Month: December 2010

Citizen Citizen 3 Seconds Time Of ‘ti’ Empty Era

Zero time limit for satellites
Breakthrough and create possibilities for the future! Since its inception, CITIZEN has continuously challenged the existing achievements. From the first radio timepiece to the advent of photodynamic technology watches, CITIZEN not only creates topics, but also pursues advanced and extreme technology. In CITIZEN’s new generation of light kinetic energy The satellite synchronization watch CC2001-57A incorporates the concept of ‘speed’ into the watch, equipped with the latest Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100 movement, no matter where you are in the world, 3 seconds * 1 will be accurate for you Provides accurate time quickly, at the right time. In today’s busy society, not only efficiency and accuracy are required, but the CITIZEN F100 movement receives time information through satellites as far away as 20,000 kilometers away from the earth, which not only breaks through the regional restrictions of radio towers, but also greatly speeds up. Continuing CITIZEN’s user-friendly and easy-to-use world city time function, you only need to pull the crown to the first section through the second hand to point to the corresponding world city name, 40 time zones, and you can swim around your wrist.

Extremely slim with speed

CITIZEN’s new generation of solar-powered satellite timekeeping watch CC2001-57A is not only equipped with advanced technology of 3 seconds satellite synchronization, but with a slim profile of only 12.5 mm, it is easier and more comfortable to wear.
Everything as a starting point
The CITIZEN Solar-powered Satellite Clock Watch CC2001-57A is not only the world’s fastest satellite-based timepiece, but it also incorporates CITIZEN’s patented light-kinematic energy, allowing the watch to receive light sources as long as it is in a bright place. Core secondary battery and continuous operation, and in the CITIZEN solar-powered satellite timekeeping watch CC2001-57A, the first photosensitive system is added. It is divided into seven levels from 12 to 6 o’clock. At the push of a button, you can instantly detect the light source level of the surrounding environment, and clearly understand whether it is a charging environment. In addition, in order to cope with the busy and diverse lifestyles of modern people, the CITIZEN Solar-powered Satellite Clock Watch CC2001-57A is more convenient for the humane function of daylight saving time, perpetual calendar, week display and power display. For a more convenient life.

 Lightly press the life of science and technology in front of you

CITIZEN CC2001-57A watch in addition to combining high-tech technologies such as light kinetic energy, satellite timing and photo sensor system, has a variety of humanized functions, just need to press the side button of the watch, and it will be achieved immediately.
Space Age Gentleman Style
Breaking away from the heavy and complicated shapes of traditional high-tech watches, the C100-C100-K series of CITIZEN solar-powered timekeeping watches CC2001-57A has the advanced technology of light-powered energy and satellite-based timekeeping. It is thin and fashionable, and the case and strap are made of patented titanium material and processed by CITIZEN’s unique surface hardening technology, which makes the watch not only light and more durable. The case is made of high-quality silver, and with the discreet layout on the dial and the hollow-out ingenuity of the keys, it demonstrates the elegant and gentleman style of the light kinetic satellite timing watch CC2001-57A.

 Icon Nova on the wrist

The patented titanium material is used to create the case of the CITIZEN Solar Satellite Clock CC2001-57A. The elegant silver hue not only perfectly presents the high-tech technology style, and the detailed details design can be perfectly matched no matter what kind of dress and style .
* 1 Solar-powered Satellite Clock (CITIZEN WATCH Research Data 2014.6)