch, I will choose the GMT watch.
The material of precious metals can better reflect the value of the watch
Our selection suggestions:
About discount: If it is not a collection, just buy a product, the price of the watch is the first consideration. Generally, there are discounts for buying watches abroad, and only tourists can get them. I analyze the reason: tourists leave after buying, and will not disturb the local market. In general, Switzerland and Singapore are the most suitable for buying watches. In fact, Singapore’s price is not cheap. Its advantage lies in the most complete style.
About the material: Within the scope of my ability, I recommend buying a gold watch. The material of the precious metal can better reflect the value of the watch, and the steel watch has a relatively low value preservation ratio. And generally made of precious metals, the case, movement, polishing process is relatively improved.
About the movement: The self-made movement is also a selling point. Simply put, buying other people’s parts for loading is definitely different from the technical content of all the watches they produce. Including maintenance, the homemade movement also has a great advantage. Even if the watch is discontinued, the brand still has at least spare parts in stock to ensure maintenance.