Month: October 2010

One Is Mingyueguang, The Other Is Cinnabar Mole, How Do You Choose A Fashion Watch And A Traditional Watch?

Zhang Ailing said in ‘Red Rose and White Rose’ that every man has at least two such women, one is a red rose and the other is a white rose. Marry a red rose, and over time, the red becomes a mosquito blood on the wall, the white is ‘the moonlight before the bed’; if you marry a white rose, the white is a rice stick on the clothes, but the red It is a cinnabar mole on my heart. Zhang Ailing used the words to say what she could not get was the best. So the same, when choosing a watch, how do you choose in the face of individual fashion watches and traditional tool watches?
Chanel J12 Series H5235

Model: H5235
Domestic public price: 46100
Watch diameter: 19 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: black high-tech precision ceramic with stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Cuir diamond watch (small)

Product model: Carré Cuir diamond watch (small)
Watch diameter: 24 x 24 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel, set with 68 diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: MC
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: cartier / 47296 /
Watch comments: Cartier watches are more popular with women. This watch continues the traditional Cartier design: Roman numerals, sword-shaped blue steel hands, which highlight its uniqueness. The silver-white dial and silver strap with blue hands and hour markers are fresh and tacky, and they are all women’s favorite colors. The key crown of stainless steel is inlaid with a synthetic spinel to make it elegant and chic.
Summary: Traditional watches pay more attention to practical functions. Fashion watches are often more unexpected in design. It can be said that each has its own characteristics. How do you choose between these two types of watches?

The 42 Million Lone Patek Philippe You Can’t Buy, But You Can Buy The Same Model, And It’s A Lot Cheaper …

It is not too late to get to the topic. In these two days, the headlines in the world of watches and clocks and the screens of friends in the circle were all at the just-concluded ONLY WATCH charity auction. Patek Philippe 5208T was sold for 6.2 million Swiss francs and about 42 million yuan, creating a new ONLY WATCH auction recording.

42 million Patek Philippe 5208T sold at the ONLY WATCH charity auction.
   The ONLY WATCH charity auction is that each participating watch brand comes up with a special ‘orphan’ watch auction. Patek Philippe brought 5208T this year, only one in the world. Those who are familiar with Patek Philippe will know at a glance that 5208T, the letter T stands for titanium metal, Patek Philippe uses titanium metal as the case, and made a unique titanium case 5208.

Patek Philippe 5208T
   There are two reasons why this watch can capture 42 million. One is that the 5208T itself is a unique watch in the world. The second is ONLY WATCH is a charity auction. The proceeds from the auction are all used for ‘research on muscular dystrophy in children’, so the auction price has a high premium, which is more money for everyone to do good.

Patek Philippe 5208T
   Therefore, the Patek Philippe 5208T is the only one with a value of 42 million yuan. Other people outside the auction cannot afford to buy it. But don’t worry. You can’t buy the 42 million lone Patek Philippe, but you can still buy the same model, and it’s a lot cheaper …
The 5208T at the ONLY WATCH charity auction, the same volume version is 5208P, you can still buy it if you have money.

Regular Edition Patek Philippe 5208P
   The conventional mass-produced version of the orphan titanium case 5208T is the Perkin case 5208P. The 5208P / 5208T is one of the most complicated Patek Philippe. 5208 includes three questions, one-button timing and window jump perpetual calendar. Platinum case 5208P and 42 million orphan 5208T are the same except for the case material and watch color. The 5208P platinum case is a gray disk, and the solitary titanium case 5208T is a blue disk. Even Russian President Putin once owned 5208P.

Patek Philippe 5208P
   5208P can basically be bought as long as the money is in place. The regular price of 5208P for platinum is 980,000 Swiss francs, which is about RMB 6.5 million. The 5208P market I know in the past two years is roughly RMB 7 million. In other words, the ONLY WATCH charity auction, the regular version of the 42 million Patek Philippe 5208T can be bought for more than 7 million, so it will be 35 million cheaper.

The movement used by Patek Philippe 5208P and 5208P.
   As far as this year is concerned, I have seen individual watch vendors selling 5208P, and not so long ago. So looking at the 42 million Patek Philippe that ‘exploded’ in the past two days, friends who have the ability to ‘inhumane’, as long as they are willing to pay, wear ‘Putin same model’ and ’42 million same model’ Patek Philippe 5208P. Yes.