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9 Patek Philippe Entry Watch Recommendations

Patek Philippe is recognized as the best watch brand in the world. Adhering to quality, beauty and reliability has made it unique in the world’s high-end watch industry for more than 150 years. Today it is the only manufacturer in the world that uses hand craftsmanship and can complete the entire watchmaking process in the factory. Patek Philippe is very expensive, and the price of an entry-level watch is as high as six digits RMB. Even so, it cannot stop watch fans from loving it. The aristocratic symbol of watch lovers is a Patek Philippe watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection
In 1932, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava series of men’s watches with round surfaces and elegant design. Today, Calatrava series men’s and women’s watches are still the most popular models of Patek Philippe. With a round case, delicate dial, simple ref. 5196G is one of Patek Philippe’s most representative styles. And ref.7119J with gold material and Paris bezel pattern bezel is the best entry model for women’s watches.

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Right: Ref.7119J View details & gt; & gt;
Patek Philippe Gondolo Series
OndoGondolo is one of the most ‘enthusiastic’ series in Patek Philippe’s family. The design of the barrel type looks relatively high-profile. When Cartier launched the Tonneau of the barrel type, it was only aimed at women, and the Tonneau men’s watch launched after 7 years was only dare for men to wear it. The hero who really made the barrel type the mainstream choice for gentlemen was Patagon Philip Gonodolo. Recommend Gondolo’s new rose gold watch Ref.5098R, the unique and refined dial with engraved silver dial, black Breguet Arabic numerals with retro flavor; for women, consider Ref.4972G (Gondolo Serata), Serata & rdquo; Italian The meaning is & ldquo; night & rdquo ;, which shows the deep romantic atmosphere of this watch.

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Right: Ref.4972G View details & gt; & gt;
Patek Philippe Aquanaut Series
Aquanaut watch series combines leisure and elegance, is a modern design, inspired by the iconic octagonal case of the porthole of the ocean ship, men’s recommended entry Ref.5167. In addition, there are women’s watches in this series. The Aquanaut Luce lady’s series uses a stainless steel diamond case, with dials and straps in different colors, suitable for fashionable women with distinctive personality and elegant taste.

Left: Ref.5167A View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Ref.5067A View details & gt; & gt;
Patek Philippe Nautilus Series
Nautilus is also a watch with an octagonal design. The new model retains the original design of the bezel, reinforced hinges and laterally extending ridges laterally extending from the side of the ship’s porthole. Make the new style a little more elegant. Ref. 5711 / 1A is recommended for Nautilus men’s watches, which is the most basic model in this series. For women’s watches, the Ref. 7008 / 1A diamond design can be considered to highlight the temperament.

Left: Ref.5711 / 1A View details & gt; & gt;
Right: Ref.7008 / 1A View details & gt; & gt;
Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Series
Twenty-4 is a series designed for women. The new Ref. 4907 / 1J adopts a diamond-free bezel design, which is also the first gold-free model of the Twenty-4 & reg; watch with a diamond-free bezel, which brings a refreshing feeling. The dial especially uses three shades that complement the gold: ‘Luminous’, ‘Golden Autumn’, and the enduring ‘Pure White’. Patek Philippe’s entry-level women’s gold watch is the best gift for women.

Ref. 4907 / 1J View details & gt; & gt;


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When Will Rolex Price Increases And Tying Disorder End?

Rolex is a super good watch brand. Its brand’s gold content is among the best among all luxury watch brands. Rolex is one of the many Swiss high-end watch brands. However, in the past year or two, with the great success of Rolex’s internal inventory management in the previous years (many people do not know this background, which is very important for Rolex) and the blind pursuit of the economic recovery in the past two years, many Rolex watch prices have been The abnormal market is pushed up to an extremely exaggerated level: a watch priced at about 70,000 yuan, such as the most famous ‘green water ghost’, has been increased to about 100,000, or even up to almost twice the public price. . The key is to buy these watches at a high price, most of them are not understand watches and love watches, they do not know where to come out suddenly, was a ‘bright spot’ of a watch seller ‘reminder’ and ‘financial treasures’ seized ‘Xian Panxia’ —- We can only say that we Chinese are more rich now. Those who know how to love watches, basically hold back after deformed sales, give up the purchase or regret that they did not buy it at a price that was much lower than the public price (all said ‘this is done by these people now …’), For example, from 2014 to 2015, you can be bought as a ‘green water ghost’ who is regarded as a god today. What’s even more powerful is that this wave of Rolex’s ‘fried watch tide’ is not the original ‘normal’ one or two pieces. This wave is awful. Directly from the green water ghost, almost all of the relatively good-looking sports watches of Rolex are fried. There are as many as a dozen models. From the ceramic circle Ditong got all the water ghosts, Ditongna, even yachts and skywalkers. The models are more than 10,000 or more than the public price are on sale. Even some gold sports watches that everyone thought were ‘ugly’ (not to mention them in detail) have been fired. Recently, there has been news of ‘collapse’ … Sadly, this ‘Sale’ is not sold in the brand’s stores, it is all purchased by agents and watch vendors! To put it bluntly, they all smuggled watches, and bought them from domestic stores through various means and purchases, and sold them at increased prices (of course, there are also some regular channels to buy and sell to make money). Rolex, a brand that our watchmaking industry and watch lovers are extremely respected, now has to be purchased through ‘Wechat’, because you can’t buy it from other formal channels … The key is that most of these Wechat merchants are not legitimate Wechat merchants. They are all smuggled and sold. Do you want to buy a Rolex sports model in a brand store? Brand shops are all ’empty’! Now some ruthless Rolex shop assistants like to bully and brag about their shop ‘nothing, empty!’ —- Is there a row of Rolex classics in your store that nobody cares about or want to tie up Watches, aren’t they Rolex watches? Rolex people who really love Rolex and understand the market should be able to realize that this phenomenon is not good. Although their own performance does not have to worry about, Rolex can lay down to make money, but many good customers come to buy watches, they ca n’t buy normally. This watch is harmful to watch buyers and sales staff. Rolex sales clerks in European watch stores have such a feeling: they have offended many Chinese buyers, because the popular watch watch rules do not sell to Chinese people. The result is sadly that the interests are driven by those who sell to local people. Some of them are still returned to the hands of the Chinese people through the layers of purchasing channels …. Sometimes I think that no one is wrong, no one is wrong. Some people may say that this is determined by the market, and existence is reasonable. Yes, the existence of fools has been reasonable since ancient times. Many people think that they are managing finances, but if you want to manage finances, you have to study it yourself. Rewind and look at the ups and downs of the brand price market over the years. You know that this existence is ridiculous and the price will definitely go down. Back to normal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s behind the ‘triad hype’, fund speculation, or speculation by the purchasing group. It only matters if you understand what will happen next. Others say that there is no way, this is caused by insufficient output. Just ask you, do you know how much Rolex produces in a year? Rolex is the world’s most profitable professional watch brand. Its annual output is about 750,000 pieces, and the high year is even close to one million. If a watch is very complicated, it is understandable. For example, Cartier is also a brand with a large production of watches. In some years, it is second only to Rolex. It had a very complicated and high-level advanced watchmaking part. Flywheels are complicated and so on. Even big factories can understand the lack of output. Rolex is now producing models, except for the most complex function of the Skywalker with an annual calendar function (a very good contemporary Rolex), almost all have simple timing functions, dial bezel case, etc. are strictly streamlined process, minute production Out, unless a series is artificially discontinued or under-produced. Note: Man-made, not forced. Everyone carefully pondered these concepts. The Chinese are rich now, and the ‘Hungry Marketing’ that was popular many years ago now uses everything from famous cars and watches to even a T-shirt, which has become a must-have artifact. If a purchasing agent teaches watch buyers that the current price increase is due to insufficient output, it can be justified. If a Rolex person says this, then you really need to learn more about the brand’s spirit and factory strength. A brief summary is as follows: 1. Don’t be a picker. Rolex is high value, but not as high as it is now. The deformity will be beaten back to its original shape. The foam will burst as soon as it blows. It is strong enough and still cannot be bombed. To ask when the bubble burst happened? Isn’t it beginning to show signs? Will it exceed this year? If it can exceed this year, it can only be said that the operation of this wave is too strong and too strong. We Chinese are rich, rich, and rich. 2. At least this wave of operations has probably promoted Omega, Audemars Piguet and Blancpain. Even pushed everyone to play together. These three brands are already very good, with their typical market-selling watches. It turned out that Audemars Piguet and Blancpain were 50 years old. Because the brand and product positioning are higher than Rolex, some people can’t reach it. Now, some of the original hardcore users of Rolex, since they want to increase the price so much, they can’t buy the watch they want. If you ca n’t receive the services you want, why not buy a higher-level brand watch directly? These people are rich and smart, and naturally have better choices. But Rolex did lose good users. Omega is self-evident: Originally buyers would choose between Rolex and Omega watches. Now Rolex ca n’t buy it at all, and they have to increase the price, so buying Omega at the normal price is ‘just good’ … ..3, love watch is the most important. Happy is the best. If you really love it, it doesn’t matter. If you have enough money, spending 100,000 yuan is like buying ice cream, and you will not care about the price of 100,000 in the future. If you just love these watches speculated at high prices, then you are right to buy any one. Just be happy, we’re sending immense envy here. Others, I suggest you wait for your clarity, or consider other tables. You do n’t understand the world of watches, and there are many more watches worthy of your play. 4. Don’t compare the new Rolex watches with the new Rolex antique watches in the auction market. Those who really love Rolex, those classic models that can still be sold in the store, aren’t they all worth seeing? Why don’t you take the time to study this new Rolex watch? Just don’t crowd them and experience self-respecting purchases. With your calm, the arrival of the normal market may be a little faster. Looking at the present, the enthusiasm makes everyone forget about licensed parallel imports and don’t care. Too much to analyze and say on this topic. We don’t have to repeat too much subjective speech. What I want to hear most is your views on this situation. The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media, which is founded by Bai Yingze, a watch culture expert of ‘Watches and Clocks’, who knows watch information. Add WeChat: watchtraveler to follow the watch and watch at any time Sina Weibo: @ 钟表 游 WatchTraveler 钟表 游 Today’s headline: Watch and Watch

Elegance At A Glance: Behind The Jewellery Table — Piaget Limelight Gala Series

A Piaget antique jewellery watch born in the 1960s, with unwillingness to mediocre lines, marking the 60 ~ 70s Piaget Society enjoying the joyful glory feathers; reproduced in 2013 by Piaget Limelight The Gala series of jewellery watches, once again based on the full lines of the classic, applied the whimsy of Piaget in the 1960s to jewellery creation, and the hedonism that was actually practiced in life. New century.

Earl’s 1970s ad
The darling of social circles, the jewellery watch born for the sense of pleasure
 The philosophy of ‘enlarging the wonderful life’ has never been in the slogan for the count. Since Gerard, the third generation of Earl. Earl (Gérald Piaget) and Valentin. Piaget (Valentin Piaget) is in charge of the brand’s rudder. Starting from his own preference for gold, he forges, sculpts, and extends the beautiful interpretation of art that is closest to the idea of ​​art. In 1957, the two people further established the key decision of “Earl counts only the use of precious metals to make high-end watches”, prompting the creation of each watch with the Earl brand badge, which is as gorgeous and precious as it is internal and external. With the wealthy and artistic class, the most close relationship was concluded.

Earl’s 1940s ad
 Yves Piaget, the fourth-generation descendant of celebrity life, has driven the prevalence of the Piaget Society, pursuing a joyful social activity that enjoys a good life, and also established the earl’s creation and refinement of the heart of the noble class. The creation of Xiang Yigui. For example, a romantic gentleman who indulge in the pleasures of the wealthy class for pleasure, but does not forget to use extraordinary aesthetic endowments and calm mind, to make the enjoyment of life into a unique but sexy watch creation.
 Yu Yan, the power and beauty, temperance, and outbreak of the polo movement defined at the top of the pyramid are both masculine but completely elegant, and the ‘conflict’ tone has been accurately blended into Piaget, which is still a model of design. The Polo series; or the gold coin watch and gold bullion watch that capture the quixotic psychology of artistic yuppies. Such unconventional and courageous works of ‘ordinary’ narrowing and smiling have once seduced the art everyone Andy Warhol ( Andy Warhol), or even cross-border creation with Surrealist Dali. The women in Earl’s eyes, even with impeccable education, have the courage to accept the eyes of the masses. European and American high society women first entered the social circle, and every public appearance was a show of women’s talents to choose the right thing. The pheromone’s fight and the beauty of the eye stimulated the artistic eye of Count Yves. .

Earl’s 1970s ad
 Piaget is proud of its ultra-thin movement technology and top watchmaking technology, which has enabled the brand to create countless masterpieces. Mr. Eve asked the master craftsman to create a dramatic jewelry necklace based on the nakedness of a female dress. The watch makes the sliced ​​jade and malachite exuding exotic flavors and faintly colored on it, guiding the man’s sight correctly and directly to sexy … Even with a thick weight that covers the wrist of a woman with a mysterious jewelry bracelet watch, or an ultra-thin mechanical watch with a rare gem face, the woman in Piaget’s eyes is not only charming and charming, but also Leading the trend, the famous Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary first lady Jackie Kenned, and the first Pound girl Ursula Andress are all fascinated.

Limelight Gala mechanical watch 32 mm, 18K white gold case set with 62 round diamonds (about 1.75 carats), buckle set with a single round diamond (about 0.01 carats), mother-of-pearl dial, hour and minute indication , With black Roman numerals, equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding movement, power reserve about 43 hours, silk strap, pin buckle, model G0A41260.
Limelight Gala’s most fascinating curve between women’s wrists
 In 2013, the Limelight Gala series came back with the rich lines it knew instantly. As its name suggests, the Limelight Gala series not only presents the ultimate elegance to women, but also the Piaget praises the courageous pursuit of life, making life wonderful like a gorgeous banquet, dazzling and intriguing. The upper and lower special Roman numeral time scales radiate outward from the center of the pointer, completing the most tender radiation pattern on the silver dial; the asymmetrical lugs are set by a single row of small diamonds, embellished with magnified elegant figures Accent. 18K white gold and rose gold double versions, paired with a graceful silk strap, transformed into a new attitude without repeating the past.

Limelight Gala Milanese 18K rose gold case with 26mm diameter, set with 60 round diamonds (about 0.92 carats), buckle set with a single round diamond (about 0.01 carats), equipped Piaget 59P quartz movement, 18K rose gold Milanese mesh strap with slide fastener engraved with the Piaget initial ‘P’, model G0A42213.
 The entire Limelight Gala series of watches are made of 18K white gold and rose gold. They are available in 32mm, 38mm, and 26mm pocket models. Available in bezel-set diamonds, dial-set diamonds with silk straps or Milanese mesh bracelets, as well as luxury versions with full diamond-set lugs, dial to strap. According to the style, the movement has the choice of Piaget quartz movement and 430P manual winding movement.

Limelight Gala diamond-set watch in 18K rose gold, 38 mm diameter, set with 62 round diamonds (approximately 2.77 carats), buckle set with a single round diamond (approximately 0.01 carats), silver dial, matching Black Roman numerals with Piaget 690P quartz movement, silk strap, pin buckle, model G0A39167.
Rare gem face plate
 Combining the dual craftsmanship of jewellery and professional watches, it has spawned a limited edition of the Limelight Gala series that honors Piaget’s gem dial style from the 1960s to the 1970s. It uses natural black opal and pink opal, and has a delicate and moist texture that glows red under the light. The colorful and delicate colors of blue, green and green, and the delicate and tenderness, become a touch of vitality on the face of the watch.

Limelight Gala 18K White Gold / Rose Gold Case with Diamonds, 32 mm in diameter, 62 round diamonds (approximately 1.75 carats) in case, all natural black / pink opal inlaid on the surface, single round in buckle Beautiful diamond (about 0.01 carats), equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement, silk strap, pin buckle, model G0A40160 / G0A40161.
 Piaget is happy to decorate women with pearls, and the faintness of the pearl layer on the mother-of-pearl dial is the pun of the pearl, which naturally became a member of the Limelight Gala family. For example, one of the most well-dressed masquerades, Piaget is equipped with a 430P ultra-thin hand-wound movement. Fire opal and mother-of-pearl masks mutate like chameleons with the wearer’s time and place. Only the masked one can smile at the thousand changes and keep his heart. At this point, the figure of Limelight Gala is also among the Piaget’s series of unique watches. The rising style has become a strong new model.

Limelight Gala Milanese 18K rose gold case with 32mm rose gold case, 62 round diamonds (about 1.75 carats), buckle set with a single round diamond (about 0.01 carats), silver Faceplate with silver / rose gold Roman numerals, Piaget 690P quartz movement, 18K rose gold Milanese mesh strap with slide fastener engraved with the Piaget initial ‘P’, model G0A41213.
Milan mesh belt
 Responding to the antique gold chain strap, the 2016 Limelight Gala jewellery watch was once again covered with gold. It was reproducible but not imitated and reproduced in a unique posture. It was contrasted with the cool lines of the Milanese mesh strap. Well-known soft curve. The Milan mesh belt has been carefully adjusted to integrate with the case. It perfectly fits the bezel and the slim asymmetric lugs with diamonds. Exquisite sanding demonstrates Piaget’s unique skills and commitment to perfection. The silk-like soft and high-quality materials are flowing and shining on the skin, giving the wearer a comfortable feeling, while also reflecting the brand’s consistent pursuit of excellence. The sliding buckle on the gold strap can be adjusted arbitrarily, giving freedom of wearing like adjusting the pin buckle.

Limelight Gala Milanese 18K rose gold case with 32mm rose gold case, 62 round diamonds (about 1.75 carats), buckle set with a single round diamond (about 0.01 carats), silver Faceplate with silver / rose gold Roman numerals, Piaget 690P quartz movement, 18K rose gold Milanese mesh strap with slide fastener engraved with the Piaget initial ‘P’, model G0A41213.
 Serve the aesthetic megastructure of proportion, balance, proportion, and detail, and make an all-over overturn to the old design. Limelight Gala watch, born of hedonism. Limelight Gala is the earl’s wholehearted understanding of the way of pleasure, the complete liberation of the contemporary female body decoration form, and it is also a talk about the defection of the mind from the regular track … a march of pleasure and senses.

Limelight Gala full diamond strap watch in 18K white gold case, 31 mm diameter, set with 50 rectangular-cut diamonds (approximately 2.36 carats), dial with 112 rectangular-cut diamonds (approximately 3.34 carats), and 270 rectangular straps Cut beautiful diamonds (approximately 26.72 carats), equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement, diamond-set bracelet, butterfly clasp, model G0A38169.