Month: July 2010

How About The Longines Master Strap? How To Use The Strap Adjuster?

Longines has a long and distinguished tradition. From the beginning, it has gained international reputation with constant quality and changing style. The Longines Masterpieces collection is the best endorsement of this well-known tradition. Since its launch in 2005, the master craftsman series has achieved great success.

 Rose gold and gold models from the Longines Master Collection with a black dial and new dimensions. The new design is aimed at the international market, which exactly meets the demands of today’s consumers for pure quality and personality. Sophisticated people generally prefer Longines leather straps. It is also very popular to wear a leather strap now because it is relatively soft, comfortable and comfortable, and it also avoids the allergic reaction caused by the exudation of nickel metal like wearing a stainless steel strap, and it also looks high-grade.
 Longines Longines-Master Series L2.628.4.78.6 Men’s Mechanical Watch

 Longines Master Series Full Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch L2.628.4.78.6, stainless steel Longines Master Series watch strap case, sapphire crystal glass mirror, unique blue three-pin pure white dial, simple and elegant appearance, showing the refined life of men, Waterproof for everyday life.
 Longines Longines-Master Series L2.738.4.51.7 Men’s Mechanical Watch

 The Longines Master Series L2.738.4.51.7 watch is equipped with a movement: L707, a self-winding mechanical movement, 4 flyback functions and a moon phase display. It vibrates 28,800 times per hour and provides a 48-hour power reserve. L2.738.4.51.7 Watch Material of Longines Masterband: Alligator leather strap.
 Crocodile leather has become the first choice of Longines master series straps, which has a lot to do with its unique pattern, majestic breath and small output. The ‘crocodile’ referred to here is a small crocodile called an alligator. Alligator alligator belongs to this kind of crocodile in our country. Because of its small body, a crocodile can make up to five straps, and its preciousness can be imagined. According to legend, most of the crocodile skins of the top straps are from Arizona, and they are artificially farmed. The leather on the back of the crocodile can only be used for things like leather shoes and belts; the skin on the chest and abdomen shows a standard rectangular pattern, which is the best choice for the strap; A choice of first-class; the pattern of the crocodile ribs is round, the lowest level, and the Longines Master Series strap will not be used.
 How to use the Longines master band regulator?
 Many people don’t know how to shorten the strap of a newly purchased watch too long. 1. Unscrew the handle of the watch remover and return the thimble to the flat shape. 2. Align the small clips between the straps to be removed, screw the handle of the meter remover and push out the small clips. 3. Put the watch band into the ‘slot’ of the meter remover (the card pin steel bolt has two ends, one end is flat, one end has a thin slit, and one word has a snap position, so the needle needs to be from the flat end Push in, not from one end of the glyph). 4, according to the size of the wrist to the appropriate length, and then reverse the direction of the arrow to replace the hands, the strap is installed, you can go from the small mouth to the big mouth!!