Month: May 2010

Exquisite Craftsmanship Blancpain Villeret Tourbillon Watch Tasting

Tourbillon has been around for more than two centuries. On the 25th anniversary of the birth of the world’s thinnest flying tourbillon watch with Calibre 23 movement, Blancpain reinterpreted and further improved this The complex design designed to offset the gravity, presents the masterpiece of traditional watchmaking. Blancpain constantly breaks through the boundaries of watchmaking and enhances the complexity of watches, creating a profound brand value.

   The new Calibre 242 movement also comes from Blancpain’s powerful movement factory. Based on the Calibre 25, the world’s first 8-day power reserve tourbillon movement developed in 1998, the watchmaking process is once again upgraded to a new height. The new self-winding tourbillon movement has a power reserve of up to 12 days but uses only a barrel to provide power. The 243 parts that make up the movement have a diameter of only 30.60 mm and a thickness of only 6.10 mm. At the same time, he is also equipped with a silicon balance spring and pallet to reduce the influence of magnetic fields.

   This Villeret tourbillon watch is equipped with Blancpain’s self-made movement 242, which perfectly integrates the functions of Caroline, moon phase and date. Gossamer, with a power reserve of up to 5 days, limited to 88 pieces.

   The watch case is made of 18K rose gold precious metal with a diameter of 42 mm. It continues the classic double bezel design of the Villeret series. It has a stylish three-dimensional sense and also highlights the brand’s distinctive watchmaking.

  The dark brown crocodile leather strap has a large bamboo leaf texture, has an excellent leather texture, is beautiful and wear-resistant, adding a strong retro color to the watch.

   The case made of 18K rose gold exudes the luxurious texture of high-quality materials. After the watchmaker’s careful polishing, the charming luster emerges. The outline of the watch without the crown is also clearer, and you can truly feel the ingenious intention of Blancpain watchmaking. The watch’s lugs are also made of 18K rose gold and are integrally cast with the case, which is not only beautiful but also durable.

   The white big fire enamel dial is different from other material dials in that the firing process of the enamel dial is very complicated, the process takes a long time and there is a lot of uncertainty. To fire a large-fire enamel dial, multiple layers of enamel must be continuously fired, and the dial must be baked at a furnace temperature exceeding 1000 ° C between each process. After that, the enamelist used enamel to draw numbers or time scales on the dials, and some dials even required more than 12 baking processes. After each process, the enamelist carefully repairs and inspects the dial by hand. The surface processing, molding, or window cutting of the dial is also a very delicate process, and it also requires a pure fire process to complete.

   The time display of the watch adopts the classic large Roman numerals of the Villeret series, and two hollow willow-shaped hands gracefully sweep the scale on the dial. At 12 o’clock, there is a tourbillon device, which perfectly displays the balance wheel and escapement wheel. The design of the flying tourbillon does not have a bridge, so that the delicate tourbillon can be more completely displayed in front of the eyes. The tourbillon rotates once every minute to compensate for the impact caused by gravity. Below is the Blancpain classic English logo.

   The crown is located at 3 o’clock on the watch and is made of 18K rose gold. In addition to the precise gear pattern, it provides excellent visual experience and a comfortable non-slip touch.

   The watch uses a folding clasp made of 18K rose gold. The outside of the clasp is engraved with Blancpain’s full-English logo as decoration. The carving is delicate and exquisite. The folding buckle is freely retractable during the wearing process for easy adjustment.

   The watch has a sapphire crystal back, through the sapphire crystal on the case back, exquisite movement details at a glance. The watch is equipped with a self-winding 242 mechanical movement with a diameter of 30.6 millimeters and a thickness of 6.1 millimeters. It has 43 gems and a total of 243 parts. It can provide the watch with an ultra-long power reserve of 288 hours.

Summary: This watch uses Blancpain’s exquisite watchmaking technology while embodying Blancpain’s elegant aesthetic pursuit. While the watch continues the classic design of the Villeret series, it also displays the beauty of the tourbillon to the fullest, revealing Blancpain’s watchmaking style everywhere.

Breguet Watchmaking New York Carnegie Music Tour

New York’s Carnegie Hall is a world-renowned temple of music. Breguet, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, has been its sponsor since 2012.
   On January 23, 2015, Breguet invited 30 VIP guests to enjoy Mozart, Violin legend Gidon Kremer, and young piano rising star Daniil Trifonov. Musical journey by masterpieces such as Schubert and Weinberg.
   Later, the VIPs were invited to explore the world of the Breguet brand, to see and appreciate the latest series of works, including the acclaimed Classique “La Musicale” music watch. Activate the music button at ten o’clock, this watch can play fascinating movements such as Rossini’s ‘Overture of Thieves’ and John Sebastian Bach’s ‘Harmony’.